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We understand that you may have a strong attachment to your luxury handbag or even an entire collection. However, the financial benefits of selling designer handbags are considerable and readily accessible. Envision enhancing your dream vacation fund or supplementing your budget for a new home extension—all while freeing up space in your wardrobe.

Whether it’s a luxury accessory you’ve treasured for years or an investment piece you’re ready to sell, we’re here to guide you through the process of selling designer handbags with care and over 20 years of expertise. Our specialists can offer a free, no-obligation valuation and meet with you anywhere in the UK.

Handbags We Buy

Chanel Handbags

chanel handbags

Renowned for their timeless elegance and prestigious allure, Chanel handbags are not only fashion statements but also valuable investments. We’re here to help you understand exactly what you can make from the sale of a Chanel handbag. Experience a seamless selling journey with us and receive the best possible return for your sold bags.

Louis Vuitton Handbags

louis vuitton bag

Turn your unworn Louis Vuitton handbags are synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship, and enduring style, making them highly coveted items in the fashion world. With their iconic monogram canvas and impeccable design, Louis Vuitton handbags hold both sentimental and monetary value. We’re here to help you realise this value in full.

Hermès Handbags

hermes handbag

Hermès handbags are symbols of elegance, sophistication, and timeless luxury, renowned for impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite materials. Their iconic designs and prestigious reputation mean they hold both sentimental and significant monetary value that we can help you unlock.

Celine Handbags

celine handbag

Celine handbags are celebrated for their minimalist yet luxurious designs, crafted from premium materials with impeccable attention to detail. With their iconic aesthetic and enduring appeal, Celine handbags hold both sentimental value and substantial market demand. We’re committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible value for them.

Our seamless service ensures you receive money instantly.
Avoid the hassle of an auction by contacting our team.

How to Make Selling Designer Handbags for Fair Prices Effortless

Our approach to valuing designer handbags is tailored to prioritise your convenience and satisfaction. We streamline the process by eliminating intermediaries, allowing direct communication with our dedicated specialist. Rest assured, our expert will always provide a competitive and equitable valuation for your designer handbags.

Reaching Out

Get in touch with us via phone or our user-friendly online platform to begin your journey of selling designer handbags. Share the necessary details, and we’ll schedule an in-person assessment at your convenience, no matter where you are in the UK.

The In-Person Valuation

Our specialist will personally meet with you in the comfort and security of your own home to evaluate your designer handbag, taking into account its market value and overall condition. Based on this comprehensive assessment, we’ll present you with a no-obligation offer.

Receiving Payment

Upon accepting our offer, we ensure prompt payment through methods like an immediate BACS transfer or another preferred option of your choosing. Your satisfaction is paramount to us, so the choice will always be yours and all offers are no-obligation.

Get A Valuation

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    The Challenges Involved in Selling Designer Handbags

    There are several challenges that you may face when looking to sell designer handbags at auction, or even to high-street dealers:

    • Limited Expertise: Auction houses and high-street dealers may not specialise in handbags, resulting in limited expertise and potentially undervalued offers.
    • High Fees: Auction houses often charge significant fees, including seller’s commissions and listing fees, which can significantly reduce the final payout.
    • Lengthy Process: Auctions can be time-consuming, with waiting periods between listing and sale, and there’s no guarantee of a successful sale.
    • Lack of Control: Sellers may have limited control over the selling process, including pricing and timing when working with auction houses or dealers.
    • Lower Offers: High-street dealers may offer lower prices to ensure their profit margins, which may not reflect the true market value of the handbag.

    The benefits of using Burlingtons

    A professional service in the
    comfort of your home

    No fees, commissions
    or hidden charges

    Valuations based on over 20 years experience

    Free no obligation valuations


    We can offer prices
    unachievable at auction

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    The Burlingtons Ltd. Difference

    No matter where you are in the UK, we’ll come to you for the in-person valuation, prioritising your convenience and the safety of your valuables. We’ll also arrange the valuation at a time that suits you best. Daniel will conduct the valuation efficiently to promptly determine an accurate selling price.

    Our Reviews and Testimonials

    Nicola Edwards
    Nicola Edwards
    16:30 12 Jun 24
    Amazing experience.I would 100% recommend Burlingtons.Daniel was very professional Extremely efficient replied quickly to all my enquiries.Arrangements made to meet in Person Daniel is polite a pleasure to deal with.Very sincere gentleman ensuring if items were of a sentimental value it was important I was making the right descion to let certain pieces of jewellery before I let them go.He's definitely a gentleman who likes to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.All items Daniel wished to purchase were itemised prices agreed and a payment was initiated immediately.Brilliant service would recommend you won't regret making the phonecall or sending the email trust me .Thank you once again Daniel.
    John Powell
    John Powell
    08:10 15 May 24
    Transaction was completed in a thoroughly professional manner. Could not have been easier. Trepidation replaced by complete satisfaction.
    nick sedgwick
    nick sedgwick
    17:14 13 May 24
    Great quick service. Dealt with Daniel really pleased with price and speedy payment.

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