Sell Your TUDOR Watch

TUDOR watches lend an air of sophistication and style, and even though they are one of the more affordable luxury watch brands, they will still fetch high prices when sold. When you want to sell your TUDOR watch, you will naturally want to ensure you get a fair, high price.

Burlingtons’ private buying and selling service can do this for you, without any of the hassle or frustration that comes with selling items at auction.

Contact us today to book a free valuation, conducted by an expert, and avoid the stress of auction fees when selling precious items.

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    Selling a TUDOR Watch to Burlingtons

    TUDOR watches are among the high-value items that we buy, as are other luxury watch brands if you have any of these to sell. The process to sell your watch with us is simple, too:

    Book a valuation:

    We will visit your home on a date and at a time which suits you to carry out the valuation. When we meet, we will confirm the price for your watch or watches.

    Accept our offer:

    We will make an offer based on what we see at the valuation. This will be a no-obligation offer and we are always glad to explain our reasoning.

    Receive your payment:

    Your payment will be made to you immediately, either through a BACS transfer or through another method of your choosing.

    This set of steps ensures the process for selling any kind of TUDOR watch, whether new or vintage, is simple and efficient. If you would like to sell your timepieces and you want to get started as soon as possible, contact us and book your valuation today.

    We are experts in buying and selling older and newer models of TUDOR watches and an active trader in the watch industry. We will place your item with the perfect dealer or collector. You can contact us today to book a professional, private, and free valuation for your TUDOR with no obligation.

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    Why Choose Us to Sell Your TUDOR Watch?

    We take pride in the services we provide from our London office, serving customers across the UK whenever they most need to sell high-value items. Our service will not take fees from you, as would be expected from an auction house, and you will not have to work with intermediaries in order to have your item sold. Instead, you will be guaranteed a fast, straightforward service from experts that ensures fair payment.

    We are also reliable, well-known, and trusted in the trade. Our years of experience and our excellent customer service have even led to glowing customer reviews:

    “Very professional and friendly service provided by Daniel when I sold my Rolex. Transaction was smooth and fast, I really like how Daniel handled the whole deal from start to end. All the staff are very helpful and the office is beautiful and safe. This makes the whole experience more special, and feel in hands of a well-established company. I will be back in the future if I’m ever looking to buy or sell a watch. Thank you once again, you have a lovely set up and was a pleasure doing business with you. Wishing Daniel and the team all the best.” – Zeshaan Gill, November 2022.

    Get a valuation

    If you want to sell your TUDOR watch the right way, we are confident our service will exceed expectations.

    How Much Can you Get For Your TUDOR Watch?

    Unfortunately, it will not be possible for us to put a price on any one TUDOR brand watch before we can see and value the item. However, we can list some of the most common factors involved in determining the price of a watch. This may help to give an indication of what your own timepiece will be worth:

    • Make and model: There are a range of different makes and models of TUDOR watches available, and this is significant for the price. For instance, you may notice that watches from TUDOR’s Clair de Rose collection tend to be less expensive than those from their Black Bay collection.
    • Watch features: Features of a watch are also likely to determine the overall price. Many watch buyers and collectors will prize specific characteristics and may pay larger amounts of money for watches that make use of the features they hold in the highest esteem.
    • Condition: Small scuffs and scratches are unlikely to affect the price of a TUDOR watch to any great extent. On the other hand, if there is a large amount of damage to the watch then this might have an impact on the price.

    Because you will not be paying auction fees when using our service, it is also likely that the price we quote for your watch will be one of the highest prices you are offered.

    Book a Valuation

    If you are interested in selling a TUDOR watch through our London-based but UK-wide service, contact us and book a free, no-obligation valuation. You will always be guaranteed a fast, convenient sale and a selling price supplied to you by experts. And you will never have to deal with intermediaries or face delays in the process.

    The TUDOR brand has always aimed to be more affordable than other luxury watch brands, such as Rolex, but they still command excellent prices when sold. We will ensure yours is valued at the correct price for its make and model when you work with us. Get started as soon as possible by getting in touch and let us help you sell your TUDOR watch for more, without the frustration.