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Sell Gold Rings For The Highest Cash Price With Immediate Payment

Using our service to sell your gold rings or other gold jewellery will make sure that you get the highest achievable price. There is no possibility of fees when you use our service as we buy directly from you.

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The best place to exchange your valuables for their true price is with us, because we will always offer our London customers one hundred percent of every valuation we provide, with immediate payment and no hidden fees attached.

Sell gold rings

Selling Your Gold Rings to Burlingtons

Our direct buying service ensures that you never have any fees and always receive the full value of your gold rings.

By using this model of direct buying you can gain the following advantages:

Avoid intermediaries and get the highest cash price possible.

Get a free and private valuation in your home.

Receive an immediate cash payment for your gold rings.

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Our Valuations

If you are ready to sell gold rings or other gold jewellery, diamonds, gemstones and other precious stones, please feel free to contact us for your free valuation. We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible, which can be as little as 24 hours.

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Why Choose Burlingtons When Selling Your Gold Rings

We have over 20 years of experience in the antique trade and will provide a professional, friendly and honest service throughout the buying process. You will always get a comfortable and efficient service that is also ethical and fair.

Whether you are selling sovereign rings, white gold rings, yellow gold rings, gold rings with diamonds, wedding rings or anything else that we buy, you do not have to worry as you will get the best price possible using our service model.

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Our wonderful working relationships with private collectors and specialist dealers mean that we will exchange any type of jewellery for their true market value, no matter what you may have previously been told as an average.

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We Offer The Best Prices

In addition to the highest achievable price you will receive the following valuable aspects of our service:

Private and free valuations from our precise and experienced experts.

Honest and reliable offers, taking into account market changes and current market trends.

Cash offers, with no hidden or additional fees and commission charges.

Immediate cash payment for the full value of your gold rings or other items.

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Great Reputation

The service we provide is built on a hard-earned reputation for professionalism and reliability. Your selling experience when you decide to sell gold rings with our service will be trustworthy and friendly. The model we use lets you take advantage of our excellent network of colleagues, dealers, collectors and private buyers that we have available to us.

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How The Process Works

We have a very efficient and smooth process that matches the convenience and cost-effective benefits of our business model. The process that you will take part in when you sell gold rings with our private buying service is as follows:

Valuation and appraisal of your items

Once your decision to sell your gold rings for the highest possible price in the UK is made, you will then book a private valuation of your gold rings or any other items you are looking to sell. The valuation will take place in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our friendly and expert appraisers can assess your item quickly and accurately, at the best price possible.

Offer and acceptance of our valuation

We will make an immediate offer for your gold rings. The overall price we provide to you will take into account current market values for precious metals, gemstones and diamonds as well as any current trends within the antiques and jewellery trade. We will also take into account the potential demand from our network of dealers and collectors.

Payment and completion of the sale

Once you decide to accept the reliable offer that we make you for your gold rings, you will be able to receive an immediate cash payment. This part of the service we provide is as fast and efficient as any other stage of the process. With quick payment options, you will receive a full-value payment that is for the full value of your appraisal, with no additional or hidden fees.

How Much Will I Get When I Sell My Gold Rings?

When you sell your gold rings with us you will always get the highest possible price using our service model and industry connections. Rings are paid for in cash, but many things can affect the price of your gold rings.

The value of a sovereign ring, white gold wedding ring, a diamond engagement ring or a gold ring with precious gemstones is difficult to determine without proper examination. The jeweller or designer and the brand considerations of your gold rings may also influence the price.

However, some general prices for types of gold rings we commonly buy include the following:

  • 8k gold: The lower end of the market for gold jewellery, this type of setting will usually have a top value of several hundred pounds.
  • 14k gold: A durable but still affordable option for precious metals, 14k gold rings will generally range from several hundred pounds upwards.
  • White gold: More expensive and desirable, you can easily see white gold wedding or engagement rings which cost several thousand pounds.
  • Diamonds: One of the most valuable precious stones for a gold ring setting, gold rings with diamonds can demand thousands of pounds.

FAQS and Useful Information

The following are some common questions people ask us, along with some further useful information:

Do you sell other types of jewellery?

Yes. We have an interest in buying gold jewellery of various types including necklaces, pendants and earrings. You can view our current stock of jewellery for a better idea of the range of jewellery that we buy.

Can I bring my gold rings to you and then value and sell them?

No. You cannot come to visit us directly and we will value the gold rings or other items that you wish to sell in your own home. You can get the best selling price and an immediate cash payment in complete privacy.

Will I achieve a better price at auction?

No. You will never receive a better price at auction. Auctions charge commissions for every item that you sell, listing fees, insurance fees and even illustration fees. These costs significantly knock down the final net value you take home when selling your items.

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