Sell Gold Cigarette Cases for the Best Prices

Gold cigarette cases have an extensive history across a large part of the 20th century and many highly popular antique cases have an even longer history than that. As such, they are a valuable item on the second-hand market. Our unique and private buying service offers you the best way to sell your used cigarette cases and many other items at the highest value.

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    Sell Gold Cigarette Case

    Sell Your Gold Cigarette Case to Burlingtons


    Step 1

    Send us the details about your jewellery, including age if you have it.

    Step 2

    If we are interested in your piece, we will contact you to arrange a personal home visit.

    Step 3

    After inspection we can make a formal offer and if accepted, an immediate payment.

    If you are looking to sell an item for the best price we are the only option. We are interested in buying the following types of gold cigarette cases:

    • Art deco cigarette boxes or cases.
    • Designer gold cigarette cases.
    • Antique or vintage gold cigarette cases.
    • Rose gold cigarette cases.

    We will provide a smooth transaction with an exceptionally easy buying process, and you will always receive the full value for your items – with no commissions, auction fees or any other hidden charges. You can get in touch with us to book your private valuation today. 

    Our Customers Say

    “What a pleasure to have Daniel come to our home! He is very knowledgeable, honest and charming. He paid good prices for silver and jewellery, with none of the hassle and expenses of selling at auction.”

    Gillian Swinburn

    How Does the Burlingtons Service Work?

    The purchase process we have developed is extremely simple, whether you are looking to sell gold cigarette cases or any of the other items that we buy. It is a quick and easy three-step service and it works as follows:

    • Book a valuation with us: When you decide to sell your second-hand antique gold cigarette case the first thing to do is to book an appointment with us for a free and private valuation. One of our expert team members will provide a thorough appraisal and come to a firm offer amount.
    • Accept our offer: You are under no obligation to accept our offer, but we are confident that the prices we can reach when you have used cigarette cases for sale are among the highest you are likely to receive. We will be happy to answer any questions and can explain our valuation and or market factors affecting the overall price we can offer.
    • Receive your payment: Once you accept our offer, we can deliver immediate cash payments for the full value of your items. You will never receive anything less than the full fash cash value of the offer, with zero fees, commissions or any other charges – no matter what you are selling.

    It is an incredibly simple service that will leave you with the best final prices for your items, something many other buying services are unable to provide. Using our network of dealers and collectors we give you a completely direct transaction.

    Gold cigarette case

    Why Choose Us to Sell Your Gold Cigarette Cases?

    The main reason to use our private buying service when you want to sell gold cigarette cases or other high-value items is that you will get the best prices possible. Our friendly and professional team offer a trustworthy experience and we rely on our honesty as a key driver for our first-class reputation in the trade.

    Get a valuation

    We buy directly from you. Burlingtons provides a unique private buying service throughout the UK and we commit to providing an honest, reliable and friendly service. You will feel comfortable and assured throughout every stage of selling your items, from initial contact to receiving your immediate payment after accepting our offer.

    Our Private Buying Service

    Our values set us apart from the competition and we are keen to provide a client-centric experience that delivers the best value for all parties. By choosing our service you get the following:

    • Zero fees.
    • High valuations.
    • Professional service.
    • Full and fast payments.

    We are confident that our levels of service will surpass your expectations and you will be eager to sell with us again. Our reputation in the industry puts us in a unique space to help you sell within a highly-established group of private collectors and buyers, which cuts out all intermediaries and guarantees you the best value.

    The services we provide lead us to many positive reviews, see below for what one very happy person says about their experience with us:

    “I was very apprehensive in relation to your visit today. However, I need not have been. The service was excellent efficient and fair and I would have no hesitation in using you again, indeed we hope to, and recommending you. Thank you for an honest and trustworthy service.” – CHLOE ZAMORA | LONDON.

    Get a valuation

    As an industry-leading private buying service, we pride ourselves on presenting a reliable, honest and friendly service. You can begin the process of valuing your antique jewellery today. Book your free estimate by contacting us, one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you further.

    How Much Will I Get for My Gold Cigarette Case?

    You probably want to have an approximate value for your gold cigarette case even before you come to sell it, but this can be difficult to achieve. However, the valuation of the purchase offer we make for your gold cases may depend on one or more of the following factors:

    • Age: Antique cases can have very well-known designers of historic interest, which can significantly push up the value. Lesser-known antique designers can also often have a unique or niche appeal in the marketplace. Vintage gold cigarettes cases that are in good condition are also valuable, so this can also be a significant factor in the second-hand price.
    • Precious metals: The purity and weight of the gold in your cigarettes case is a crucial part of the valuation we make. Our team are experts in the current market values of gold and can assess its quality very accurately using precise tools.
    • Design: Many designs enjoy consistent popularity. For example, cigarette cases from circa 1925 often have stylish art deco designs, which can make them highly collectable. When assessing your cigarette cases our experts will take into account any current design trends.

    As you will always get the full amount for your items our service is the only option when you want the best value. If you have coloured gold designs such as rose gold this can push values up higher still. 

    We need to see your items to be sure of the value, and there may be something unique or unusual about your gold cigarette case that affects the value. 

    Book a Valuation and Sell Your Gold Cigarette Case Today

    You will get the best offers when you want to sell gold cigarette cases with us. Combining the best purchase prices with our impeccable levels of service makes us the only solution for a fast, reliable and hassle-free solution when selling second-hand cigarette cases and many other high-value items.

    We operate within the industry as experts with a reputation for quality and honesty. The exceptional private buying experience you will receive delivers the highest prices most efficiently, so make sure you get in touch with us to sell your gold cigarette case and book your private valuation today.