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How to Sell Your Silver Tea Set

To sell your silver tea set for the fairest, most accurate market price, you need the assistance of a private buying and selling service like us. Our specialist will gladly value and buy your silverware, for free and at no obligation, and place the items within our network. This often results in items selling for more than originally thought, as keen buyers and collectors offer greater sums.

Learn more about how this works and how to sell your silver tea set to Burlingtons Ltd. below.

Silver tea set

Selling Your Silver Tea Set in a Vast Network

We have over 20 years of experience working in the private buying and selling of high-value items. As a result, we’ve forged strong relationships with a diverse range of experts, traders, collectors, and enthusiasts in the UK and worldwide.

With our experience and relationships, we can take your silver tea set to the perfect buyer. Using this extensive network of contacts we can always achieve a more efficient buying process than most customers can do themselves, as we know who to ask.

Beyond knowing who to ask, we are also able to avoid the issue of “the right buyer” not showing up, as one may find at auction. Our network is always open to us so communication with buyers is easier.

How to Sell Your Silver Tea Set to Burlingtons Ltd.

Selling your tea set, or any other item, to one of our experts is a smooth, hassle-free experience that will be sure to provide you with a good final sale price.

The first thing to do is to contact us for an estimate. We’ll help you book your appointment and you will then have a private valuation in the comfort of your own home.

After this, a specialist will travel to you, anywhere in the UK, to carry out a quick but thorough valuation. They’ll take into account all factors that could potentially impact the value of your tea set and make you a no-obligation offer based on this.

If you decide to accept our offer, we’ll offer immediate payment through a simple BACS transfer or another payment method of your choosing.

Get a Professional Valuation for Your Silver Tea Set

    Why is Burlingtons the Best Choice to Sell My Silver Tea Set?

    You will not get a better market-value price. Many people want to sell silverware, including tea sets, and some companies will guarantee to buy it – but without giving you a quote first. They send an envelope or box, you fill it and send it back before getting a payment. There is no certainty on how much you might receive.

    We provide an obligation-free valuation before you sell. This way there is no chance of receiving a payment that is lower than you expect. Also, as we use our relationships with dealers and collectors to help you avoid auctions and their associated fees, the money you receive at the end of the valuation is likely to be much higher.

    We have the knowledge necessary to innovate a fresh approach to selling your silver tea set, or other items. With over 20 years of experience buying and selling antiques, we are able to reach out to a range of contacts we have, including dealers and collectors, to find the perfect buyer and get you the best price.

    It is easy for us to find out who wants what type of item and how much they will pay, so our estimates are very accurate. This is why we can offer an obligation-free valuation with immediate payment. Other features of our private buying service that make us the best option include:

    Choice: The fact that our valuations are obligation-free means you have the choice of accepting our offer or not, which is a much more hassle-free approach than other buyers can provide. If you are not happy with the valuation of your silver tea set, then that is up to you – and we are still glad to value it.

    Expertise: Put simply, other buyers do not have the track record necessary to provide a service that is as reliable as Burlingtons. Many buyers concentrate purely on volume, whereas we care about placing the items you are ready to part with in the best place that we can.

    Low costs: We do not use auctions. Auctions provide an exciting experience at times, but there are various fees and commissions involved that can drag the final sale price down to a disappointing level – if the item even sells at all. If an item does not sell you are still liable for some fees, but we avoid unnecessary costs.

    Our clients come to us and keep returning because we offer them a fresh approach. Burlingtons has a long-established way of participating in the antique business. It comes from our love for the trade, and our enthusiasm for valuing high-end items. It’s also a personalised service in comparison to the typical service you might receive.

    Why Do People Like Silver Tea Sets?

    Many items that use silver are highly desirable to buyers. Tea sets are no exception. Even modern tea sets are valuable, so they do not necessarily have to be an extremely old antique. Whether it is for a sterling silver coffee pot or a silver teacup, people buy these sets frequently, so you are likely to sell your silver tea set to us at a good price.

    Additional advantages of a silver tea set, which makes them appealing for people to buy include:

    Reliable value: Silver is a precious metal and, unlike some, it is particularly suitable for creating tea sets and other items due to its malleability. This makes it valuable, both as the metal itself and as a material to work with. Buyers enjoy the fact that their silver will be reliably sellable again in the future.

    Designs and decoration: Interior designers enjoy centrepieces and other decorative pieces of silver, such as tea sets, that have a rich design history. If your tea set is old then it may come from a famous manufacturer or have some other feature that makes it worth much more than the material itself.

    Functionality: Something that frequently comes up with antiques is the ability to use your items in everyday life. People like to get out their silverware for special occasions, and a tea set is a wonderfully social item that will make for a good addition to any collection.

    Sell Your Silver Tea Set to Us

    Tea sets are a desirable item, and we are confident that we will provide a good valuation for it, and a new collector to own it once you are ready to part ways. Silver is a dependable and more affordable option for buyers than many other types of precious metal, which can make people more willing to buy.

    Your silver tea set is a desirable item to many buyers, and we are experts in finding the right place for your antique or newer pieces of silverware. It is quick, efficient and simple.

    Get in touch and discover why our buying service is the best for your tea set.

    August 12, 2020

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