Sell Your Watch With Our Fast and Hassle-Free Watch Buying Service

Selling your treasured vintage or antique watch should be straightforward and rewarding, not a maze of complications. At Burlingtons Ltd., we sweep aside these complexities, delivering a private buying and selling service that prioritises your comfort and convenience.



Understanding the value and significance of Rolex timepieces, we are committed to offering fair market prices for each watch. Whether you own a vintage classic, a beloved modern edition, or any other Rolex model, we welcome you to present your watch for an honest and competitive valuation.

Patek Phillipe

Recognised for their exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance, Patek Philippe timepieces are true treasures, and we ensure they are valued accordingly. Whether you possess a classic Calatrava, a sophisticated Nautilus, or any other model, we offer fair and competitive market prices.


As a brand synonymous with innovation and luxury, each Audemars Piguet watch represents a pinnacle of horological artistry. Whether you’re looking to part with a classic Royal Oak, a bold Royal Oak Offshore, or any other model, we are happy to offer fair and competitive market prices. Contact today for a free valuation.


Cartier’s reputation for elegance and luxury is unparalleled, and each of their timepieces is a work of art. Whether you own an iconic Tank, a stylish Santos, or any other Cartier model, we are ready to provide fair and competitive market prices. Reach out to our team now for a free valuation.


Burlingtons can offer prices unachievable at auction.
We offer a free no obligation valuation in the comfort of your own home.

Our Quick and Efficient Service

Our process is swift, seamless, and designed with your best interests in mind. Bid goodbye to the hassle of intermediaries or middlemen that delay and complicate your transactions. Instead, embrace our trusted expertise; our dedicated specialist conducts all valuations, ensuring you receive an attractive selling price promptly.

With our commitment to transparency, all valuations are offered without obligation and completely free of charge. Hesitation doesn’t have its place here. Reach out to Burlingtons Ltd., and let us turn your sale into a rewarding experience.

Get in Touch

Contact us to sell your watch online or over the phone, telling us the important details and scheduling a free, in-person valuation in your own home (anywhere in the UK).

In Person Valuation

Our specialist visits to assess the watch and makes a no-obligation offer based on market value and the condition of the timepiece itself.

Instant Payment

You accept the offer and receive an instant payment for your watch, either through a BACS transfer or another method of your choosing.

Get A Valuation


    Speaking to an Expert

    Contact our dedicated specialist, Daniel, directly by phone. He’s ready to discuss your watch(es) for sale and can provide an initial selling price estimate. This will later be confirmed following a detailed, in-person inspection to assess any features or damages that may influence the price.

    Photo of a man examining a Rolex watch

    Comfortable and Secure Home Valuations

    Regardless of your location in the UK, we’ll visit you for the in-person valuation, ensuring your comfort and the security of your items. We’ll schedule the valuation according to your convenience.

    Daniel will efficiently perform the valuation to provide an accurate selling price promptly. Rest assured, he will not leave your premises until the payment is successfully transferred to your bank account.

    Easy and Instant Payments

    Payments are made directly into your bank account via a BACS transfer or your preferred method. Daniel ensures complete transparency in pricing, explaining the rationale behind the valuation.

    Prices are determined by factors such as brand, age, condition, precious materials, and market conditions, all contributing to a fair and justified estimate for your timepiece. Altogether, these result in the fairest estimate given for the piece you want to sell and the greatest value for money.

    Read Our Latest Google Reviews

    John Powell
    John Powell
    08:10 15 May 24
    Transaction was completed in a thoroughly professional manner. Could not have been easier. Trepidation replaced by complete satisfaction.
    nick sedgwick
    nick sedgwick
    17:14 13 May 24
    Great quick service. Dealt with Daniel really pleased with price and speedy payment.
    Flora Baker
    Flora Baker
    10:59 09 May 24
    What a fantastic company! Like other reviewers, I was a little nervous about a home visit, but Daniel was such a joy to chat to: on email he replied quickly to arrange a visit, and in person he was friendly, polite, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the job.ย We looked through my various items (including furniture, flatware and jewellery) and he was really forthcoming about why particular items weren't of interest while others were, suggesting also that I kept hold of some items if their personal significance was higher than their value. We itemised everything and the payment transfer went through before he left! All in all such a stellar service โ€“ย I'd absolutely recommend anyone to contact Daniel with their valuables.

    Avoiding the Frustration of Auction Sales

    While auction houses may seem tempting, our guaranteed streamlined process offers superior assurance. With us, your interactions will be solely with a seasoned professional, proficient in a myriad of vintage and antique watch models. This bypasses the bureaucracy of larger teams which can delay the process.

    Daniel, being deeply rooted in the trade and possessing a broad network of collectors, may already have a buyer keen on your timepiece. Auctions can’t promise this, with sales hinging on attendee interest. Choose Burlingtons Ltd., and step into a world where your cherished timepiece is always in high demand.

    Quick and Professional Private Buying and Selling

    Embark on the journey to sell your cherished watch by simply reaching out to Burlingtons Ltd., either online or over the phone. Within a single conversation, you could receive a competitive market value payment on the very same day.

    Experience the pinnacle of speed and efficiency in selling high-end items right from your own home. With us, you will enjoy the reassurance of working with a specialist throughout, with zero uncertainty about the timeline. Discover the speed and simplicity of our private buying and selling process. Don’t delay โ€“ contact us today and witness the Burlingtons difference.

    The benefits of using Burlingtons

    A professional service in the
    comfort of your home

    No fees, commissions
    or hidden charges

    Valuations based on over 20 years experience

    Free no obligation valuations


    We can offer prices
    unachievable at auction

    The Importance of an Accurate Valuation

    Getting a valuation for your luxury watch is crucial to ensuring you receive a fair and accurate price. Without a proper valuation, you might inadvertently undervalue your timepiece or set unrealistic expectations that deter potential buyers.

    We bring in-depth knowledge of the luxury watch market to every valuation, considering factors such as brand reputation, condition, rarity, and market trends. This comprehensive evaluation guarantees that you get a price that aligns with the watch’s true market value. 

    By knowing the precise worth of your watch, you can then confidently negotiate with buyers and make informed decisions about its sale, ultimately achieving the fairest price possible.

    Find Free and Fair Estimates for Watches

    Take the first step towards a fair but profitable sale by booking your free, no-obligation valuation now. Our knowledgeable team at Burlingtons Ltd. is committed to providing you with a top-quality service thatโ€™s fast, easy, comfortable and convenient for you.