Sell a Vacheron Constantin

Established in 1755 and having served clients ranging from Napoleon to Harry Truman, Vacheron Constantin is one of the most prestigious luxury watch brands you will find. This also translates into high prices when sold. If you are looking to sell a Vacheron Constantin watch, you will naturally want to ensure you are also getting a fair price for it.

Burlingtons’ private buying and selling service can arrange this for you, through a specialist valuation and a service which will not ask for fees unlike selling at auction houses.

Contact us today to book your meeting with our expert and avoid the stress and frustration it usually takes to sell your watch – and get a higher price than you would at auction.

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    Selling a Vacheron Constantin to Burlingtons

    Vacheron Constantin is just one of the luxury watch brands that we will buy for their fairest price. It’s just one of many high-value items we buy from our customers.

    Our buying process is always simple, whatever kind of Vacheron Constantin watch you are selling, modern or vintage:

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    Book a valuation:

    We will visit your home on a date and at a time which suits you best to carry out the free valuation, where we will also confirm the price for your items.

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    Accept our offer:

    We will make an offer for your watch or watches based on what we see. This will always be a no-obligation offer and we will always be happy to explain the reasoning behind the given price.

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    Receive your payment:

    The payment will be made immediately, either through a BACS transfer or through a method of your choosing.

    If you wish to sell your timepieces and would like to get started as soon as possible, contact us and book your valuation today.

    We are experts in buying and selling older and newer models of Vacheron Constantin watches and an active trader in the watch industry. We will place your item with the perfect dealer or collector. You can contact us today to book a professional, private, and free valuation for your Vacheron Constantin with no obligation.

    Why Choose Us to Sell Your Vacheron Constantin Watch?

    We serve customers across the UK in the buying and selling of high-value items. We will not take fees from you when you sell an item, as happens at an auction house, and you will only ever work with an expert in order to have your item sold. It will be fast, straightforward, and it will ensure fair payment.

    We are also reliable, well-known, and trusted in the trade. All of this, as well as our years of experience and excellent customer service, are evident in our reviews:

    “Excellent service, very professional. Daniel is very knowledgable, he called at the house to assess the pieces and offered competitive prices, the money was instantly transferred to my account. The whole experience was seamless and the process felt extremely safe, highly recommended.” – Catherina Katsandri, September 2022.

    Get a valuation

    You will get a fast, fair valuation and direct private buying services when you sell your Vacheron Constantin with Burlingtons. To start the process and receive an immediate payment once you accept our offer, please feel free to contact us.

    How Much Will I Get When I Sell My Vacheron Constantin Watch?

    When you want to sell your watch, it’s reasonable to want to get the highest price. By avoiding We cannot put a price on any one Vacheron Constantin watch before we can see and value it. However, there are some common factors which help to determine the general price of a watch:

    • Make and model: There are many different makes and models of Vacheron Constantin watches, and this is significant for the price. For example, you may note that a watch from the Fiftysix collection is worth less than a watch from the Overseas collection, or the Traditionelle collection.
    • Watch features: Features of a watch are also likely to have an impact on the overall price. Many watch collectors and buyers will prize specific characteristics, and be willing to pay more for watches with these.
    • Condition: Small scuff marks or scratches are unlikely to affect the resale value of a Vacheron Constantin to any great extent, but a large amount of damage will.

    Because you will not have to pay auction fees with our service, it is also likely that the price we offer for your watch will be one of the highest you will find.

    Book a Valuation

    If you are interested in selling any number of modern or vintage Vacheron Constantin watches, Burlingtons’ UK-wide service will be there to assist. Contact us to book your no-obligation valuation and get a free quote for what your watch is actually worth, provided by an expert. As a result, you will avoid all auction fees and never have to work with intermediaries.

    As a luxury brand, Vacheron Constantin watches can command fantastic prices when sold. We will ensure yours is valued at the correct price for its make and model. Get started as soon as possible by booking your valuation and let us help you to sell your watch for the fairest price, without the frustration.