Rolex Valuation

Rolex Valuation and Private Buying Services

Luxury watches can be a great investment, and when you want to sell your Rolex watch we can provide the best appraisal prices in the UK. When you sell your Rolex with us you will get the benefit of our private buying service, which means you avoid all the unnecessary fees and commissions that you will face at auction.

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    Rolex Valuation

    Sell Your Rolex Watch


    Step 1

    Send us the details about your Rolex watch, including model number if you have it.

    Step 2

    If we are interested in your piece, we will contact you to arrange a personal home visit.

    Step 3

    After inspection, we make you a formal offer and, if accepted, an immediate payment.

    When you sell your watch with us, you will gain the following advantages:

    • Immediate cash payments.
    • Professional Rolex valuations based on 20 years of experience
    • No-obligation appraisals

    You will get the benefit of a direct transaction when you sell new or vintage Rolex watches, and many other luxury watch brands using our private buying service. We offer a professional, honest and reliable experience. Please feel free to get in touch and book your Rolex valuation online today.

    Rolex watches are highly valuable and our team will appraise your watch. To book a valuation of your Rolex watch please feel free to contact us. We will buy your Rolex watch, as well as many other luxury watch brands, and provide the best offer possible.

    Rolex Valuation

    Why Should I Choose Burlingtons To Sell My Rolex?

    Aside from our extensive experience, the key reason to sell your Rolex watch to Burlingtons is that you will get the best price possible in the UK.

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    We buy directly from you and avoid all fees as we use our relationships with dealers and collectors to place your Rolex watch, which means you will receive the full value amount and the highest possible price. Our experts provide honest, reliable and accurate valuations with a professional and friendly approach.

    Rolex Valuation

    How the Burlingtons Service Works

    We offer a very smooth and hassle-free service whether you want to sell a new Rolex, other new or vintage watches or any of the items that we buy. You will get the benefit of our precise watch and jewellery valuation skills, and we have an interest in buying many Rolex models – so you will get the best watch valuation.

    Our private buying service works with the following simple steps:

    • Book a valuation: Simply get in touch and we will provide a private Rolex valuation in the comfort of your own home that is obligation free. We will be happy to value your Rolex watches and any other items you wish to sell.
    • Accept our offer: After a thorough appraisal that assesses the model number, design and part exchange value of any precious metals we will make a fair and generous offer. We are confident you will accept our price.
    • Receive payment: Once you accept our offer you will get an immediate cash payment for the full value of your Rolex watch valuation, with zero fees – something other private buyers are unable to offer.

    We pride ourselves on offering the best selling experience possible, with reliable and dedicated service from antique trade professionals. The Burlingtons private buying service is the best way to sell a new or vintage Rolex watch for the highest possible price. 

    Book your valuation online and get the appraisal process started today.

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    Why Choose Us When Selling Your Rolex?

    The main reason to choose us is that you will get the highest possible Rolex valuation by using our services, and ultimately receive the highest cash price when you sell. Our experienced London-based team operates nationwide and will give you a professional and honest service at all times.

    We understand that it can be difficult to sell with confidence, especially when it comes to expensive items such as luxury watch brands. However, we operate with a set of values that delivers a principled private transaction – so you can sell with absolute confidence that you are getting an honest and fair deal.

    There is no need to take our word for it, we have many delighted clients that are eager to share their positive experiences with us. One satisfied client has the following to say about using our services.

    “I was very apprehensive in relation to your visit today. However, I need not have been. The service was excellent efficient and fair and I would have no hesitation in using you again, indeed we hope to, and recommending you. Thank you for an honest and trustworthy service.”


    You will always get the best prices by choosing us – and coupled with the most pleasant possible selling experience, we are the smart choice.

    One of the refreshing things about Burlingtons private buying service is the directness of the transaction. You will find this an original and novel approach, and the ultimate advantage of the final sale price makes us the sensible choice. We are the best place to sell your Rolex in London, as this is also where our offices are.

    How Much Will I Get for My Rolex Watch?

    It is important to book your Rolex valuation for an accurate appraisal, and we cannot provide a reliable estimate without first examining your items. However, many new and vintage Rolex watches are highly valuable and we can offer some insight into what will affect the prices that we offer.

    Factors we will take into consideration during your Rolex valuation include the following:

    • Design, certain watches such as a Rolex Submariner, Rolex Daytona and certain vintage Rolex models are highly collectable.
    • Overall condition, signs of ageing or damage can influence the final Rolex valuation prices we provide in some cases.
    • Precious metals, while stainless steel Rolex watches are valuable the presence of gold or other precious metals can boost the offer we make.

    We carry out the most thorough appraisals when it comes to Rolex valuation or estimating prices for all other items that we buy. Our team has an astute sense of current market trends and our network of private dealers and collectors means we have access to a wide market, so we are confident we will offer the best price.

    Book a Rolex Valuation and Sell Your Watch

    As leading providers of the most efficient and cost-effective buying services in the trade, we can give you the highest valuation possible for your Rolex watch. You will get the best possible price that matches our impeccable levels of service.

    We work nationwide out of our London offices and will offer appraisals that let you take advantage of our experience and the unique position we have in the trade. Make sure you get in touch today and book your valuation online with us.