Sell Antique Pocket Watches for the Best Price

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Our private buying service makes us the best place to sell antique pocket watches of many kinds. We offer immediate cash payments for pocket watches, including gold pocket watches, full hunter pocket watches and open face pocket watches. Burlingtons is the best solution for selling at the highest price.

As pocket watch buyers we will make sure that you get the best price possible by selling your watches within our network of private dealers and collectors. It is a direct transaction that avoids all fees and intermediaries, giving us a unique service and making us the best place to sell.

We are industry-leading experts in buying and selling many high-value items. You can book a free and private valuation in your own home and we can make a no-obligation offer. Contact us today to book and sell your antique pocket watches.

Sell Your Antique Pocket Watch To Us

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    How the Burlingtons Service Works

    We buy many items, and the service works in the same way with all of them. It is a very simple 3 step process that goes as follows:

    1. Book a valuation: You can book a free valuation with one of our experts. They will thoroughly appraise your antique pocket watches and determine a fair market value using their industry knowledge and familiarity with current market trends.
    2. Accept our offer: We will give you a generous and fair offer for your items, which is most likely the highest you will receive as there are no additional deductions. We can explain the reasons for our valuations, and there is no obligation to accept.
    3. Receive your payment: One of the perks of our service, unlike our competitors, is that we provide immediate cash payments. Once you accept our offer we can offer payment for the full value of your items. We will then take your pocket watches and complete our transaction.

    The private buying service we provide is a refreshing way to sell your pocket watches for a fair value and avoid any hassle, with zero deductions. 

    Why Choose Us?

    We provide a unique private buying service thanks to our position in the industry, which helps people sell their items for the highest value. Apart from getting the best possible price for your items we also offer an honest and friendly service that is courteous and professional. 

    We are confident you will have a smooth and comfortable transaction, and our levels of service will surpass your expectations. There’s no need to take our word for it, see below for what one of our happy customers has to say:

    β€œI recently sold various items of family silver to Burlingtons, the prices I received were far higher than the auction estimates I had been told by one of the main London auction houses.”


    How Much Will I Get for My Antique Pocket Watch?

    Antique pocket watvh

    When you sell antique pocket watches and other high-value items we buy it is understandable to want an accurate price estimate ahead of time. However, due to the variations in value, it is not possible to do so before our full valuation.

    As leading pocket watch buyers, we can provide an accurate value and an explanation of how we arrive at our price. Types of antique pocket watches we may buy include the following:

    • gold pocket watches
    • open face pocket watches
    • full hunter pocket watches

    Pocket watches are popular among dealers and private collectors, and we may buy other types of antique pocket watch that are notable or of high value.

    The best way to determine how much you will get for your pocket watch is to book your free valuation with us, which is obligation-free. Please note we operate strictly by appointment only from our London offices.

    Sell Your Antique Pocket Watches with Burlingtons

    Our service enables you to get the best value for your antique pocket watches and any other items you wish to sell. We have extensive industry experience that earns us a reliable and trustworthy reputation with all of our clients.

    You can sell your antique pocket watches to us with a convenient and professional service, for the highest possible. Make sure you contact us today to book your free valuation.

    FAQs and Useful Information

    The following are some frequently asked questions about antique pocket watches and the services we provide:

    Can I come to you for a valuation?

    Yes, you can come to our office if you book an appointment. Simply contact us and request an appointment and we’ll get it arranged for you. We are a London-based company but can provide our services throughout the UK.

    How do I sell my antique pocket watch?

    Simply book a valuation, accept our fair offer and then receive your payment. We offer the best price possible with zero fees, so it is the best choice for selling your antique pocket watches and other high-value items.

    How do I know if my pocket watch is valuable?

    A good clue is to look for a gold case. The value of the metal is a key indicator of quality in design. The best pocket watches are sturdy and use dense parts that are very strong, for the best performance and long-lasting quality – so a heavy watch also indicates value. The best way to find out the true value is to have a professional appraise it in detail.

    Get in touch to book your valuation today.

    December 21, 2020

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