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We are the best solution for selling fine art at the highest possible price. Our private buying service avoids all intermediaries and fees. You will also receive an immediate cash payment for the full value of your items.

As leading antique dealers with knowledge of antique art we can provide an accurate estimate for your items. We have relationships with art dealers and collectors and can use our industry connections to sell your antique paintings.

Our service is the most simple way to sell antique art. To get a free valuation in the privacy of your own home please feel free to contact us. One of our expert team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sell Your Antique Paintings To Us

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    How the Burlingtons Service Works

    The art market can be notoriously difficult to navigate, but the service we provide enables you to get a fair and accurate price for your antique art. The service we offer has a simple process and works as follows:

    • Book your free valuation: Once you are ready to sell your antique paintings the first thing to do is book a valuation with one of our experts. They will assess your fine art pieces and determine the value using their knowledge of current market trends.
    • Accept our offer: We will make a generous and fair offer for your antique paintings and provide you with an explanation on how we have arrived at this amount. You are under no obligation to take the offer. However, we are confident that you will be happy to accept.
    • Receive your payment: When you decide to accept the offer then we will provide an instant cash payment. You always receive the full value of your items, with zero deductions or fees. We will then take your antique paintings and complete our transaction.

    The buying service we provide is a simple and effective way to sell your antique paintings. It is a refreshingly smooth process and an intelligent way to ensure you always get the highest value for your fine art.

    Why Choose Burlingtons to Sell Antique Paintings?

    The main benefit is that you will get the highest price possible for your antique paintings, or any other items that we buy, when you sell with us. We provide a professional and friendly service at all times and have over 20 years of experience.

    Our position in the industry allows you to take advantage of our network of collectors and art dealers. The up to date knowledge of the art world means we understand market trends and can significantly improve on auction estimates.

    There is no need to take our word for it, see below for a testimonial from one very happy clients:

    We would highly recommend dealing with Burlingtons, we received high prices and immediate payment”.


    How Much Will I Get When I Sell My Antique Paintings?

    The art world is incredibly tricky to traverse, which makes it difficult for people to know the true value of their antique paintings. This can be frustrating, but antique paintings vary in value depending on factors including the following:

    • Age 
    • Conditions
    • Artist notability
    • Movement notability
    • Rarity
    • Size and quality of the frame

    We buy many types of antique paintings, including oil paintings, abstracts and watercolours. However, there are some that we are particularly interested in buying such as the following:

    • Post-war British art 
    • Newlyn School 
    • Old masters 
    • Impressionist artists or Impressionism 

    There are other types of painting we may be interested in buying, however the above are of particular interest. If you have a high-value antique painting of any kind, please feel free to contact us for a valuation.

    Sell Antique Paintings for the Highest Possible Price

    There is only one way to get the best price for your antique paintings and that is by using our private buying service. You get the highest value for your items, along with exceptional service – so we are the most logical choice.

    You can get an immediate cash payment for your antique paintings, or any other items, by booking a free valuation. Get in touch today to enjoy the benefits of our unique private buying service.

    FAQs and Useful Information

    The following are some frequently asked questions and useful information about selling antique paintings and the service we provide:

    How can you tell if a painting is valuable?

    It can be difficult, but the artist, previous owners, general condition, subject of the piece, the frame, overall condition and size are key influences on value. However, it is possible for high-value paintings to meet only a few of these criteria, if the other criteria they meet are in some way notable or exceptional.

    I have other things to sell, do you buy other items?

    Yes, we buy many high-value items including jewellery, scrap gold and coins, silverware, watches, sculptures and bronze, oriental antiques, amber, jade or coral, medals and militaria, old books and vintage luggage. For a clearer idea of the items that we buy, please browse our current stock.

    Get in touch with us today for a free valuation.

    December 21, 2020

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