Michael George Fellows and Daniel Ives

Assisting With the Sale of My Military Memorabilia

For over 20 years, Burlingtons Ltd. has assisted customers wishing to sell medals and militaria. However, the standout of all of these cases for our specialist, Daniel Ives, came this year – when he worked with Michael George Fellows, MBE, DSC, BEM* on the sale of his incredible collection.

About Michael George Fellows MBE, DSC, BEM*

Diving Team 1956

Michael, known to his friends as Mick, was born and educated in Littlehampton, Sussex. He joined the Royal Navy as a Boy Seaman 2nd Class at the age of 15, training at HMS Vincent shore establishment in Gosport, Hampshire.

Michael’s career began with a promise of distinction and excellence. Today, he is celebrated as the most highly decorated Warrant Officer in the British military for gallantry. His journey of accolades began with his pivotal role in bomb and mine disposal operations across Scotland and Northern Ireland during the 1970s. It was for these acts of courage and expertise that he was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM*), a prestigious precursor to the Queen’s Gallantry Medal.

Left: Ships Diving Team, 1956. Michael is top right of this image.

Clearance and Diving Team

The next of Michael’s decorations would come close to a decade later, in 1982. While serving in the Falklands Conflict, he became the first man in naval history to diffuse an unexploded bomb on board a warship at sea. This was recorded as taking place while under air attack. As a result of this feat, he became the first non-commissioned Officer in the Royal Navy to be awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

Right: Scotland and Northern Ireland Clearance and Diving Team, with a week’s collection of ordnance.

Michael in Gibraltar

Left: Michael in Standard Diving Rig, in Gibraltar.

The last – and arguably most prestigious – of Michael’s awards would come from his help in recovering 191 of those lost from the MS Herald of Free Enterprise. This was after the Zeebrugge disaster of 6 March 1987, in which the aforementioned ferry capsized moments after leaving port. For his exemplary service in this harrowing situation, Michael was honoured with an MBE.

Michael at scene of Zeebrugge Disaster

Right: Michael in diving gear during the recovery of the victims of the Zeebrugge Disaster.

Michael’s tales extend far beyond these. He has travelled all over the world to clear land and sea of what he terms “the unexploded relics of war”. Following his departure from the Royal Navy, he even set up Fellows International, a company specialising in UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) risk management. He continued his impactful work until retiring at the age of 77. Michael has also authored a book recounting his remarkable experiences, sharing his accomplishments and accounts of history with the world.

The Sale Process

The process of ensuring Michael’s military memorabilia was valued and sold was as straightforward and professional as we could make it. Daniel arrived as expected at Michael’s home, before spending an hour with him going through the items that were to be sold. In this time frame, Daniel heard all about Michael’s life and career in the military and what each of his awards was for. 

After examining each of the items carefully, Daniel was able to offer Michael the assistance he needed in getting them sold. This resulted in him achieving a fair price for the memorabilia, which we would go on to pay instantly into his bank account.

What We Took From This Experience

Buying Michael’s memorabilia was, for us, an extraordinary opportunity. Even though we undertook the same process as we would for any other valuation, the chance to listen to Michael and hear about his remarkable work meant it quickly became one of our most important. We were delighted and privileged to be offered this sale and would be glad to carry out valuations for Michael again in the future.

Do You Have Medals or Military Memorabilia to Sell?

If you, like Michael, have medals or militaria you wish to sell, Burlingtons Ltd. is always ready to help. By getting in touch with us and booking a free valuation, you could soon be meeting with Daniel to find out exactly what your item or items are worth. This will be determined based on factors such as item condition, as well as the current state of the market.

We’re confident that you will be happy with the selling price we offer, but all valuations are no obligation, so you will never be pressured into selling if you don’t want to. We also understand that these items may have a great deal of sentimental value, and will always listen to their story and take steps to fully understand them when we pay our visit.

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January 26, 2024

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