Sell Your Rolex Lady Datejust Watch

While there are many exceptional ladies’ watches, the Rolex Lady Datejust is one example of the types of watches that will be of great value on the open market. If you would like to sell a Lady Datejust you can use our private buying service to make sure you get the best price. We offer an amazingly smooth and professional selling experience for almost any kind of Rolex watch.

We can give you the best prices thanks to our position in the trade, which has allowed us to develop strong relationships with leading dealers and collectors. As a result, we can buy directly from you and offer unique service features that will leave you with the highest sale values.

Get A Valuation

    Our team has over 20 years of experience in buying and selling Rolex watches, as well as many other items. You will become keen to sell once you learn more about our service features, which we’ve listed below:

    • No fees: By cutting out any intermediaries we can help you to avoid all auction fees, commissions and other deductions. You might sell a watch for higher at an auction but with fees cutting into your margins, we are confident that we can make a strong offer. You will also avoid the possibility of getting a watch to auction and it not selling!
    • Immediate payments: As we are buying your Rolex Lady Datejust directly, there are never any unnecessary delays with payments. Auctions take time to complete and can even fall through in some cases, but we will make an instant payment into your bank account once we agree to buy. You will always receive the full cash value of our offer.
    • Free and generous valuations: There are a lot of places that charge just to value your watch, but we offer free, no-obligation valuations that are completely hassle-free. We are confident you will appreciate our valuations, which are based on 20 years in the industry and will be very generous, especially as there are no fees to contend with.

    Whether you have one old Rolex Lady Datejust that you simply no longer wear or have a collection of Lady Datejusts that you do not want, we can help you get the best possible value for your watch when you sell. If you are ready to begin the smooth, easy selling experience, get in touch with us and book your valuation today.

    Burlingtons Ltd have been buying and selling Rolex watches for over 20 years. Our experts are on hand to give you the best evaluation for your watch .

    How Does the Burlingtons Service Work?

    Whether you want to sell a Lady Datejust, a collection of Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet luxury watches, a piece of fine art or even antique furniture, the Burlingtons service works using the same simple process every time. You will be amazed by how quickly and easily you can sell. Our service offers a refreshing take on selling what are often very valuable items.

    While you might have just one Rolex Lady Datejust, several of them, or even an entire collection, the selling process will always work using these simple steps:


    Booking your valuation

    Once a time and date have been agreed, we will visit you at your place of residence to conduct a private valuation.

    Accepting our offer

    Once we have inspected your rolex watch, we will make you an offer.

    Receiving your payment

    You will receive your payment then and there through BACS as this is the fastest form of payment.

    1. Book a valuation: Get in touch with us and we will ask a few questions about your item. After this, we can offer an estimate of what we think your watch might be worth. Assuming you are happy to continue we will arrange a private valuation in the comfort of your home and then come to visit you, at which point we will do a full appraisal.
    2. Accept our offer: After completing the valuation we will give you a fair and generous offer, based on current market prices for your watch, the current price of gold and any other factors. It is entirely obligation-free, but we are confident you will accept. We are always happy to answer questions about how we arrive at our final offer value.
    3. Receive your payment: Once you are happy to accept the offer we will process the payment, which we can do to multiple accounts. You will receive the full payment and we do not leave until the money has arrived in your bank account. After this, we will take your Lady Datejust, any other different Rolex watches, and any other items at all that you wish to sell.

    We are also happy to offer cash payments if you require this, up to a certain value, and will gladly discuss this with you after you get in touch. Are you ready to take the next step and get the money for your Rolex Lady Datejust into your account? Simply get in touch with us to book your valuation now.

    Why Choose Us?

    The main reason to choose us to sell a Lady Datejust is that you will get the highest possible value for your new or used Rolex. However, we also offer several other unique advantages that many clients love about us. We operate with a clear set of company values and strive for an ethical service – something that can be hard to find when you want to sell expensive or precious items.

    Parting with a Lady Datejust is a big thing to do, and we understand clients need a trustworthy buyer. Clients frequently cite the following as reasons for their high levels of satisfaction:

    • Friendliness: Our services are no-pressure and we understand that you might be sensitive about selling a high-value item, such as a Rolex Lady Datejust. So, when you sell with us you will find all interactions pleasant, polite and positive.
    • Reliability: We will follow up with you as soon as we can after you submit your enquiry, which will give you a quick start to the selling process. You can also expect responsive communication, fast, punctual valuations and, of course, quick payment.
    • Honesty: You will find that all of our offer prices stand up to scrutiny, and we are very happy to give you a full rundown of how we arrive at the final value. Our reputation as a trustworthy company in the antique trade is based on many happy transactions.

    You can see exactly how our clients feel in the many testimonials we have on our homepage, which are from people all over the UK who were delighted by their experience with our service. See below for what one very happy person has to say about selling a Rolex watch:

    “Gave me a very fair price for my Rolex watch. I posted it to Daniel special delivery and he paid me promptly on receipt. No fuss or hassle, will have no hesitation in dealing with him again, Absolutely secure and trustworthy.”

    – Rod Newborough

    We have many other positive reviews and ratings on leading independent trade sites such as Nicelocal and Yell, so feel free to browse them for a better idea of the quality service we provide. Many clients rave about their experience with us and return to sell their items again and again.

    Burlingtons Ltd have been buying and selling vintage Rolex watches for over 20 years. Our experts are on hand to give you the best evaluation for your watch.

    How Much Will I Get For My Lady Datejust?

    If you are selling a Rolex Lady Datejust you probably understand why they are so desirable. The feminine bracelet designs and smaller case sizes make it one of the most fantastic luxury ladies’ watches. Rolex primarily makes men’s or unisex watches, so a ladies’ watch can prove quite rare. The Lady Datejust also features many high-value precious metals, such as everose or white gold.

    Collectors love the various references of the Rolex Lady Datejust, so we are likely to give you a high price. However, things that might affect the value we can offer you include:

    • Condition: If your Lady Datejust does not currently work, or has scratches, marks or other imperfections, this can reduce the value we can offer. Most Rolex timepieces can be restored in some way, but badly damaged watches are worth a lot less.
    • Age: Older references of the Lady Datejust are often rarer and harder to find, so age can easily influence the amount we offer. We need to determine a balance between age and condition that is acceptable to dealers and collectors on the open market.
    • Caliber or reference: Part of the reason people love to collect Rolex watches is that they have so much variety. As a result, the precise type of watch you have might be very collectable, or perhaps less desirable on the open market, impacting our offer.

    Understandably, it can be a frustration to not have a precise value figure for your Lady Datejust before you sell. However, when you get in touch with us to book your valuation you will find that we can offer a fairly accurate value price by asking a few questions about the watch.

    Are you looking to sell your Rolex watch? Our offer will be higher than you can achieve at auction.

    Book a Valuation and Sell Your Rolex Lady Datejust

    If you have a Rolex Lady Datejust you no longer wear or you simply do not want, why not consider selling it with us to get the highest possible sale value? We offer prices that you will not be able to achieve at auction, so we are the wise choice when you want the most from selling.

    Many Rolex Lady Datejust models carry a high value and we can help you to sell them at a fair and honest price, with no fees or commissions. Every sale to us is smooth, hassle-free and painless. Get in touch with us and book your valuation today.