Selling Gold Jewellery for Cash

Sell gold jewellery

Selling gold jewellery for the highest cash price achievable with Burlingtons.

We offer the most efficient way to get the highest price possible when selling your old, unwanted or unused gold jewellery. Our private buying service means you avoid all fees and commissions, so you will get a better price than you will when using an auction.

Sell Your Gold Jewellery To Us

    We have an interest in buying high-quality and antique gold jewellery in many forms and will always offer you the best price possible. If you are ready to start the process of selling gold jewellery or other items then please feel free to contact us to book your free, private and no-obligation valuation.

    Types of Jewellery You Can Sell

    The unique aspect of the Burlingtons private buying service is that you can take advantage of our extensive network of dealers, collectors and other antique trade experts. We frequently find the perfect buyer for old gold jewellery, which can make the valuation we provide even higher.

    Selling gold jewellery

    The types of jewellery that you can sell to us include the following:

    • Gold necklaces
    • Gold rings
    • Gold earrings
    • Gold brooches
    • Gold pendants
    • Gold bracelets
    • Gold jewellery sets
    • Gold jewellery with precious stones

    Why Choose Us For Selling Gold Jewellery?

    The primary reason to choose us when selling gold jewellery is that you will get the highest price possible. Our reputation is built on trust and we have a great many happy customers. See our testimonial below:

    “My daughter and I decided to contact Burlingtons recently, we had lots of unwanted items of jewellery, we were pleasantly surprised with the prices we were paid and how quick and simple the whole process was.”


    Many less reputable companies encourage you to send jewellery in via an envelope and will provide a tentative price before they even receive your jewellery. This poorly functioning business model leads to disappointing, lower-than-expected final payments and is also very inefficient in terms of time.

    Sell gold jewellery

    Our model avoids delays and makes sure that you get the best price every time, no matter what you are selling to us. When you use our private buying services to sell your old, unwanted or unused gold jewellery you will receive the following:

    • An in-person free and private valuation in the comfort of your own home with no obligation.
    • The highest offer possible, taking into account the current market price of gold and market trends as well as demand from our network of industry connections.
    • Flexible, hassle-free and immediate cash payment for the full value of your gold jewellery with zero fees, commissions or other administrative costs.

    When you need to sell gold jewellery, even broken jewellery or scrap gold, that is unused and unwanted, you want to make sure you are dealing with experts who know the true worth of your items. We have over 20 years of experience and have a precise and extensive knowledge of the huge range of items that we buy.

    Our experts are friendly and professional, you will always receive a reliable and honest service throughout every step of selling gold jewellery and any other items with Burlingtons.

    How Does the Process Work When Selling Your Gold Jewellery?

    Our efficient and inventive model of selling gold jewellery will make sure that you always get the best price, which is a major advantage, and the process is extremely simple.

    When selling your new, old, unused or unwanted gold jewellery, or any other items for that matter, the process is very simple and works like this:

    Step 1: Valuation and appraisal

    We conduct thorough valuations in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You will receive a professional and friendly service from an expert, who will be able to quickly and accurately assess your gold jewellery and determine how much it is worth.

    Step 2: Offer confirmation and acceptance

    One the valuation is complete, our expert appraisers will provide you with a precise offer, and can explain the reasons for the valuation and what affects the final sale price should you require. You are under no obligation to accept the offer, but we hope you do as our offers are always reliable and honest.

    Step 3: Immediate payment and transaction completion

    After you decide to sell your gold jewellery for the valuation price that we provide to you, we will then present you with an immediate cash payment. You will always receive the full amount of our valuation, and there are zero deductions or any kind of transaction fees.

    How Much Will I Get For My Gold Jewellery?

    When you need to sell gold jewellery, it is natural to be curious how much you will get for it before you even have a valuation. You will probably want to know how much your gold jewellery is worth, but it can be tricky to determine this without proper valuation. This is because there is so much variation in gold jewellery.

    For example, a 22ct gold wedding ring has a very different value to a broken gold necklace or a piece of gold scrap. However, to get an idea of how much your gold jewellery might be worth, please note the following considerations:

    • Quality and type: More valuable types of gold such as white gold and 22ct gold are worth more than other types, such as 9ct gold or gold jewellery that has damage or is broken.
    • Amount and weight: When selling broken jewellery or scrap gold, in particular, we will need to assess the amount that you have, and the weight of the scrap gold that you want to sell.
    • Additions and features: Gold jewellery with precious stones such as gemstones or diamonds will have a higher value than a plain gold setting, and this can greatly affect the price you can achieve.

    Selling old and unwanted jewellery is worth doing but only when you get the best price. While we can guarantee that we will give you the best price possible when using our service, the best way to determine the true value of your items is to book a valuation with us. We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

    FAQs and Useful Information

    The following are some more details on using our private buying service when selling your gold jewellery and a few frequently asked questions.

    Do you buy other types of jewellery?

    No. We only buy gold jewellery, diamonds and precious stones. We do not buy silver jewellery. However, we will buy scrap silver.

    Can I come to your location for a valuation?

    No. Although we are a London-based company, we work across the UK and will provide valuations in your home. We operate strictly by appointment only.

    What other items do you buy?

    If you have other items aside from gold jewellery to sell, we may have an interest in buying them. High-value items that we buy include:

    • Watches
    • Silverware
    • Bronzes and sculptures
    • Antique furniture
    • Fine art
    • Oriental antiques
    • Other high-value items

    For a clear idea of the items that we buy, please feel free to browse our current stock.

    Contact us today to book a valuation.

    November 9, 2020

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