How Much is My Pocket Watch Worth?

If you are the owner of a single pocket watch, or even if you have collected or inherited a large number of them from someone else, you may have often stopped to wonder how much they would be worth if they were sold, and where to take your items in order to have them valued.

Here at Burlingtons Ltd., we often work with customers who are looking for the best place to sell their old or antique pocket watches for the fairest price, and as specialists in the world of private buying and selling, we are delighted to be able to offer thorough, professional valuations for any timepiece, with all prices paid out kept as close to the item’s true market value as possible.

Get a Professional Valuation for your Pocket Watch

    Valued with Expert Care

    If you have a vintage pocket watch that may have been made by Rolex and you would like proof of this before attempting to sell, or even if you know that your whole collection was made by the American Waltham Watch Company and would like it to achieve a price which reflects this, please contact us today.

    We will ensure that your timepieces are valued with expert care, so that the payment you receive will best reflect the complete value of your sold items.

    Private Buying and Selling Services for Antique Pocket Watches

    Imagine that, in order to sell an antique pocket watch, you have decided to visit an auction house. You have already decided on where to take your item, though this was after a considerable amount of time and deliberation, as each individual venue charges separate fees and commission and some of these charges may be up to forty percent of your pieces’ overall worth. You have accepted that you will have to pay these costs, and know you will need to be patient as it may take months for your cheque to arrive in the post.

    All Brands Valued

    But what if you were to be introduced to a private buying and selling service which could offer you the true market value prices of any piece, immediate payment of one hundred percent of the earnings, and that could remove any hassles or worries on fees such as auction house commission, insurance or photography? 

    These factors are made guarantees when you choose to request our services, and each assists in making us the best place to discover how much your pocket watch is worth, before you sell it for the most reasonable price you will find. We will always offer our customers one hundred percent of every estimate given, with immediate payment and no hidden fees. To ensure maximum security when you sell your antique pocket watch to us, we will even carry out the valuation in your own home.

    We are happy to value pocket watches in any style (including open case, half and full hunter) from any maker, including:

    • Cartier
    • Rolex
    • Jaeger-LeCoultre
    • Smiths
    • The American Waltham Watch Company
    • Hamilton
    • IWC

    Professionally Valuing Your Finely Crafted Pocket Watches

    For a number of pocket watch buyers and collectors, their chosen timepieces may represent an investment just as much as they provide an interesting pastime. Every individual item, from a standard open face gold or silver pocket watch to full hunter case styles crafted by Jean Pierre of Switzerland or Sekonda, will only continue to grow in value. Alongside this, each piece will come with its own specific market price.

    This is why it is important to know how to identify the individual points which will determine the true value of your pocket watch. Our experts know how to identify these with a series of questions, and will consider each carefully when carrying out estimates on any pocket watches we are called to value. These questions are:

    • Is the watch working? Is it in good working order?
    • What is the overall condition of the piece?
    • Who made the watch?
    • How old is the model?
    • How rare is this particular model or style?
    • Are there any complications in the make? (i.e. are they designed with features beyond the simple display of hours, minutes or seconds?)

    Every piece we examine will be valued based on these individual merits, but we will buy pocket watches regardless of their overall condition. However, it must be noted that while we buy all gold pocket watches, we only buy certain silver models and types. To learn more about this, please contact us today.

    Offering Expert Appraisals on Brand Name Pocket Watches

    When looking to find out how much your pocket watch is worth, or attempting to sell an antique pocket watch, you may notice that the offered price increases if there is proof your piece was manufactured by a famous brand name. Fortunately, as a firm staffed by experts and authorities in the fine appraisal of pieces from prestigious watchmakers such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Smiths and the American Waltham Watch Company, we are more than prepared to provide an equitable price based on an accurate valuation of any old or antique pocket watch you show to us.

    For More Information on Selling Exquisite Vintage Pocket Watches

    If you have been searching for the best place to sell antique pocket watches in terms of achieving a fair price for your pieces, preferably keeping them as close to their true market value as possible, get in touch with us in order to book your appraisal today.

    Our service will ensure there are never any concerns about where to go, or how to transport your most precious valuables safely, as our specialists will carry out any and all valuations in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Once the estimates have been given and you have accepted the price, we will offer you an immediate payment that is both one hundred percent of the earnings and equal to the piece’s market value. We never use hidden charges and there will be no additional fees, so you may rest assured that you will not have to pay more once the transaction is complete.

    Contact us by phone or email today and speak to one of our members of staff about your chosen vintage watch, whether it is a half or full hunter pocket watch from Smiths, an open face gold piece from Rolex, or another piece you do not know how to identify. Our experts will be able to discuss setting up your appraisal, and soon you will have received a monetary amount equal to the true value of your pocket watch, without any of the complications that may have been found with auction houses or high street vendors.

    July 31, 2020

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