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Our clients want to know how to sell silverware for the best price. Many people collect or inherit antique silverware sets and wonder how to get a fair offer. We buy your silverware at a competitive price and offer excellent service while we do.

Using Burlingtons private buying service gives you access to our network of private buyers, dealers, collectors and interior designers – so we can find the perfect placement for your old silver. You also avoid the hassles and fees of auctions.

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Burlingtons Ltd have been buying and selling antique, vintage or modern silver for years and our experts are on hand to give you the best evaluation possible.

Fair Valuations of Silver Pieces from Experts

You will receive a fair valuation that makes use of our extensive brand and market knowledge, as well as our relationships with dealers and collectors. Not only that, but we are also able to provide an immediate cash payment for old or new sterling silver or silver items.

With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we are more than capable of buying all manner of silver items and offering you market-competitive prices.

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Items of silverware we will buy from you include: Trays and tea sets, goblets and trophies, flatware including silver spoons, forks, and knives, silver centre-pieces and candlesticks, decorative silver antiques, tankards and plates, jewellery and watch chains


Helping You Sell a Range of Silver Types

We will give you a good price for most kinds of silver pieces you never use: the silverware you only use once a year, the tea sets you only get out when the party is over, or the inherited pieces you have never found a use for. If you have any antique, vintage or modern silver that you would like to sell, we have an interest in buying from you.

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Whether it’s a complete set of cutlery, the largest silver centre piece or the smallest silver card case, we can offer unrivalled value and a high level of service.

Why Should I Sell My Silverware to Burlingtons Ltd?

Silver antiques are one of the most important things that we buy from our clients. Burlingtons Ltd has been buying and selling antique, vintage or modern silverware for many years. Our experts are on hand to give you the best valuation possible.

Many people may have antique sterling silver trays or old silver jewellery in their families, so it is a popular type of item that we see. It’s also something our experts have extensive knowledge of, so they can offer you the best possible information on it during valuation.

You can check out our current silverware for sale online to get an idea of the objects we buy.

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The Benefits of Selling Silver to Us

No auction fees: There are no hidden fees or commission charges when you sell your silverware with us. Many people think that using an auction is a good choice, but lots of times it is a lot more expensive than they think. It’s possible to pay up to 40% of the final price in fees when using an auction.

Good prices on valuation: A piece of silverware will reach a good price from the right buyer. When you sell with us we place your silver using a network of people to find the best value. This group includes interior designers and collectors who love silverware and are constantly looking for new items.

Immediate cash payment: Once you accept our valuation you will receive an immediate cash payment for your silverware. This gives you a swift experience from valuation to sale. Other buying services will not be so quick, and our clients find great relief from this benefit of using our buying service.

You will find that our approach is to keep things friendly, fair and honest. It is a very smooth and simple process. This is refreshing for many of our clients and provides them with a high level of satisfaction.

To put it simply, you should sell your silver to us because you will not find a better deal or service anywhere else.

Get a Valuation and Sell Your Silverware to Us

We have over 20 years of experience and can give you a price for your silverware that will be unachievable at an auction. It’s also a very fast way to get your items sold, and our valuations are expert-led and obligation-free.

Contact us to make an appointment and sell your old silver today. Our experts will be ready and waiting to help you sort and sell your silverware, based on a fair and market-competitive price.