How to Sell Your Gold Antique Brooches


Due to the high volume of demand, we are only able to respond to enquiries about the following antique brooches:

  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Sapphire
  • Other Precious Stones

We will not be able to respond to any enquiries or valuation requests on any other type of brooch.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

We offer a fast and convenient way to sell your gold antique brooches and pins at the highest possible price. Our private buying service avoids all the unnecessary fees you get from auction houses and gives you a direct transaction for antique brooches you no longer want. As private buyers, we are interested in purchasing a wide range of brooches and pendants, including art deco, art nouveau and 19th-century styles. 

Please be aware that we only want to buy vintage brooches containing yellow gold and white gold or precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies and other gems. We will not value or buy sterling silver jewellery. By choosing us you will get the following additional benefits of our first-class service:

  • No-obligation valuations: Our buying service comes with a free and no-obligation appraisal, which will give you a stress-free initial step for when you want to sell antique brooches. All of our valuations are fair, generous and our offer prices never include any deductions. 
  • Professional service: We offer an unparalleled level of client service that is unseen anywhere else in the antique trade. Our friendly, honest and reliable services will be a refreshing way to sell your gold or diamond brooches. You will always have an exceptional experience and hassle-free selling process.
  • Instant payments: You will receive the full amount for your items, with an immediate transfer via BACS. You will not have to wait for payment. There are never any fees, what we offer is the price that you get. We offer convenient ways to receive payment, and can offer cash in most cases should you prefer.
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If you have found some old gold bar pins, unwanted yellow gold brooches, antique bow brooches or perhaps a forgotten brooch set in your collection – we would like to buy them. You can book your free and no-obligation valuation with us today, simply get in touch with us to sell vintage brooches for the best prices.

How Does the Burlingtons Process Work?

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If you sell your items with us you will have a smooth transaction and a very professional service, not to mention the highest possible prices for your vintage brooches – and any of the other items that we buy. The process is simple and we are sure you will use us again should you have a desire to sell more items in the future.

Our private buying service works in the following three simple steps, no matter what you might be selling:

  • Book your valuation: The first step is to get in touch with us and book your valuation. Every valuation will take place at a time that is most convenient for you, and also in the comfort of your own home. We offer an entirely private transaction, which is good for valuable items such as gold antique brooches.
  • Accept our offer: Following a very thorough appraisal, where we will carefully inspect all of the items you wish to sell, we will make a fair and generous offer. While you have no obligation to accept, we are sure that you will be pleased by the amount we offer and have no hesitation in accepting our bid.
  • Receive your payment: Once you accept our offer we will provide you with immediate payment for your vintage brooches, we can instantly transfer your money to a UK bank account via BACS and complete our transaction. Following the receipt of your payment, we will leave with your items.

While the process is very simple, it comes with a professional level of service. You always get the best prices and the most incredible selling experience by choosing our trustworthy team. With over 20 years of experience in the trade, we are a well-established and reliable buyer. You can book your valuation with us today.

Why Choose Us to Sell Your Gold Antique Brooches

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Gold pendants and bar pins can be very valuable so, understandably, you might be hesitant picking someone to sell them to, but we have a great reputation for honesty and reliability and will always put you at ease with friendly and professional service. We are very confident that you will keep us in mind when selling items in the future.

It can be difficult to trust a buyer. However, with our first-class services, there is no need to take our word for it as the quality of work that we do leads to us getting a great many enthusiastic reviews. See below for what one very happy client has to say about us:

β€œLet me start by saying I usually never leave reviews. I was very apprehensive about selling my jewellery not knowing who to trust and whether I would be ripped off!

I was recommended Burlingtons and liked the idea of a home visit. Daniel Ives arrived promptly and instantly made me feel at ease with his very down-to-earth friendly manner. The entire process thereafter was seamless, professional and with due care to my situation.

We agreed on monies and the immediate bank transfer was done without any hiccups. I would highly recommend Daniel Ives and Burlington’s a very professional and pleasant experience indeed.” – Sangeeta Bhari

We operate across the UK from our offices in London, and we are a well-known and established part of the antique community. Our experience and levels of service make us an outstanding choice when you want to sell vintage brooches and any of the other high-value items that we buy.

How Much Will I Get For My Brooches?

Certain things will affect the value of your gold vintage brooches. For example, a brooch from a unique or notable maker might fetch a higher price. Certain styles, such as Victorian bar brooches, may also be quite collectable – so specific styles can be quite valuable in the antique market.

As so many factors are in play, you need to visit us to determine the true value of your items. But, rest assured that gold is a stable commodity so you will get a good price. We also boost the amount you will get with these value-adding service features:

  • Zero auction fees.
  • Zero deductions.
  • Free and no-obligation appraisals.
  • Private appraisals in your home.
  • Instant cash payments.

Frustratingly, we cannot estimate the value that we will arrive at for your old gold brooches. Without a thorough inspection, it would be impossible for us to estimate what we will offer and it is unethical for us to give you a figure if we do not possess the full details of what you have for sale. However, as long as your brooches contain gold or diamonds, we will want to buy them.

Book Your Valuation Today

You will get the best price for your antique brooches coupled with the best service when you sell with us. Our straightforward buying process delivers a refreshing and impressive way to sell many types of high-value items. Using our honest and reliable service is a safe choice when you want to sell brooches containing gold or diamonds.

We have been in the antique trade for over 20 years and can offer a direct buying service that takes advantage of our relationships with dealers, collectors and private buyers across the industry. Now that you are ready to sell gold vintage brooches at the best possible price, please feel free to book your valuation and get in touch.

August 16, 2021

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