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We offer a secure, private and personal buying service for Cartier jewellery in the UK. Through Burlingtons, you will benefit by avoiding costly auction fees and the risk of your Cartier jewellery selling for less than its worth. We value your Cartier jewellery (including bracelets, necklaces, rings and more) in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

You are under no obligation to accept our offer if you decide against selling once the valuation process is complete.

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    Sell Your Cartier Jewellery to Burlingtons


    Step 1

    Send us the details about your jewellery, including age if you have it.

    Step 2

    If we are interested in your piece, we will contact you to arrange a personal home visit.

    Step 3

    After inspection we can make a formal offer and if accepted, an immediate payment.

    If you’re wondering where to sell your luxury Cartier jewellery, Burlingtons is the best option. Whether it’s a Cartier love bracelet, Cartier earrings, Panthere de Cartier or any other jewellery from the Cartier brand, we will provide a competitive, honest and fair valuation for your jewellery. 

    We have long-standing relationships with respected dealers, collectors and interior designers that make us well-placed to sell your item – we may also sell Cartier jewellery online.

    “What a pleasure to have Daniel come to our home! He is very knowledgeable, honest and charming. He paid good prices for silver and jewellery, with none of the hassle and expenses of selling at auction.”

     – Gillian Swinburn

    Why Sell Your Cartier Jewellery to Us?

    We have over 20 years of experience in the buying and selling of Cartier jewellery in the UK – and offer a far more personal, reliable and assured way to sell your Cartier jewellery. 

    Unlike going to auction, where your Cartier watch, bracelet or diamond ring might not fetch the price you want or expect, our service guarantees fair and accurate valuations – and there is also no obligation to accept our offer.

    We visit you at your home at a time that suits you to conduct an informal and friendly valuation. We will discuss what makes your Cartier piece valuable and offer you a price then and there. 

    When you accept, you will receive an immediate cash payment.

    Get a valuation

    We buy directly from you. Burlingtons provides a unique private buying service throughout the UK and we commit to providing an honest, reliable and friendly service. You will feel comfortable and assured throughout every stage of selling your items, from initial contact to receiving your immediate payment after accepting our offer.

    Arranging to Have Your Cartier Jewellery Valued

    As stated previously, our valuation process is extremely simple. We visit you at home to conduct a personal valuation, give you a price once finished and also offer an immediate cash payment when you accept.

    Here’s how to book your free valuation:

    • Booking your valuation: You can book your valuation by completing our valuation form above, calling us directly or emailing us here. Once you get in touch, you can tell us a bit more about your Cartier jewellery and we can then discuss a time to visit you and value it. 
    • Accepting our offer: If you are happy with our valuation, we will make you an offer there and then. You are under no obligation to accept this and can walk away with no charge. However, our clients will testify that our valuations are honest and accurate and far better than anything you would find at auction.
    • Receiving your payment: Your payment will be completed on the day of your valuation – moments after you accept! There are no deductions once we have made you an offer, the offer your Cartier jewellery is valued at is what you get. BACS is our preferred form of payment as it’s immediate and secure. However, if this is not appropriate for you, we can discuss other forms of payment. 

    Now that you understand the way the buying process works you can contact us to book your valuation.

    Get a valuation

    As an industry-leading private buying service, we pride ourselves on presenting a reliable, honest and friendly service. You can begin the process of valuing your antique jewellery today. Book your free estimate by contacting us, one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you further.

    Sell Your Cartier Jewellery with Burlingtons Today

    For a free, no-obligation valuation of your Cartier jewellery at home, please contact Burlingtons via phone or by completing our contact form.


    What is Cartier jewellery?

    Cartier jewellery is one of the most iconic and prestigious types of jewellery in the world. Founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris, the company has grown into one of the most renowned and respected jewellers in the world. They are mainly known for their love bracelets that are exclusively made in 18k yellow, white or pink gold. They specialise in the selling of watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings. All gemstones and diamonds used in the creation of Cartier products are of course real.

    What Cartier jewellery do you buy?

    We are always intrigued to hear about Cartier jewellery because it’s a heritage brand that typically carries fantastic value. We will value any piece of genuine Cartier jewellery. This includes, but is not limited to:
    – Cartier diamonds
    – Cartier love bracelets
    – Cartier rings (includes Cartier engagement rings)
    – Cartier watches
    – Cartier pieces
    – Cartier earrings
    – Cartier bracelets

    Does Cartier buy back jewellery?

    No, Cartier will not buy back any of their jewellery unless it is clearly stated in your receipt (you usually have 30 days to return any Cartier jewellery under warranty). Cartier does not offer any trade-ins, either.

    Does Cartier hold its value?

    Cartier is very good at holding its value because it remains one of the most precious and iconic jewellery brands in the world. Many Cartier jewellery pieces will be worth more than their original sell value as time goes on. 

    Why is Cartier so expensive?

    Cartier’s price tag has king George to thank, for it was he who rewarded Cartier with a Royal Warrant which made them the official seller of jewels for the crown. Cartier’s association with the royal family is arguably the biggest reason for both their success, reputation and price tag.

    What is the most popular Cartier bracelet?

    Cartier’s signature bracelet is their Love Bracelet. Its simplistic design appeals to those who prefer subtle pieces. Love Bracelets are typically made from 18k yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. These are charming, traditional pieces that are instantly recognisable to Cartier fans and admirers.