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How to Sell Chinese Antiques with No Auction Fees

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If you’re looking for information on how to sell Chinese antiques, our service is the best choice. You can sell a wide variety of antiques and Asian art, including Chinese paintings, ceramics, statues and many other works of art. We are interested in buying high-quality Chinese antiquities and can give you the best market prices, which comes from our ability to offer a direct transaction that avoids all auction fees.

Our service is unique as it allows you to bypass auction houses and sell your Asian antiques straight to us, so we are the most cost-efficient way to sell your Chinese antiques.

The advantages of using our private buying service for how to sell Chinese antiques or Chinese works of art include the following:

  • Reliable valuations: Buying and selling items at auction is unpredictable, and can be expensive in many cases. However, our service values your Chinese art and antiques precisely and with current market trends in mind – so you know exactly what you will get. We then provide an obligation-free offer.
  • Industry relationships: We pride ourselves on the knowledge of our team, who have a range of relationships with dealers and collectors of antiques and Chinese art. If you have a collection of porcelains, jades and other statues or blue and white ceramics our team can reliably place them at the best prices.
  • Professional service: Our services impress even the most discerning owners of Chinese antiques, and we set ourselves apart with polite, friendly and honest interaction throughout the process. Your experience selling with us will come alongside a refreshingly professional and smooth process.

It can be difficult to know where to sell your Chinese antiques and many other high-value items at the best price, but we offer a risk-free way to sell without any fees – and get an immediate cash payment. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to book your valuation. 

How to Sell Chinese Antiques With  Burlingtons

Our approach focuses on providing a reliable service delivered in an effortless and hassle-free manner at all times. We will buy many items using the same simple process, which works in three easy steps as follows:

  1. Book your valuation: The first step is to book your valuation with us. Our representative will appraise your Chinese antiques and any other items that you may have available to sell in the privacy of your home.
  2. Accept our offer: Our fair and accurate offer will be presented to you, and we can explain the reasons behind the value of our appraisal. The offer comes with zero fees or deductions – and will also have no obligation.
  3. Receive your payment: After you accept the price we have arrived at, you will receive an immediate cash payment for the full value of your items. We offer BACS payments for instant receipt, and we will then depart with your items.

The process is very polished and hassle-free, so we are certain you will not find better services when selling Chinese antiques or any of the other items that we buy.Β  If you are ready to sell your Chinese antiques please feel free to get in touch with us.

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    Why Choose Us to Sell Chinese Antiques and Asian Art?

    The main benefit of choosing us is that we buy your items for the highest price, so you get the maximum amount of profit from your sale. Our first-class buying experience will also give you fantastic customer service, so we are the smart option.

    Our services gain us some very glowing testimonials from extremely happy clients. See below for what one person has to say about using our buying service:

    β€œI was very apprehensive in relation to your visit today. However, I need not have been. The service was excellent efficient and fair and I would have no hesitation in using you again, indeed we hope to, and recommending you. Thank you for an honest and trustworthy service.” – CHLOE ZAMORA | LONDON

    We demonstrate excellent attention to detail and a client-centric process, which is available thanks to our position as a leader within the antique trade. Our services will also give you the chance to take advantage of our extensive professional network.

    How Much Will I Get For My Chinese Antiques or Art?

    If you are wondering how to sell Chinese antiques for the highest price, you understandably want to get an estimate of how much you might receive. However, it can be difficult to estimate your item’s value without a full and thorough valuation.

    We have an interest in buying many types of Chinese antiques, including paintings, sculptures and ceramics from the Tang dynasty and the Qing dynasty. Many of these are potentially highly valuable, but this depends on a lot of criteria.

    For a rough idea of what you might receive when you sell with us, think about whether your item has some of the following features:

    • Fashionable colour schemes and patterns, such as blue and white.
    • Presence of any damage, scratches, marks or a good overall condition.
    • High quality of finishing.
    • Trendy or valuable style and period
    • Notable historical age, and whether the items are in good condition for their age.
    • Desirable shapes in ceramic items, some shapes can be in higher demand than others.

    Remember that market prices can vary quite substantially and also change. You might be able to get a better idea of the price you will get for your items by checking out our current stock, which showcases many of the superb things that we buy.

    Book a Valuation and Sell Chinese Antiques With Us 

    If you are searching for how to sell Chinese antiques at the highest possible prices then we are the best choice. Our unique private buying service and fantastic levels of customer service are the most sensible solution if you want a simple experience.

    We are leading experts in the appraisal of Chinese antiques, artworks, ceramics and many other items. Now that you are ready to get a high-value appraisal, immediate payment and an overall smooth transaction please book your valuation today.

    July 14, 2021

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