Sell Your Patek Philippe Watch

We will give you a fair and reasonable price for your Patek Philippe watch. At Burlingtons, we provide a free valuation for the items that we sell. Using existing relationships with dealers and collectors we can provide the best price when you want to sell your watch. You will receive an immediate cash payment.

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    Sell your Patek Philippe

    Sell Your Patek Philippe to Burlingtons


    Step 1

    Send us the details about your Patek Philippe watch, including model if you have it.

    Step 2

    If we are interested in your piece, we will contact you to arrange a personal home visit.

    Step 3

    After inspection we can make a formal offer and if accepted, an immediate payment.

    Patek Philippe is a desirable luxury watch brand, and we have a great interest in buying your watch from you. Pre-owned Patek Philippe watches hold their value, and you will sell your watch for the highest price and avoid auction fees by selling directly to us.

    We are experts in buying and selling older and newer models of Patek Philippe watches and an active trader in the watch industry. We will place your item with the perfect dealer or collector. You can contact us today to book a professional, private, and free valuation for your Patek Philippe with no obligation.

    Patek Philippe

    Why Sell To Us?

    With the experience of over 20 years, it is safe to say that we have extensive knowledge of many types of valuable items. We choose a direct service for a private and efficient service that saves on extra costs.

    On top of this, we commit to our customers and promise to deliver a friendly, reliable and honest service.

    Get a valuation

    You will get a fast, fair valuation and direct private buying services when you sell your Patek Philippe with Burlingtons. To start the process and receive an immediate payment once you accept our offer, please feel free to contact us.

    Patek Philippe

    Sell Your Patek Philippe Watch For a Great Price

    Patek Philippe watches are a valuable luxury watch brand and one of the central brands of watches that we buy, which also includes Rolex and Cartier watches. We buy many kinds of items including gold and jewellery, so if you have more to sell we will be happy to value them and provide the same excellent service.

    Get a valuation

    If you want to sell your Patek Philippe watch the right way, we are confident our service will exceed expectations.

    How Much Can you Get For Your Patek Philippe Watch?

    When you want to sell your watch, itโ€™s reasonable to want to get the highest price. By avoiding fees and auction costs when selling to us you cut out the middleman and give yourself the best final sale price possible. 

    Valuations will vary depending on many things including the following:

    • Make and model number
    • Age
    • Materials used in the manufacture
    • Features and functionality

    Patek Philippe watches will range in their price wildly. All luxury watch brands have a wide disparity in their value, and even if you buy a new Patek Philippe it may be worth even more.

    Watches are incredibly valuable to collectors and dealers alike. Luxury watch brands can sell for millions. An example of the power of the Patek Philippe brand is the Unique Extra Large Single Button Chronograph. With a case made of 18-carat gold and a 46-millimetre diameter, it is a large and iconic design. This particular Patek Philippe watch sold at Sothebyโ€™s in May 2008 for $2,240,000.

    As there are so many variables, it is impossible to give a pre-owned Patek Philippe watch a rough estimate, but it may be thousands of pounds. The best way to find out how much your watch is worth is to get in touch and book your valuation.

    How Does Our Valuation Process Work?

    We will conduct a professional appraisal in your home of the item that you wish to sell. After booking your free valuation we will assess how much your Patek Philippe watch is worth, and determine where to place it within our network of dealers, collectors and interior designers.

    After the valuation is complete we will present you with an offer. By avoiding fees and intermediaries, and utilising our relationships within the trade, we provide very competitive prices. Your valuation and our offer are obligation-free, and we will be happy to have the opportunity to value your watch.

    If you accept the offer and choose to sell your Patek Philippe to us, we will provide you with an immediate cash payment. The direct transaction, fair valuation and swift payment make our service a great way to sell your watch.