Sell Your Gold Sovereign

Sell gold sovereign

Many people struggle to figure out the best way to sell gold sovereign coins. You want the highest possible price and the most convenient service possible.

At Burlingtons, we avoid auction fees and will give you the highest price and most honest, professional service possible.

We are specialists in buying a range of items that can be of a potentially high value. Our expert team has over 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge of market trends. We also have a network of collectors and dealers where we can place your gold sovereign coins.

With the best price and the best service, we are the most sensible option. Contact us to book an obligation-free valuation today – we can provide an immediate cash payment.

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You can start the process of selling your gold sovereign today. Simply get in touch with us to book an appointment for a valuation. One of our friendly and professional team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How The Service Works

Some places where you sell gold sovereign coins are slow and unreliable, but Burlingtonโ€™s private buying service is fast and trustworthy. It is a simple three-step process that works as follows:

  • Book your valuation: Once you decide to sell your gold sovereigns, the best possible way to get the process started is that you need to contact us and book your valuation. Our experts conduct these private valuations using current information on market trends.
  • Accept our offer: We will make a fair and honest offer for your gold sovereign coins and provide it to you with no obligation. Our valuation team understands and respects the need for you to consider the offer carefully.
  • Receive your payment: Once you decide to accept our offer, we will provide an immediate cash payment for the full value of your gold sovereigns and any other items you may wish to sell. There are no auction fees or deductions of any kind.

Our service provides a convenient, fair and hassle-free way to sell gold sovereign coins for the highest possible price in the UK. On top of this, we aim to provide a higher level of service than other buyers.

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You will get a fast, fair valuation and direct private buying services when you sell your gold sovereign coins with Burlingtons. To start the process and receive an immediate payment once you accept our offer, please feel free to contact us.

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Why Sell Your Gold Sovereign With Us?

The main reason to sell with us is that you will get the highest value for your items. You save on auction or other fees and always get the full amount. We have over 20 years of experience in the antique trade and have an excellent reputation.

This experience makes sure our valuations are always precise and follow market changes. Overall we provide a reputable and honest way of selling gold sovereign coins and any other items that we buy.

Our reputation is built upon the satisfaction of our clients – see below for what one of them has to say about trying our service:

โ€œWe would highly recommend dealing with Burlingtons, we received high prices and immediate payment.โ€


Get a valuation

If you want to sell your gold sovereign coins the right way, we are confident our service will exceed expectations.

Prices and What To Expect

There are many things we have to take into account when we value your gold sovereign coins. This includes how many you have and their quality, as well as if there is any collectable value.

We have the following to consider when determining the value of your coins:

  • Type of sovereigns, such as proof or bullion
  • Presence of any imperfections
  • Overall condition
  • Year of production

We have an interest in buying the following types of sovereigns:

  • British sovereigns of historical interest
  • Full sovereigns
  • Half-sovereigns
  • Quarter sovereigns
  • Proof sovereigns

As the market changes, prices go up and down, but collectable coins such as proof sovereigns are always of interest and may vary in value depending on their age and design.

Sell Your Gold Sovereign Coins For The Best Price 

If you are wondering how to sell your gold sovereign coins for the highest price, the only way is to avoid punitive fees, which our unique private buying service lets you do. We provide fair valuations and instant payments.

To sell your gold sovereign coins you should book a valuation as soon as possible. Get in touch today and one of our expert team members will get back to you.

FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some frequently asked questions and further information about gold sovereigns and the service we provide:

What is a proof sovereign?

A proof finish on a coin is the highest standard of minting to produce. The metal dies (the plates that have the designs for the sides of the coin) are very well made to produce a crisp and impressively detailed finish. These dies then strike (or press) the coin. It is a very difficult finish to produce. They are also highly collectable and many come with display boxes and authentication documents.

Is it easy to sell gold sovereigns?

Gold is a precious metal, so any gold has potential value. Using our service, collectors and investors can sell their gold sovereigns easily, as we provide such a smooth and convenient buying service. We sell them easily too. When we get your coins we place them into our network of dealers and collectors or sell them online, and they are overall very popular and collectable.

How much is a gold sovereign worth?

There are many variations in terms of type and design that can affect prices. For example, collectable proof sovereigns can sell for almost twice as much, depending on their finish.

Can I sell other items using Burlingtons?

Yes. We are experts in valuing and buying many kinds of items. These include the following:

For a better idea of the items that we buy, please take a look at our current stock

Can I bring my gold sovereigns to you for a valuation?

No. We operate strictly by appointment only. If you want to sell your gold sovereigns we will come to you. We are a London-based company and operate across the UK. 

Get in touch today for a valuation.