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About The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak collection not only redefined luxury sports watches but also remains an enduring symbol of horological excellence and timeless style.

The story of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak begins in the early 1970s when the watch industry was facing significant challenges. Quartz technology was on the rise, threatening the existence of traditional mechanical watches. It was during this tumultuous period that Audemars Piguet tasked a young, talented designer named Gerald Genta with a remarkable mission: to create a luxury steel sports watch unlike any other.

Genta drew inspiration from a diver’s helmet and envisioned a watch with an octagonal bezel and visible screws, a design that defied the conventions of the time. The audacious concept eventually materialised into the Royal Oak, a name that itself carries historical significance.

Officially launched in 1972 at the Baselworld watch fair (then called the Swiss Watch Show), the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ended up as a game-changer.


The original design of the Royal Oak featured a stainless steel case, which was unconventional for luxury watches, and measured a bold 39mm in diameter, which was significantly larger than most watches of that era. The watch also featured an integrated bracelet seamlessly merging with the case โ€“ another avant-garde design choice.

The Royal Oak’s design is a study of contrast and harmony. The octagonal bezel, secured by visible hexagonal screws, contrasts with the sleek lines of the case and bracelet. The iconic “Grande Tapisserie” pattern on the dial adds texture and depth to the watch’s face, while the signature “AP” logo and the slender hour markers contribute to its elegant simplicity.

One of the Royal Oak’s most distinctive features is its integrated bracelet. Its perfectly integrated design, characterised by its brushed and polished links, enhances the watch’s robust yet refined character. The bracelet is not merely an accessory but an integral part of the Royal Oak’s identity.

Movements, Features, and Complications

It isn’t just the Royal Oak’s striking aesthetics that set it apart; it was the meticulous craftsmanship beneath its surface. Audemars Piguet spared no expense in creating this masterpiece. The original watch featured an ultra-thin automatic movement, the Caliber 2121, which was considered a technical marvel at the time.

Over the years, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak has evolved into a comprehensive collection, offering a diverse range of sizes, materials, and complications to cater to the preferences of discerning collectors. Some of the most popular of these have even become collections in their own right:

  • Royal Oak Selfwinding: The essence of the Royal Oak, featuring time and date functions, is captured in these models, which come in various sizes and materials, including stainless steel, rose gold, and more.
  • Royal Oak Chronograph: For those who desire both sportiness and functionality, the chronograph models combine precise timekeeping with stopwatch capabilities, all within the iconic Royal Oak case.
  • Royal Oak Offshore: An audacious extension of the Royal Oak family, the Offshore models are known for their larger case sizes, rugged aesthetics, and additional features such as chronographs and tourbillons.
  • Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar: A masterpiece of horological complication, these watches not only display the time but also provide perpetual calendar functions, including day, date, month, moon phase, and leap year indication.
  • Royal Oak Concept: Pushing the boundaries of innovation, the Concept models are showcases for Audemars Piguet’s technical prowess, often featuring avant-garde materials and complex movements.

Our Conclusion

Nearly five decades since its debut, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak remains as relevant and revered as ever. Its design, born of an audacious vision, has proven timeless, influencing countless watch designs that followed. The Royal Oak is not just a timepiece; it is a symbol of innovation, craftsmanship, and uncompromising dedication to excellence.

Its enduring appeal extends beyond the realms of horology, transcending generations and cultures. Owning a Royal Oak is not merely a possession; it’s an affirmation of one’s appreciation for art, engineering, and the enduring legacy of a true icon in the world of watches.

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January 8, 2024

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