The Cartier Roadster: Noting and Valuing an Automotive-Inspired Classic

The Cartier Roadster is a distinctively styled luxury watch that pays homage to the world of classic sports cars and racing. This timepiece embodies the spirit of the open road, combining elements of high-performance automobiles with the elegance and precision that Cartier is renowned for. It’s also been highly sought after since Cartier ceased the watch’s production in 2012.

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About the Cartier Roadster

The Cartier Roadster was introduced in 2001 and quickly gained recognition for its unique design elements. This watch draws inspiration from the era of classic sports cars, where the winding roads and adventurous spirit prevailed. It’s a tribute to the sleek curves, smooth lines, and timeless design of those iconic automobiles.


One of the most striking features of the Cartier Roadster is its tonneau-shaped case, which resembles the profile of a sports car. The case’s smooth, polished curves seamlessly blend with the bracelet or strap, creating a harmonious and ergonomic design. The dial, available in various styles, complements the watch’s overall aesthetics with a blend of classic and modern elements.

One of the standout design elements is the magnified date window located at the 3 o’clock position. It is reminiscent of a dashboard gauge in a sports car, adding a touch of automotive flair to the watch. The bold Roman numeral hour markers and sword-shaped hands are classic Cartier design elements that enhance the watch’s readability.

The Cartier Roadster is available in different sizes and materials, including stainless steel, two-tone steel and gold, and solid gold options. This variety allows collectors to choose a model that best suits their personal style and preferences.

Precision in Movements

Beyond its captivating design, the Cartier Roadster boasts impeccable horological craftsmanship. It is powered by a high-precision Swiss quartz or automatic movement, depending on the model. The automatic movements used in the Roadster are often based on renowned calibres, ensuring accurate timekeeping.


After it was introduced the Roadster quickly grew in the estimations of enthusiasts and aficionados, thanks to its unique blend of sportiness and elegance. Its link to history through its homage to classic cars has since solidified its status as an iconic Cartier collection.

One of the other reasons behind the Roadster’s enduring popularity, even though new models are no longer being made, is its versatility. While it embraces its sporty heritage, the Roadster is equally at home in formal settings. The watch seamlessly transitions from casual outings to black-tie events, making it a versatile choice for those who appreciate both style and substance.


There have been many different but equally refined models of the Cartier Roadster. A couple of the most notable of these are:

Cartier Roadster XL Chronograph: This model takes the sporty essence of the Roadster to the next level with additional chronograph functions. It’s a favourite among those who seek precision timing along with timeless style.

Cartier Roadster Automatic: Featuring Cartier’s reliable automatic movement, this model is a classic representation of the Roadster collection. Its understated elegance makes it a favourite among watch enthusiasts.

Our Conclusion

The Cartier Roadster is more than just a luxury timepiece; it’s a symbol of automotive excellence and timeless design. Its blend of sporty aesthetics and classic elegance has made it a favourite among watch enthusiasts and collectors. Whether you’re drawn to its unique design or appreciate its horological craftsmanship, the Roadster is a classic Cartier collection that continues to inspire and captivate.

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January 9, 2024

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