Why Do Patek Philippe Watches Hold Their Value?

Patek Philippe watches and pocket watches are renowned for their enduring value. However, it’s worth noting that value retention varies across models and collections within this luxury brand. Here, we delve deeper to understand why these timepieces preserve their worth, or even appreciate over time, and how they become such a worthy investment.

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    Why Do Patek Philippe Watches Hold Their Value?


    Believed to have produced fewer than a million watches since 1839, Patek Philippe’s output pales compared to other notable Swiss watchmakers. The production of even their simplest models, due to intricate craftsmanship, spans nine months to a year. Complex designs can take up to two years, fueling global demand for these rare treasures. Certain coveted models require prospective owners to establish their high-calibre credentials.


    Rooted in tradition, every Patek Philippe timepiece is a testament to meticulous hand-finished precision, resulting in exquisite luxury. Their dial design remains unmatched, carrying subtle authenticating features, discernible to professionals. These watches maintain perpetual value, owing to an iconic design, an artisanal process, and unmatched craftsmanship. Even the cases, crafted in-house from precious metals like gold and platinum, bear significant value.

    The Watchmaker’s Archives

    The archives of Patek Philippe hold records of every timepiece ever produced. Owners can trace their watch’s lineage, sourcing the date of production and original sale, adding another layer of value to each piece from this prestigious brand.

    Are Patek Philippe Watches a Good Investment?

    In the world of luxury watches, owning any Patek Philippe model is an excellent investment. The brand is widely considered the best in terms of resale value, whether the piece sold is modern or vintage. Even watches completed in 2014 for the brand’s 175th anniversary have sold on the secondary market for high prices, and certain models sold straight from retail often earn double their selling price when sold at auction.

    To give just one example, an original Patek Philippe Nautilus watch would have sold for just under £2,400 in the 1970s, when first introduced. In today’s market, you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £40,000 for the same model.

    The Best Patek Philippe Watches to Invest In

    Certain Patek Philippe models serve as robust investments, either due to their potential price appreciation or their existing high value retention. Here are a few notable examples:

    The Calatrava

    The Calatrava, a timeless chronograph model, has gained scarcity and exclusivity over time. Sporting leather straps and a sleek design, it epitomises classic elegance. Mint condition pieces can command between £20,000 and £25,000, with minimal depreciation if used.

    The Nautilus

    Crafted in collaboration with Gerald Genta, the Nautilus collection draws inspiration from ship portholes. More than practical sports watches, they are world-renowned statement pieces. Remarkably resistant to depreciation, some models have reportedly doubled in price over time.

    The Aquanaut

    Mimicking the Nautilus design, the Aquanaut boasts water resistance up to 120m and a 40-hour power reserve, courtesy of its Caliber 324 S C. Accompanied by unique straps resistant to saltwater, corrosion, abrasions, and even radiation, it appeals to sports enthusiasts. Mint condition Aquanauts can command upwards of £23,000, with only marginal depreciation in value.

    How Much Will You Earn When Selling a Patek Philippe Watch?

    Narrowing down the price of a Patek Philippe watch can be difficult. When first sold, you can expect to find them at around £12,000 at the lower end, but you may also see prices of £180,000 or more (including asking price only) at the higher end. 

    However, you may not always achieve these prices when reselling, despite the fact that these watches retain their value better than other brands.

    When selling a Patek Philippe watch, its final price will be affected by:

    • The age of the watch itself
    • The condition of the watch (damaged pieces will likely earn less)
    • The types of materials used in its creation (including the presence of precious metals)
    • The presence of any precious stones in its creation
    • The complications and functions of the watch
    • The desirability of the model or the collection it comes from (for instance, if the watch is a limited edition)

    Your final price will also be lower if you sell at auction because of additional fees charged by the auction house. Avoid hidden extras and a convoluted process by instead enlisting the services of a private buying and selling service.

    Find Fair Prices for Your Patek Philippe Watches

    If you have Patek Philippe watches for sale, we will be glad to carry out a free, no-obligation valuation on them. This always results in a fair, market-competitive selling price that’s never reduced by auction fees. It also removes all the hassle and frustration of working with intermediaries, as we carry out valuations and buying processes in the comfort and security of your own home.

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    August 22, 2023

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