Sell Gold Jewellery for Exclusive Expertise and Market Prices

Deciding to sell gold jewellery marks a significant, and sometimes poignant, milestone. However, this decision can open the door to extraordinary opportunities, enabling you to finance lavish dreams, be it embarking on an opulent cruise or indulging in an unforgettable adventure.

That’s why our private buying and selling service is designed to take you through the process carefully and with the attention to detail you and your pieces deserve. Here, you’ll find the expertise you need and the fair prices you are looking for – with no obligation to sell if you decide against it.

Book a free valuation with us, anywhere in the UK, and make selling jewellery a comfortable and convenient experience as soon as possible.

Types of Gold Jewellery We Buy

We’re fully prepared to handle and value a wide variety of gold jewellery types, including:

  • Gold necklaces
  • Gold bracelets
  • Gold earrings
  • Gold rings
  • Gold brooches

This allows you to turn your old, unused, or unwanted gold jewellery into something more valuable or useful to you. Whether you’re selling jewellery for sentimental reasons, financial goals, or a combination of both, we’re dedicated to ensuring you receive the true market value all your gold deserves.

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    The benefits of using Burlingtons

    A professional service in the
    comfort of your home

    No fees, commissions
    or hidden charges

    Valuations based on over 20 years experience

    Free no obligation valuations


    We can offer prices
    unachievable at auction

    Selling Gold Jewellery Made Effortless

    Our process is designed to make selling gold jewellery seamless and rewarding:

    Contact Us

    Get in touch online or over the phone and discuss selling your jewellery with us before booking a date and time for your free, in-person valuation.

    Get a Valuation

    Our expert will travel to you, anywhere in the UK, to ensure security. He’ll then conduct a careful valuation resulting in fair, no-obligation market prices.

    Receive Your Payment

    If you choose to accept the offer we make, you’ll be paid instantly via BACS transfer or another payment method of your choice.

    Our Longstanding Professional Service

    We understand that selling your gold jewellery is a significant decision, and you deserve to work with experts who prioritise your interests. Our expert, Daniel, is a seasoned specialist with a deep understanding of gold and its nuances. He brings years of experience in valuing gold of all kinds, from jewellery to bars and bullion. His keen eye and thorough knowledge ensure the valuation process is precise.

    Throughout the valuation itself, Daniel will provide you with honest and clear guidance. He’ll always make sure you have a full understanding of how he arrives at the selling price quoted, for complete transparency at every step.

    Burlingtons Ltd. takes pride in its reputation as a trusted name in the industry. Over the years, we’ve served countless clients, earning their confidence with our integrity and professionalism. Our commitment to providing fair and competitive prices has solidified our standing as a reputable gold buyer and specialist when you’re selling jewellery.

    The Challenges of Selling Gold Jewellery Traditionally

    Traditional methods for selling gold jewellery, like auctions or high-street jewellers, might seem like viable options. However, these routes come with their own set of challenges:

    Limited Control Over Pricing: High-street jewellers often buy at prices lower than the market value. In an auction, prices can be unpredictable, and you might not always get the value your jewellery deserves. This lack of control over pricing can be frustrating.

    Time-Consuming Process: Traditional methods can be time-consuming. You’ll need to spend time researching potential buyers or auction houses, arranging meetings, and waiting for the right buyer to come along. This can be impractical, especially if you have a busy schedule.

    Uncertainty in Outcomes: Auctions can be uncertain, with the final sale price often depending on factors beyond your control, like bidder interest or market conditions that day. 

    Privacy Concerns: When selling jewellery through auctions or high-street jewellers, your personal information and transaction details may not always be handled with the utmost confidentiality. Privacy concerns can be a significant drawback.

    Additional Costs: Traditional methods can come with hidden costs, such as auction fees, commissions, or charges for appraisals. These costs can eat significantly into your final payout.

    Limited Expertise: High-street jewellers might not always have the specialised knowledge required to assess the true value of your gold jewellery accurately. This can result in undervaluation.

    Haggling and Pressure: Negotiating with buyers or auction houses can be stressful. You might feel pressured to accept an offer that doesn’t meet your expectations.

    Funding Adventures from Selling Gold Jewellery

    Whether you’re looking to fund a holiday, save for retirement, or simply have some extra cash on hand, your gold can be the key to achieving those objectives. With one simple selling process, you’ll be creating the means to recognise the ambitions you want to achieve – whether these are long-term plans or fun, memorable occasions and adventures.

    Reviews and Testimonials

    John Powell
    John Powell
    08:10 15 May 24
    Transaction was completed in a thoroughly professional manner. Could not have been easier. Trepidation replaced by complete satisfaction.
    nick sedgwick
    nick sedgwick
    17:14 13 May 24
    Great quick service. Dealt with Daniel really pleased with price and speedy payment.
    Flora Baker
    Flora Baker
    10:59 09 May 24
    What a fantastic company! Like other reviewers, I was a little nervous about a home visit, but Daniel was such a joy to chat to: on email he replied quickly to arrange a visit, and in person he was friendly, polite, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the job. We looked through my various items (including furniture, flatware and jewellery) and he was really forthcoming about why particular items weren't of interest while others were, suggesting also that I kept hold of some items if their personal significance was higher than their value. We itemised everything and the payment transfer went through before he left! All in all such a stellar service – I'd absolutely recommend anyone to contact Daniel with their valuables.

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