How to Sell Scrap Silver for Immediate Cash Payment

If you are ready to sell scrap silver, we will provide a free, no-obligation valuation in your home and offer the best cash price. We are experts in valuing many kinds of items and have strong relationships with dealers and collectors – meaning we can efficiently distribute your old scrap silver trophies, tea sets, trays, salvers, candlesticks, silver coins and other pieces of scrap silver.

It’s also understandable that you might want to know more about how the process works and why scrap silver is so valuable before you begin. Learn more here about the value of scrap silver, the types of scrap silver that we buy, and why we’re the best place to sell your scrap silver, before booking a free, no-obligation valuation with an expert.

Scrap Silver

What Makes Scrap Silver Valuable?

Scrap silver holds value primarily due to its intrinsic metal content. Silver is a precious metal with various industrial, technological, and ornamental applications, making it inherently valuable. Additionally, silver has historically been used as a store of value and a medium of exchange, further contributing to its worth.

When selling scrap silver, its value is determined based on factors such as purity, weight, market demand, and current market prices for silver. Even though it may be considered “scrap,” its recyclability and usefulness in various industries ensure that it retains its worth.

How to Sell Your Scrap Silver to Burlingtons Ltd

While the price of silver fluctuates, we always buy scrap silver for the best price your items can achieve. In return, you’ll receive a full and immediate cash payment once you accept our offer. The process begins with you getting in touch with us and speaking to one of our team about the pieces you wish to sell.

Our specialist will then travel to you, anywhere in the UK, on the date chosen and perform a professional valuation to arrive at an accurate selling price for your pieces. This will always be a no-obligation offer, paid immediately and in full via a BACS transfer or another method of your choosing.

Contact us to get started selling your scrap silver as soon as possible.

    Types of Scrap Silver That We Buy

    We are experts in buying and selling a variety of items, and we come across many people who are looking for the best place to sell their valuable possessions. We will buy the following types of scrap silver, as well as other types of silverware and precious metals:

    • Sterling silver trophies
    • Silver tea sets
    • Silver trays
    • Silver salvers
    • Silver candlesticks
    • Old silver coins
    • Other pieces of old scrap silver

    Why Burlingtons Ltd is the Best Place to Sell Scrap Silver

    First and foremost, you should sell scrap silver to us because our reputation is built upon supplying a friendly, reliable and honest service. 

    Scrap Silver

    All precious metals are valuable, and we will buy scrap silver for a cash payment. Aside from a fair price and great service, Burlingtons is the best place to sell your scrap silver for the following reasons.

    We Buy Direct

    Many people assume that selling their scrap silver at auction is a good idea. However, the reality is that there are many uncertainties and expenses associated with this idea.

    Auctions have many extra costs. Auctions require sellers fees and commission for an auctioneer to accept your items. This creates a dent in your final sale price straight away. You will also have to pay for the insurance and illustrations of your items.

    Our direct buying service means you cut out any intermediaries and receive the full value of your goods, without any extra costs. You will receive a price unachievable at auction for your scrap silver, without any additional fees.

    Fair Valuations Using Extensive Experience

    We have over 20 years of experience in the antique trade. Our experience means that we not only have the capability of appraising scrap silver accurately but we also have existing relationships with people looking to buy your scrap silver.

    Your valuations will not only be fair but will also be made with where we are going to sell your scrap silver in mind. If we know we have the perfect buyer we will know the price that they will pay and, with no intermediaries, we can give you the best price possible.

    You will enjoy a free, friendly and professional private valuation in the comfort of your own home. Our valuations are obligation-free for a painless experience with no pressure to accept the offer.

    Immediate Payment for Your Scrap Silver

    When you go to an auction, not only will it take time to receive your payment but your items may not sell at all. In this case, fees and other expenses will still apply.

    Some online companies encourage you to send in scrap silver via prepaid envelopes, but this will delay your payment. These companies may also alter their valuation once they receive your item, meaning you can get a lower offer.

    When you accept the offer we make for your scrap silver, or any other item that we buy, we will provide you with an immediate cash payment. Many companies will not offer this fantastic service.

    An Extensive Network

    With decades of experience in the business of private buying and selling, we have forged strong relationships with a wide range and number of specialist dealers, private collectors and interior designers in the UK and around the world. Using this network of relationships, we have a better chance of finding a buyer who will give you an excellent price for your scrap silver and silver items.

    Sell Scrap Silver to Burlingtons Ltd Today

    Quite a lot of people struggle to find the best place to sell scrap silver and other items, but we use our knowledge and superior service to provide a direct, fair and efficient selling experience. Contact us to book your free valuation and start speaking to an expert about the silver you wish to sell today.

    October 5, 2020

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