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Where to Sell Old Coins for the Highest Possible Price

Where to sell old coins for the highest possible price

Sell old coins

We are the best place to sell old British and foreign coins in the UK, with no fees or deductions. The  Burlingtons private buying service is the best solution for avoiding commissions and ensuring you get the full cash value for your coins. Our expert team can provide an obligation-free valuation at a fair price.

Old coins can be a highly collectable and a valuable asset, with a huge amount of value from their metals alone. Some bullion coins are very valuable indeed and antique versions can fetch even higher prices than the value of the precious metal. A big coin collection can be worth a lot to the right coin collectors.

As industry leaders in buying many antiques, we provide an honest and friendly service that earns us a very trustworthy reputation with clients. If you are ready to sell your old coins from British or foreign countries at the best price possible then please feel free to contact us to book a valuation. 

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    How the Burlingtons service works

    We have a very unique private buying service that is made possible thanks to our position in the industry. It is a simple process that works as follows:

    1. Book your valuation: We will conduct a free and private valuation of your old coins. We have over 20 years of experience in the antique trade and can provide a thorough appraisal. We can also value any other items you may wish to sell.
    2. Accept our offer: Once the valuation is complete we present you with our offer. You can get a higher offer than you will receive from an auction due to our industry position and we are confident you will be happy with the final amount. There is no obligation to accept this offer.
    3. Receive your payment: A great part of our buying service is that you receive immediate cash payments for the full value of your items, unlike other places where you can sell old coins. There are no deductions from your payment, we will take your old coins and complete our transaction.

    The buying service that we offer is simple and straightforward. Our service comes with a friendly, professional experience. It is a hassle-free way to sell your old coins.

    Why choose us to sell old coins?

    Sell old Gold Panda Coins

    To put it simply, you will get the highest possible price for your coins – and this makes us the best place to sell old coins in the UK. Apart from the superior value, you get, we also guarantee a reliable and ethical service.

    We provide a refreshing experience when it comes to selling old coins and any other items that we buy. You can see what one of our happy clients has to say about us below:

    “My daughter and I decided to contact Burlingtons recently, we had lots of unwanted items of jewellery, we were pleasantly surprised with the prices we were paid and how quick and simple the whole process was”.


    How much will I get for my old coins?

    You understandably want to have a rough idea of the value you will receive for your old coins, but this is not possible to do with any real accuracy without a valuation – particularly with larger collections.

    We buy many old coins including collectables and gold coins. The price may change depending on how clean they are or their overall condition. We have an interest in buying any foreign or British gold coins including the following:

    • South African krugerrand
    • Indian gold sovereign and antique coins
    • antique and Royal Mint pound coins
    • Irish bullion coins

    The best way to find out what price you will get for your old gold coins is to book a valuation with us.

    Sell your old coins for the best price in the UK

    Our private buying service makes us the best place to sell old coins for the highest cash price, with an accommodating and honest approach throughout. We provide a smooth and convenient selling option that we are sure will surpass your expectations.

    We have extensive experience within the industry and have built our reputation on trustworthy and honest values. Make sure you get in touch to book a valuation for your old coins today.

    FAQs and other useful information

    The following are some frequently asked questions about old coins and the services we offer:

    Can I come to you for our valuation?

    No. We work strictly by appointment only from our London-based offices. We must arrange all contact in advance and we operate throughout the UK.

    Do you buy silver coins?

    No. We buy gold and antique old coins. However, we do buy certain types of silverware. You can browse our current stock of silverware for a better idea of the types of silver items we have an interest in buying.

    What other types of items do you buy?

    We buy many high-value antiques, precious metals and stones including jewellery, scrap gold and coins, silverware, watches, sculptures and bronze, oriental antiques, amber, jade or coral, medals and militaria, old books and vintage luggage.

    Book your valuation today.

    February 19, 2021

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