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Since its launch in 1999, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 collection has been the epitome of timeless appeal and tasteful sophistication. This ladies’ watch is sought after for its classic charm, its stylish material selection, and the complications that label these watches “the” watch for the young and active modern woman. 

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The Patek Philippe Twenty-4: Highlighting Feminine Elegance

Launched in 1999, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 collection was designed with the modern, dynamic woman in mind. Its name, “Twenty-4,” reflects its versatility, intended to accompany a woman throughout all hours of her day, from morning to night.

The collection remains a staple almost twenty-five years after it was first introduced, representing the brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity. It also stands out as a shining example of a watch dedicated primarily to female watch enthusiasts.


At the heart of the Twenty-4 collection lies a commitment to design excellence. These watches are characterised by their distinctly refined aesthetics, with older models featuring a rectangular case shape with gently rounded corners. The case design harmoniously balances classic and contemporary elements, making it a timeless accessory that transcends fashion trends.

The dials of the Twenty-4 watches are a canvas of exquisite artistry. Often adorned with diamond hour markers, these dials are a testament to Patek Philippe’s dedication to detail. Each diamond is carefully selected and set by master jewellers to ensure perfection. The choice of materials for the dials varies, from simple elegance with sunburst patterns to the opulence of precious metals and gemstone embellishments.

The case and bracelet options within the collection are equally diverse. Whether in stainless steel, rose gold, or white gold, every piece is meticulously crafted to achieve the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. The bracelet styles range from the iconic brick-link design to more contemporary interpretations.

The Patek Philippe Twenty-4 collection offers a range of sizes to cater to diverse preferences. While the original models featured a case size of 25.1 mm by 30 mm, the collection has expanded to include larger options to suit contemporary tastes. This inclusivity ensures that women with varying wrist sizes can find the perfect fit.

A hallmark of the Twenty-4 collection is the use of diamonds and gemstones to accentuate its elegance. The collection offers models with varying degrees of gemstone embellishments. From modestly adorned dials with diamond hour markers to fully diamond-set cases and bracelets, there is a Twenty-4 watch for every level of opulence.

Movements and Features

The Patek Philippe Twenty-4 watches are not just about style; they are also equipped with precision movements. While some models feature quartz movements, known for their accuracy and low maintenance, others are powered by mechanical self-winding movements, which are revered for their craftsmanship and intricacy. These movements are all expertly manufactured by Patek Philippe’s master watchmakers, ensuring that each timepiece is not just a beautiful accessory but also a reliable timekeeping instrument.

Where to Wear It

Thoughtfully crafted as a dedication to the dynamic lives of its wearers, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 epitomises both feminine elegance and power. Made to pair perfectly with businesswear, evening wear, or casual dress, this entire collection demonstrates the watchmaker’s commitment to seamlessly blending style and practicality.

The collection includes both casual and dress models, ensuring that every woman can find a watch that suits her style. The versatility of the Twenty-4 collection is one of its defining features, so whether you want a watch to wear daily to the office or one that complements evening attire, these timepieces effortlessly transition between different occasions. 

Our Conclusion

The Patek Philippe Twenty-4 collection is a celebration of femininity, elegance, and versatility. These watches are more than just timepieces; they are expressions of style and individuality. With a commitment to design excellence, a range of sizes and styles, and a dedication to craftsmanship, Patek Philippe has created an icon that transcends generations. A Patek Philippe Twenty-4 watch is more than an accessory; it’s a testament to enduring beauty and the art of timekeeping.

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December 20, 2023

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