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The Leading Service to Sell Diamond Jewellery in London

At Burlingtons, we understand that your primary concern when looking to sell diamond jewellery in London will be finding the best valuation. As experts in the business of private buying and selling, we make finding the fairest prices for our customers’ diamond jewellery our top priority, and consistently aim to keep offers as close to market value as we can.

If you have been searching for a leading professional service to sell your diamond jewellery in London and you wish to ensure that the price received in exchange  is fair, contact us via phone or email today. We will be able to guide you through a specialist appraisal for any jewellery you intend to sell, and will always offer unmatched prices in return.

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The best place to sell your diamonds for their true price is with us because we will always offer our customers one hundred percent of every valuation we provide, with immediate payment and no hidden fees attached.

Private Buying and Selling Conducted by Experts

When you contact us to sell your diamond jewellery, you can expect nothing less than complete professionalism from our specialists. Conducting fair evaluations is paramount to our work, and ensuring that our customers receive the correct market value in return for each of their pieces is a significant part of this. In this way, our practices differ from venues such as auction houses found across the UK, as each individual venue will charge its own fees and commission prices. 

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    Valued by the Experts

    The fees and commissions charged by auctioneers can be excessive and often results in buyers bidding below an item’s market value, so selling your diamond jewellery in an auction house may not be as cost effective as it once was. Some of these aforementioned fees and prices may be up to forty percent of your item’s overall value. When you take this into consideration, you can just imagine how much more money you could be earning with a private buying firm that offers a true market price, without the added aggravations of fees and commissions on anything from insurance to photography.

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    These features are just some of the guarantees we will be delighted to offer when you choose to use our services to sell diamond jewellery in London. We are more than certain that we can offer you the best price for your valuables, because we will offer you one hundred percent of the estimate we give, with immediate payment and no hidden fees. 

    You may even rest assured that your items will be kept as safe as possible for as long as possible, and there will be no extra fees to pay out for transport because we will travel to your home from our London office.

    We will be happy to buy all types of jewellery, including antique and bespoke pieces, after we have completed our appraisals. The most common pieces we receive include:

    • Diamond Rings
    • Diamond Bracelets
    • Diamond Brooches
    • Diamond Necklaces
    • Diamond Earrings

    Professional Appraisals of Fine Diamond Jewellery

    Our many years of expertise in the jewellery business have taught us that each piece we receive for valuation will be unique. Because of this, we will offer an estimate for your item that is based on a multitude of factors. For diamonds alone, this means using the “4Cs” of diamond quality: cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Other factors which may also be considered include the overall condition of the piece, materials used in bands of pieces such as engagement rings, and if there are any hallmarks which will determine the maker.

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    Competitive prices among UK auction houses and high street jewellers may lead to inconsistencies in the price these places will pay out, as each may attempt to offer an average price, rather than full market value. However, you will not find this problem when you call to use our services, as we have excellent working relationships with a host of private collectors and specialist dealers. This results in us being able to offer you your jewellery’s full market value, no matter what you might have been given as an average price offer.

    We are staffed by experts and authorities in new and antique diamond jewellery, and they will carefully consider and thoroughly examine each item they are given to determine its correct value. From ensuring quality through the recognition of certified diamonds, to determining a maker for any bespoke piece, they will be able to offer you the estimate you have been hoping for.

    High Quality Estimates on Branded and Antique Diamond Jewellery

    For many collectors in the UK, the most sought-after pieces will be those that carry the most famous and prestigious names, or that are proven to be rare antiques. We have the privilege of buying and selling both ready-made and bespoke items from some of the world’s leading jewellery designers, including Cartier, Tiffany’s and Boucheron. As a result, we are more than happy to provide the comprehensive professional appraisals you need for your antique and hallmarked pieces.

    To Learn More About Selling Luxury Diamond Pieces

    If you have been searching for a reputable private buying firm in order to sell diamond jewellery in London and you want your pieces to make their market value (or as near to this as possible), get in touch with us and book an appointment for your piece’s appraisal today. 

    Every estimate will be discussed and finalised in the security and comfort of your own home, ensuring the safety of your valuables when there may have otherwise been risks involved in transport. Once our expert has provided you with the estimate for your new or vintage jewellery and you have accepted the price, we will offer an immediate payment that guarantees you will receive one hundred percent of the valuation in return. There will be no hidden charges or further fees for you to pay once the transaction is complete, so there will be no cause for concern on your part, either.

    Contact us via telephone or send us an email today to begin the process of selling your diamond jewellery, and one of our specialists will be waiting to discuss your pieces with you.