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Our Unique Private Buying Service

Allows you to avoid all fees and deductions when selling many high-value items including antique bracelets. You can sell your gold jewellery with a completely private transaction using us. Our professional and reliable service speaks for itself, and we promise a smooth and friendly transaction.

Sell Your Antique Bracelets to Burlingtons


Step 1

Send us the details about your jewellery, including age if you have it.

Step 2

If we are interested in your piece, we will contact you to arrange a personal home visit.

Step 3

After inspection we can make a formal offer and if accepted, an immediate payment.

Many people want to sell their antique bracelets, but they struggle to find the best price. At Burlingtons we offer a private buying service that cuts out all fees, which gives you the best price possible. Our relationships with dealers, collectors and interior designers make us well-placed to sell your item, we may also sell online.

Our Customers Say

“What a pleasure to have Daniel come to our home! He is very knowledgeable, honest and charming. He paid good prices for silver and jewellery, with none of the hassle and expenses of selling at auction.”

Gillian Swinburn


Why Sell To Us?

We are a highly reputable buying service and occupy an esteemed position in the antique trade. If you have any antique bracelets for sale you can easily book a valuation at a convenient time by contacting one of our friendly team, simply get in touch with us to learn more.

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We buy directly from you. Burlingtons provides a unique private buying service throughout the UK and we commit to providing an honest, reliable and friendly service. You will feel comfortable and assured throughout every stage of selling your items, from initial contact to receiving your immediate payment after accepting our offer.

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Sell Your Antique Bracelets with our Private Buying Service

When you sell your jewellery with us you get the same simple service that you would experience when selling any of the other items that we buy. The smooth and convenient selling experience is a surprise to many people who are used to dealing with unreliable buyers and dealers with other interests at heart. You can get in touch with our exceptional team to book your free valuation now.

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As an industry-leading private buying service, we pride ourselves on presenting a reliable, honest and friendly service. You can begin the process of valuing your antique jewellery today. Book your free estimate by contacting us, one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you further.

Why Choose Us When Selling Your Antique Bracelets?

To put it simply, you are highly unlikely to get a higher price from any other buyer – as we use our industry connections and relationships with dealers and collectors, private buyers and interior designers to deliver direct transactions that avoid all fees.

Along with exceptional valuations and fast cash payments we provide a quality and professional selling experience, so we are the wise choice for a discerning seller looking for a first-class private buying service. 

Our outstanding offers and levels of client service win us a lot of praise. See below for what one particularly happy person has to say about selling with us:

โ€œLet me start by saying I usually never leave reviews. I was very apprehensive about selling my jewellery not knowing who to trust and whether I would be ripped off! I was recommended Burlingtonโ€™s and liked the idea of a home visit. Daniel Ives arrived promptly and instantly made me feel at ease with his very down-to-earth friendly manner. The entire process thereafter was seamless, professional and with due care to my situation. We agreed on monies and the immediate bank transfer was done without any hiccups. I would highly recommend Daniel Ives and Burlington’s a very professional and pleasant experience indeed.โ€

– Sangeeta Bhari

We have developed our services and cemented our stellar reputation in the industry over more than 20 years in the antique trade, so we are an established and trusted choice. 

Feel free to view our about us page for further details on the buying process and the values that guide our exquisite services.

How Much Will I Get For My Antique Bracelets?

We are not only interested in buying antique bracelets or jewellery. We also wish to buy diamond bracelets. Please do not contact us about selling any type of silver jewellery as we do not buy it – we only buy jewellery containing precious metals such as gold or precious stones such as diamonds.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say the precise value that you might expect to be offered by our team without a full valuation. However, it may depend on some of the following important criteria:

  • The spot price of gold
  • Type of gold used in the bracelet, such as white gold or yellow gold
  • Presence of diamonds and other precious stones
  • Age, design era or movement, gold jewellery from certain periods may be less valuable than others

If you have any antique bracelets with art deco or art nouveau designs they can be highly desirable to the right dealer or collector, so we are interested in unique or unusual pieces that are currently popular in the market. 

Take a look at our current stock for a better idea of the type of jewellery we want to buy.

Book a Valuation and Sell Your Antique Bracelets Today

You will always get the best price when using our services, as we help you to avoid all auction fees. We also guarantee immediate cash payments. Our team provides a friendly and professional buying service, which delivers a high standard and is an industry-leading selling experience for our clients.
We have the skills, experience and industry knowledge to deliver the best results. Our free, no-obligation valuations will allow you to sell your antique bracelets at the highest price and give you a direct, private transaction. Please feel free to get in touch with us and book your valuation today.