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If you own or would like to own a Rolex watch, we would like to talk to you. We buy and sell a wide range of pre-owned Rolex watches, such as antique or vintage Rolex timepieces – including stainless steel and gold varieties.

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Burlingtons Ltd have been buying and selling Rolex watches for over 20 years. Our experts are on hand to give you the best evaluation for your watch .

Rolexes for Men

Rolex watches for men have a timeless appeal. With many special models, movements and editions, there is something to suit all tastes. Whether you are an avid watch enthusiast or a curious newcomer, purchasing a Rolex inspires a passion only the world’s finest timepieces can command. A Rolex watch is a stylish addition for any man, find out more about Rolex watches for men here.

Sell your Rolex

Rolexes for Women

Rolex watches for women combine form with performance and style. Lady’s Rolexes are ideal for collectors and feature colourful feminine designs, which also use the highest quality materials – for an indulgent, luxurious timepiece. Powerful mechanisms housed in beautiful Rolex watch cases give you a refined piece of jewellery. A stylish and elegant watch offers a treasured accessory. Learn more about Rolexes for women here.

Unisex Rolexes

While men’s and lady’s Rolex watches continue to be a standout item in any collection, there are many unisex Rolexes that give an elegant impression alongside peak performance. With the best materials, finest craft and unparalleled attention to detail unisex Rolexes deliver the precision and style synonymous with the brand. Learn more about unisex Rolex watches here.

Burlingtons Ltd have been buying and selling vintage Rolex watches for over 20 years. Our experts are on hand to give you the best evaluation for your watch.

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How the Burlingtons Service Works when Selling Rolex Watches

We are confident you will not get a better price when you sell with our unique service. If you are selling your watch, we believe we are the best place for you to do so – for the following reasons:

  • No auction fees: You never get charged a single penny in fees, insurance, deductions or any kind of unnecessary costs with us. We offer you a direct, private buying service.
  • Free valuations: We will be quite happy to value your items for free, which is great if you are unsure about selling your Rolex watch or do not know the value of your items.
  • Instant payments: Our valuation is thorough, quick, and takes place in your home at a convenient time – we also offer instant cash payments in full after you accept.

Our unique, direct and completely private buying service is an extremely simple and refreshing way to sell all of the items that we buy. All valuations are also obligation-free, so book yours today.

Rolex Advice

Buying and owning a Rolex puts you into an exclusive club. Many things the regular watch wearer will do are different when it comes to the prestigious Rolex brand, so buying your Rolex watch will come with many points of discussion. From simple daily care to the best time to sell, owning a Rolex is an important investment with many careful steps. Find the best Rolex advice here.

Our team are experts in all kinds of luxury watches, with an invested interest in buying. We also often sell the following Rolex models of various movements:

  • Air King, a classic watch originally designed for the Royal Air Force
  • Datejust, the watch that introduced the inclusion of a date display 
  • Day-Date, the first watch ever to include a day and date in full
  • Daytona, a chronograph sports watch designed for racing
  • Explorer, and Explorer II – specialist adventurer and mountaineering watches
  • GMT Master, and Master II – designed for pilots, with 24-hour dials and can also be used as a compass 
  • Milgauss, Rolex’s ‘scientist watch’ with a 48-hour power reserve
  • Oyster Perpetual, one of the oldest models from 1926, which features the classic Oyster case and bracelet
  • Sea Dweller, designed for sea exploration and scuba diving at depth
  • Submariner, made for snorkelers, shore scuba divers and shallow water swimmers
  • Yacht-Master, a newer model and lifestyle watch designed for yacht racing

Rolex watches are crafted from the finest materials, so even second-hand Rolex models can hold considerable value – certain vintage watches can even surpass their original sale price. You can look at our current stock to buy a Rolex watch or get in touch to book a valuation to sell.

How the Burlingtons Service Works when Buying Rolex Watches

We buy and sell all sorts of modern, vintage and antique Rolex watches. Available watches vary. When you want to buy a Rolex watch we are an excellent seller for the following reasons:

  • Guaranteed genuine, high-quality items: We assess the quality of the materials, look at the condition and check the registration number – for a guaranteed genuine Rolex.
  • Options for different price points: We have diverse and regularly-updated stock. Our team can also help to find the watch that best suits your budget, taste and lifestyle.
  • Information and advice: We are experts on Rolex watches. You will have the chance to ask about the history of the watch, the best advice for holding value, and care tips.

The Rolex watches we sell are part of an ever-changing stock and new watches sometimes leave us quickly. Contact us to make sure you get the right watch before it goes to another buyer.

Are you wishing to sell your Rolex watch? Our offer will be higher than you can achieve at auction.

Why Choose Us to Buy or Sell Your Rolex Watch

When you sell a Rolex with us you will get the best possible price, and when you buy a Rolex with us you will get a superb item – guaranteed authentic and original. For these crucial reasons, we are the wise choice for any discerning and prudent buyer or seller of Rolex watches.

We also operate with values of professionalism, honesty and friendliness – something that can be difficult to find when you are ready to part with or purchase high-value items. This refreshing approach gives us many excellent reviews from happy clients, see what one person says below:

“I have just sold my Rolex Submariner to Daniel. He gave me a very fair price and the transaction was flawless. He travelled over 90 miles to be with me and was spot on time too! A real honourable gentleman and I would not hesitate to deal with him again.”

– Pelham Temple

Our service is built on over 20 years of experience and relies on the trust of our position in the trade. With relationships with dealers, collectors, interior designers and private buyers, we can sell your item within our network and look out for a new potential Rolex buying opportunity too.

How Much Will I Get When I Sell My Rolex or How Much Will I Pay to Buy?

Rolex watches are an expensive item. Determining the costs of your Rolex is a difficult balancing act, but we will usually take the following into account when finding prices to sell or buy a Rolex:

  • Model and movement
  • Overall condition
  • Materials, such as gold or precious stones
  • Unique points of interest, such as previous owners, model history and more

We cannot offer a price beforehand. The best way to get a clear view on pricing if you want to buy a Rolex watch is to see our current stock or to book a valuation with us if you want to sell.

Buy and Sell Rolex Watches with Burlingtons

Whether you are buying or selling, you will always get the best price from our amazing service. We are a highly-trusted buyer and seller of many high-quality, genuine modern, vintage or antique Rolex models, most notably the following:

We are confident you will experience a smooth, efficient and pleasant service – whether you are buying or selling a Rolex or another item. Please feel free to get in touch with us to book your valuation today or if you have any further questions about buying or selling a Rolex watch.

FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some common questions about Rolex watches, buying or selling them and the service we provide:

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions and to learn more.