Rolex Yacht-Master: What You Need to Know About the Luxury Sports Watch

Rolex watches all have a sense of prestige, but it is fair to say that many models have a foot in the camp of either luxury (gold models of the Datejust spring to mind) or sport (such as the purist sport intentions of the Submariner). However, it is fair to say that the Rolex Yacht-Master straddles both camps equally; it is a high-performance sports watch with a definite sense of luxury.

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    So, it’s a luxurious watch intended for sailing or racing yachts, which is a prestige sport in itself, and you can expect the following features of the various Rolex Yacht-Master references:

    • Variety: Some Rolex watches look very similar through the years, but the Yacht-Master has a very diverse range of customisations. Popular customisations include things like bracelets, clasps or bezel styles, but most importantly the Oyster case – this can vary from functional materials like stainless steel to luxurious gold or platinum.
    • Large sizes: Rolex watches have expanded greatly in size over the years, and as the Yacht-Master has been produced since just the early 1990s, you can expect most men’s references to be quite chunky on the wrist. The Yacht-Master needs sizable bezels, cases and dials to incorporate its sports features, so the size is not only aesthetic.
    • Timing bezels: Perhaps the most important sports function of the Yacht-Master is the bidirectional rotatable bezel, used for timing average lap speed, the distance between buoys and other important markers during a yacht race. The bezels are often quite big and have this distinctive design for visibility during the swells that occur during a race.

    Discover the Yacht-Master’s most important references and explore a little more about what makes them an exciting watch to buy, sell or collect. Although primarily designed for water sports and sailing, the Yacht-Master is a very popular men’s and ladies’ watch for many activities.
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    More About Rolex Yacht-Master References

    The references we discuss here will concern the Rolex Yacht-Master, not the Rolex Yacht-Master II – an updated model released in 2007. People may wear Rolex Yacht-Master references as professional watches for water sports but they may equally use them as watches for more leisurely boating, to harness the spirit of the sailor.

    The following are some of the most unique, interesting or notable Rolex Yacht-Master references. We’ve also provided further information on what makes them great to wear, buy, sell or collect:

    Rolex Yacht-Master ref. 16622

    The Yacht-Master 16622 is a very interesting reference, as it combines platinum and stainless steel materials with the new official Rolex brand name ‘Rolesium’. If you are after a unique watch the 16622 is a fine option, as it is one of only a few Rolesium watches Rolex has ever produced.

    Wearers can expect a 40 mm steel case with a shimmering platinum bezel and dials. One nice thing about the 16622 is that although it uses opulent platinum materials, it is an understated watch with a silvery look. This makes it an excellent option for a subtle appearance, while remaining luxurious.

    Rolex Lady Yacht-Master ref. 169623

    This is a fantastic example of Rolex embracing demand from female sailors, which is perhaps due to sailing being equally popular among both men and women and carrying the same prestige in the Olympics and other games. The notable feature is its smaller 29 mm case size.

    The 169623 is a two-tone steel and yellow gold design, which is what Rolex calls ‘Rolesor’, and suits sporting ladies and those who prefer lounging on a yacht rather than sailing them. It has both white and blue dial varieties and many bracelet customisations, so it’s ripe for personal flair.

    Rolex Yacht-Master ref. 116622

    This is a newer version of the Rolesium 16622, part of the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 range. The main difference is in the bracelet and clasp, which is more robust and better suited for high-octane water sports. The 116622 is probably the best example of the quintessential Yacht-Master watch. 

    You can pull the crown out to stop the second hand and set the time very precisely, so the 116622 is ideal for a competitive edge on the water. But, of course, this watch also features the Rolesium platinum and stainless steel design, so it has sporting and luxurious credentials packed into one.

    Rolex Yacht-Master ref. 268655

    The 268655 is a fantastic unisex option for both men and women who sail, or those who like a luxurious style. The everose gold watch case is very warm and complements masculine and feminine qualities, but it is less sporty and more of a dress watch. The black dial suits all clothing.

    A key feature of the 268655 is its 37 mm case size, making it smaller than many Rolex Yacht-Master references while also being suitable for the wrists of most men and women.  This is all without the watch feeling too cumbersome. These unisex features also make the 268655 a good investment.

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    How to Buy a New or Used Rolex Yacht-Master Watch

    There are many references to choose from, but some have been discontinued since the Yacht-Master’s 1990’s debut. So, this means you may have to reach into the second-hand market if you have a particular model in mind. Whether buying used or new, Rolex Yacht-Master watches can be very expensive indeed, even by Rolex standards, thanks to their high-cost materials.

    You can take a look at the used watches in our current stock to check if there are any older Yacht-Masters available (they are very popular so sell fast), or take a stroll down to your local jewellers. If you are looking for a new Yacht-Master, which is the best option for customisation and fine details, go to an Official Rolex® Retailer – you can find one on the official Rolex website.

    How to Sell a Used Rolex Yacht-Master

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    Buying and Selling Rolex Yacht-Master Watches

    The Yacht-Master is an interesting modern variety of the Rolex brand, designed to be sporty and luxurious at the same time. You can find many references with lots of variations on the second-hand market, and new Yacht-Masters are among the most expensive Rolex watches.
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