How to Sell Antique Diamond Rings for the Best Price

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You can sell antique diamond rings to us for the highest price by using our private buying service. We offer you a free, no-obligation valuation in the comfort and privacy of your home and will then use our network of dealers and collectors to find a buyer – which means you avoid all fees. 

With Burlingtons, you receive the highest possible price for your antique diamond rings with immediate cash payment. Our honest and reliable valuations will beat any price you can achieve at auction, as we remove all intermediaries and you receive the full cash value of your diamond ring.

We are experts in the trade and have over 20 years of experience, which allows us to grow our network with dealers and collectors as well as keep our valuations accurate and reflective of current trends. Contact us today to book a free valuation.

Let Us Give You An Evaluation

    Why Choose Us to Sell Your Antique Diamond Rings?

    Aside from our experience and years in the trade, the fantastic thing about Burlingtons is that we buy directly from you. This means that you will get the best price possible. If you are looking to sell your antique diamond ring you may struggle to find the best price, but our service model delivers the most value.

    You will get the following when you use our service:

    • a free, no-obligation valuation 
    • a fair and reliable offer
    • full and immediate cash payment, with no fees 

    Market forces and current trends are something that we understand and keep up-to-date with regularly, and even influence or contribute to, so you will get the most accurate offer and our direct buying service means you get the highest price. We promise a friendly professional service throughout your experience.

    While we operate in London, we can work with you across many areas of the UK. Our flexibility, direct service, high valuations and professional service means that we have a lot of happy relationships with people selling their items to us.

    A typically happy customer says the following about using our private buying service to sell their items:

    “We would highly recommend dealing with Burlingtons, we received high prices and immediate payment.”


    How Much Will I Get For My Antique Diamond Ring?

    Our service and reputation depend upon the professionalism, honesty and reliability that we give to you. As a result, we promise to always give you the best price possible. At Burlingtons, we pride ourselves on maintaining mutually-beneficial relationships and will also always provide a friendly service.

    However, when you sell antique diamond rings to us you may naturally wonder about what price you will get for it. This is the case for many items that we buy, and many people would like a rough figure before their valuation. Nonetheless, it is difficult to determine the exact amount you will receive as there are so many variations within diamond rings.

    Despite this, some of the most expensive brands of diamond rings include:

    • DeBeers
    • Cartier
    • Tiffany & Co.
    • Harry Winston

    Diamond rings are an interesting item as they vary widely in price depending on the jeweller and the value of the stones they hold. They are commonly engagement rings, which makes them high in value for other reasons such as family tradition or sentiment.

    It can be frustrating not to know the true value of your items when selling your antique diamond rings, but many brands are worth thousands. The best way to determine the value or your antique diamond ring is to book a valuation by contacting us.

    FAQs and Useful Information

    The following are some frequently asked questions about selling your antique diamond rings to us and using our private buying service:

    What will affect the value of your offer for my diamond ring?

    When determining the value of your ring we will consider some key points including the following:

    • Quality of the diamond
    • Precious metals or other stones in the ring
    • Age
    • Overall condition
    • Significance, such as historical note

    It is possible for the details mentioned above to greatly affect the price, so you must contact us for a full valuation and an accurate price.

    Do you buy other types of jewellery?

    Yes, we buy other types of jewellery. We buy high-quality antique pieces of jewellery. Specifically, we buy the following types:

    • Gold jewellery, including yellow gold
    • Diamond jewellery
    • Jewellery with precious stones

    We buy new or antique jewellery so long as it keeps within the above categories. You can take a look at the current stock of jewellery we have available for a more accurate idea of the types of jewellery that we buy.

    Can I come to you to value my antique diamond rings?

    No, you cannot come to visit us with your antique diamond rings or other items. We operate strictly by appointment only and will conduct our valuations in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

    What are the overall benefits of choosing Burlingtons?

    There are so many benefits of selling your antique diamond rings to us. You will get a friendly and professional experience with a great deal of privacy and an efficient final payment. 

    However, you will also get the following overall value from our unique buying service.

    • Completely free and no-obligation valuations
    • Expert service in the comfort of your home
    • Final sale prices impossible to achieve at auction
    • Immediate cash payment
    • Reliable appraisals based on over 20 years’ experience
    • Zero fees, commissions or hidden costs

    Now that you are ready to sell your antique diamond ring or any other item to us make sure that you contact us to book your valuation as soon possible.

    November 9, 2020

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