Sell Diamond Necklaces and Jewellery

We provide a unique private buying service that enables you to get the highest price possible for your diamond necklace, which means Burlingtons is the best place to sell diamond necklaces and other jewellery featuring diamonds.

We will give you a free private valuation and if you accept our offer you will receive an immediate cash payment.

Industry Relationships with Buyers Across the UK

You can take advantage of our industry relationships and experience, as we work with many dealers, collectors and buyers. We operate from London across the UK. We can frequently place your items within our network and find the perfect buyer, which can help us push up the offer that we make for your diamond necklace. We also sell diamond necklaces online.

As industry-leaders with extensive knowledge, we are confident you will enjoy a smoother and more efficient private buying experience than you are likely to find anywhere else.

To start the process of selling your diamond necklace, simply complete the form below.

Do You Want To Sell Your Diamond Necklaces To Us?

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    Get the Best Possible Price

    The top priority you will have is to get the best price possible for your diamond necklaces. Using our model and taking advantage of our industry connections guarantees that you will get the top price.

    Another advantage is the privacy and convenience you will get. Your valuation will take place in your home, and when you receive your offer you will get immediate payment with zero waiting time. 

    How Does the Process Work?

    We are proud to use an innovative and unique process for private, direct buying that helps you get the best price possible. You will get an amount that you will not find elsewhere. There are three simple steps:

    • Valuations and appraisal: When you are ready to sell your items, we will conduct a thorough and private valuation in the comfort of your own home. An expert examination will take into account current market trends and the potential of our network of industry connections.
    • Offer and acceptance: We will make you a reasonable and fair offer for your diamond necklace, which is fully led by our expert knowledge, and you can then accept or decline the offer. You are under no obligation to accept the offer, but we hope you do.
    • Payment and transaction completion: If you decide to accept our offer for your diamond necklace, you will receive immediate payment for the full value of our offer. You will have no fees or administrative costs. We will then take your diamond necklace and any other items that we buy from you.

    We buy directly from you when it comes to all the items that we buy and the result is a simple and convenient process.  Using our inventive system you can avoid all fees and costs that auctions can incur.

    How Much Will I Get For My Diamond Necklace?

    Many people would like to know the rough value of their diamond necklace before they sell it. It can be difficult to determine the value of your diamond necklace without proper examination. However, several things will affect the price that we offer to you.

    Factors that may affect the price you receive for your diamond necklace include the following:

    • The number of diamonds and other precious metals: The number of diamonds you have and the potential presence of other stones or precious metals will affect the price. For example, a single diamond on a chain is worth less than a necklace that features many diamonds, or that has a chain made from gold.
    • The quality of the diamonds in the necklace: We will look for signs of quality in the diamond, including carat weight and clarity. We will also then assess the cut and the colour of the diamonds. Diamonds vary widely in their quality and cuts, so there is a huge amount of variation.
    • Design considerations: Notable designs can be appealing for buyers and private collectors, as well as fellow dealers. We will determine the attractiveness of your diamond necklace design depending on current style trends, which can influence the price.

    It is understandably slightly frustrating not to have a rough idea of the type of price you can expect for your diamond necklace. The best way to be sure of how much your diamond necklace is worth is to book your valuation with us as soon as possible.

    FAQs and More Useful Information

    Our process is simple and effective and guarantees that you get the best price possible for your diamond necklace. However, some people come to us with questions about our service and we will answer a few of these here:

    Do you buy other types of jewellery?

    Yes. We buy many types of gold jewellery, diamonds and precious stones. We will also buy broken gold jewellery and scrap gold. To get a better idea of the type of diamond jewellery and other types of jewellery that we buy, please feel free to look at our current stock.

    Can I bring my diamond necklace to you for a valuation?

    No. We will value your diamond necklace in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Although we are a London-based company, we operate strictly by appointment only so you cannot bring any items to us for valuation.

    What are the overall benefits of your private buying service?

    The main benefits of our unique private buying service are:

    • professional service in the convenience of your home
    • free no-obligation valuations
    • direct payment
    • no fees, charges or hidden costs
    • valuations based on more than 20 years of experience
    • we can offer prices impossible to achieve at auction

    Contact us today and book your valuation.

    November 9, 2020

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