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Burlingtons provide a unique, personal and honest valuation service if you’re looking to sell diamonds in the UK. Our certified diamond buying service is designed to be streamlined, simple and offers you the best price for your diamonds. 

Selling your diamonds at auction can be an annoying and surprisingly expensive process – and you may receive a price far lower than you were expecting.

Sell Your Diamonds & Diamond Jewellery to Burlingtons


Booking your valuation

Complete our simple form above, email us or call us directly.

Accepting our offer

After inspection and you are happy with our valuation, we can make a formal offer

Receiving your payment

If you choose to accept, will make the payment immediately.

If you’re wondering how to sell your used diamonds in a fast and secure manner, Burlingtons is the best choice. Our certified valuation service lets us visit you in the comfort of your own home – to undertake private valuations of your diamond jewellery and pieces. We are up to date with the diamond market to ensure every valuation is independent, honest and accurate, giving you the best price for your diamonds.

Why Sell Your Diamonds With Burlingtons?

We have spent over 20 years building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients across the UK, providing them with honest and market-accurate valuations for their diamond jewellery – among other items.

Our relationships with dealers, collectors and interior designers make us well-placed to sell your items, we may also sell your diamonds online. 

After we have graded and valued your diamonds, we will provide a price there and then. Our valuations have no hidden costs or deductions attached, unlike auction houses, meaning the price we offer you is the price you will receive.

*Please remember, you are under no obligation to accept our price if you decide against selling.


Our Customers Say

“What a pleasure to have Daniel come to our home! He is very knowledgeable, honest and charming. He paid good prices for silver and jewellery, with none of the hassle and expenses of selling at auction.”

– Gillian Swinburn

Arranging to Have Your Diamonds Sold to Burlingtons

Selling diamonds to Burlingtons is fast, cost-effective and simple. There are several ways to get in touch with us, either by calling us, emailing us information about your diamond or diamonds – or simply completing our valuation form at the top of this page.

Here’s how to book your valuation:

Antique ring
  • Booking your valuation: You can book your valuation by completing our simple form above, calling us directly or emailing us here. The more information you can provide on your diamond or loose diamonds (such as age, size) – the more helpful it is to us, and the more accurate estimate we can provide.
  • Accepting our offer: Once you are happy with our valuation, we will make you an offer. If you choose to accept, we will make the payment immediately into your bank account via BACS. If BACS is not desirable we can arrange another form of payment. We are confident that the price we offer you will be more accurate and less unreliable than what you’d find at auction.
  • Receiving your payment: We guarantee that your payment will be made on the same day, while we’re still at your home. We don’t leave until your payment is completed!

Now that you understand the way the buying process works please feel free to contact us to book your valuation.

Sell Your Diamonds to Burlingtons Today

Selling your diamonds to Burlingtons is fast, easy and guarantees the best price. For a free, no-obligation valuation to sell your diamonds and other diamond jewellery, please contact Burlingtons via phone or by completing our contact form

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    Why are diamonds so expensive?

    Diamonds have remained among the most, if not the most, prized gemstones for centuries. Many factors contribute towards the price tag diamond demands, including rarity (due to mining difficulties), demand and of course, their aesthetics and association to royalty. Notably, only 30% of mined diamond stones meet the required gem-quality standard, which is one of the main reasons why genuine diamonds fetch such a high price.

    What are “loose diamonds”?

    Simply put, loose diamonds are simply diamonds that are loose, i.e., not set or crafted into jewellery, such as a necklace, bracelet or engagement ring.

    Are loose diamonds valuable?

    Loose diamonds are typically priced based on their condition as well as the “four Cs”, cut, colour, carat and clarity. We will tell you whether or not your loose diamonds are genuine as well as how much they are worth during our visit and valuation.

    What are Blue Nile diamonds?

    Blue Nile is a renowned and respected diamond retailer established in 1999. They are widely known as one of the first diamond jewellers to offer affordable diamonds, gemstones and customisable jewellery. 
    Blue Nile diamonds are extremely popular in the diamond market because they don’t come with the overhead costs that are commonly associated with traditional diamond retailers. Blue Nile was also long known as the company that disrupted the traditional diamond buying experience because of their lower prices and more accessible diamond jewellery.

    What diamonds do you buy?

    We look to buy any genuine diamonds, whether they are loose or embedded into jewellery. If you are wondering how to sell your diamonds, simply contact us and provide as much information on your diamonds as possible and we will get back to you if we are interested in what you have.

    Some examples of the diamonds we buy include, but are not limited to:
    – Blue Nile diamonds
    – Loose diamonds
    – Diamond engagement rings
    – Diamond necklaces & bracelets
    – Diamond brooches

    November 19, 2021

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