An Exploration of Patek Phillipe’s Grand Complications Collection

Manufactured with a modern, refined appeal, while never losing the timeless essence of older collections, the Patek Philippe Grand Complications collection is the next step in timekeeping. Building on what was achieved in the Complications collection, these watch models make more use of a large number of complications and functions for an even greater number of uses. 

Find out more about this collection below, from the most popular designs, complications, and functions, to the price tags you can expect to see attached.

Case Sizes

An authentic Patek Philippe watch from the Grand Complications collection will come in one of two case sizes. The smaller, but nonetheless stylish, models are available in case sizes ranging from 35mm to 39mm. The larger, bolder options are available in sizes ranging from 40mm to 50mm.

Dial Colours

Many models in this collection are manufactured with statement dials, in a variety of colours:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Red
  • Light (a white or cream colour)

A particularly unique and exquisite option for this collection is the Transparent dial. Also called “open architecture”, this allows the wearer to see the inner workings of the timepiece. It’s a demonstration of Patek Philippe’s expertise, precision crafting, and attention to detail right there on the wrist.

Bracelet Materials

The models in the Grand Complications collection are available in a beautifully curated selection of materials, including the ever-popular:

  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold (also sometimes referred to as “salmon”)
  • Platinum
  • Diamond Set
  • Stainless Steel
  • Leather

Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

This timeless design, as is stated in the name, was crafted to make use of chronograph functionality as well as the perpetual calendar complication. This means it allows you to record periods of time, like a stopwatch, as well as tell the date.

A perpetual calendar function differs from annual calendar functionality. This is achieved by displaying the day, date, and month, and automatically adjusting for February and leap years. These functions make this watch an ideal companion for hardworking individuals who need to keep track of deadlines on the move.

Split Second Chronograph

Featuring one of the most advanced and prestigious watch complications, the Grand Complications Split Second Chronograph is perfect for sporting events. The split-second complication allows a user to record two events which have the same beginning but which don’t stop at the same time.

Split Second Perpetual Calendar

These watches are renowned for making use of both the split-second function and the perpetual calendar. This makes them the “best of both worlds” for the busy Patek Philippe watch owner. Sporting and other tasks and activities are easier to time, and days and months are kept easy to track. All in a design that’s as fit for fine dining as it is for outdoor pursuits.

Minute Repeater

The Grand Complications Minute Repeater chime has a timeless elegance to it, with chimes (or “gongs”) ranging from “classic” to “cathedral” ensuring you will always go about your day pleasantly, even if you have to respond to an alarm.


Named for the French word for “whirlwind”, the Tourbillon function is designed with the goal of complete precision in timekeeping. The escapement and balance wheel of these watches is mounted in a rotating cage to eliminate errors of poise in the balance. This gives the watch a uniform weight and counteracts the negative effects of gravity on the movement.

Ultimately, this means the wearer will never have to worry about the watch keeping anything other than the exact time. For someone with a busy work life, where time is money, this may make all the difference.

Grandmaster Chime

Boasting a total of twenty complications, a reversible case, two independent dials and six patented innovations, the Grandmaster Chime is the most complex watch ever produced by Patek Philippe. It’s a testament to the skill and ingenuity of their professionals and a milestone point in the brand’s legacy. The development, production, and assembly process of this model took over 100,000 hours. 

Here, we’ve listed the individual complications featured in this watch make:

  • A Grande Sonnerie
  • A Petite Sonnerie
  • A minute repeater
  • An alarm with time strike
  • A date repeater
  • A second time zone with a day/night indicator
  • An instantaneous perpetual calendar
  • The date on both sides
  • Day of the week display
  • Month display
  • Leap-year cycle
  • Four-digit year display
  • 24-hour subdial 
  • Minute subdial
  • Moon phase display
  • Strikework mode display
  • Strikework isolator display
  • Alarm ON/OFF
  • Crown position indicator
  • Power reserve indicators for the movement and strikework


Patek Philippe has a longstanding tradition of crafting astronomical watches. The Grand Complications Celestial is a particularly fine example of this heritage. Its dial is reserved for a rotating chart of the heavenly bodies of the Northern Hemisphere, offering a small but spectacular display that allows a wearer to pinpoint star movements. 

An ellipse on the underside of the sapphire glass frames the portion of sky visible from Geneva, where Patek Philippe is based. All other cities on the same latitude are covered, too.

Prices for These Models in the UK

Prices for Patek Philippe Grand Complications watches are extremely varied, depending on a number of different factors. Older models from the 1990s, such as the references 5040 or 3945, with complications like perpetual calendars and moon phase displays, tend to be on the lower end of the scale. Used models with these specifications typically cost between £32,000 and £38,000 when sold. 

However, the selling price of a Grand Complications model will climb steeply if the perpetual calendar is paired with a chronograph. Even conventional chronographs in these models help shift the price to a minimum of £112,500. Particularly sought-after models achieve prices of £310,000 or more. Split seconds chronographs land somewhere in between, at around £196,000.

Minute repeaters are present in a large number of models in this collection, but be prepared if you intend to buy one as this will raise the price even more. A dedicated enthusiast of these watches may spend somewhere between £461,000 and £770,000 on one. Where any specific watch falls on the scale will depend on the factors we’ve already mentioned.

The Most Expensive Watches in the World

Patek Philippe is already an iconic name in the world of luxury watches. But did you know that the brand also produced the two most expensive watches in the world? The first of these even belongs to the Grand Complications collection.

The first of these, the Patek Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 in stainless steel, sold for $31 million (around £24 million) at Christie’s OnlyWatch charity auction in Geneva, Switzerland on the 9th of November 2019. 

The second, and second most expensive watch in the world, is the gold Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch. This piece was sold at auction by Sotheby’s in 2014 and fetched just under $24 million (just under £19 million) in that year’s market.

Other watches sold at high prices within the Grand Complications collection include the Sky Moon Tourbillon. It sold at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong on 21 March 2023 for $5.8 million (£4.3 million), or HK $45.4 million, shattering records for online auction selling prices.

Valuing a Patek Philippe Grand Complication

We offer a fantastic service to those looking to get a great price for the Patek Phillippe watch. Our specialist buyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to value a Patek Philippe Grand Complications watch, working out its value based on factors such as:

  • Materials
  • The presence of precious metals, like gold
  • The presence of precious stones, like diamonds
  • The complications of the watch itself
  • The functions of the watch
  • The watch’s age
  • The watch’s overall condition

Once the inspection is complete, we’ll be happy to make you a market-competitive offer, with a selling price that reflects the piece’s true value.

Selling a Patek Philippe Grand Complication?

If you’re interested in selling one of these distinctive and sophisticated watches, or any other timepiece from Patek Philippe, get in touch with us today. Our team will be waiting to book you in for a free, no-obligation valuation. This will be performed by our specialist, and conducted in the secure comfort of your own home. It will be fast but thorough, and all payments are instant.

Contact us to learn more about the process, or to start finding out what your watch is truly worth.

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October 20, 2023

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