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At Burlingtons, we offer a buying service for Tiffany jewellery that is secure, private, and personal. We help you to avoid those extortionate auction fees and completely negate the risk of selling your Tiffany jewellery for less than its worth. 

Whether you’re looking to sell the iconic Tiffany & Co yellow diamond necklace, or another beautiful piece of jewellery from the Tiffany range, we can value your Tiffany jewellery at your home, all at a time that suits you. 

There is absolutely no obligation to accept our offer straight away when looking to sell your old Tiffany jewellery. You are more than welcome to decide against selling once we have completed the valuation process. 

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    Sell Your Tiffany & Co Jewellery to Burlingtons


    Have you been wondering where to sell old Tiffany jewellery in London? Burlingtons is the best option for any high-value jewellery, from Cartier to Rolex, we can value your gorgeous pre-loved jewellery at honest, fair, and highly competitive prices. 

    We have well-established and respected relationships with esteemed dealers and collectors of high-value jewellery that make us the best place to sell Tiffany jewellery in London. We can even sell your Tiffany jewellery online. 

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    “Daniel arranged to come to my home to purchase a watch I was selling. Customer service was exceptional and the process was quick and seamless. Would highly recommend and will use again.”

    – Tom Orford

    Tiffany diamond pendant

    Why Choose Burlingtons to Sell Your Tiffany Jewellery?

    Our team of jewellery buyers have over 20 years of experience in the buying and selling of many kinds of Tiffany jewellery and other high-value jewellery in the UK. From Harry Winston to Bvlgari, Burlingtons offers a personal and highly reliable way of selling your Tiffany & Co jewellery. 

    Why run the risk of going to a jewellery store or an auction, where selling a Tiffany engagement ring, bracelets, or necklaces runs the risk of being greatly undervalued; as well as having to pay high auction fees? The Burlington guarantee ensures that you’ll receive a fair and accurate valuation of whatever you decide to sell – and there is, as always, never any obligation to accept our offer. 

    When you choose to sell Tiffany jewellery with Burlngtons, we will pay you a visit to your home at a time that suits your busy schedule to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Then, our friendly team will complete their valuation of your item. This will lead to us discussing what makes your item valuable, and what leads us to decide on the price we offer you then and there. 

    If you decide to accept our offer, you will receive immediate payment of our quoted amount.

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    You can rest assured that the value of your Tiffany jewellery will align with the market price at the time. We will always work to get you the highest price for your Tiffany jewellery through our experienced and reliable valuation service.

    Arranging Valuation of Your Tiffany & Co Jewellery

    The process of valuing your jewellery is extremely simple in order to keep things as minimally complicated for you as possible. During our visit to your home, we conduct a personal valuation and give you a price for your Tiffany jewellery once we’re finished. If you accept our offer, you’ll receive an immediate cash payment. 

    Here’s how you can book your free valuation:

    • Booking your valuation:
      When looking to book your free valuation, you can either simply complete our valuation form above, give our team a direct call, or email us here. After our first point of contact, you can tell us all a bit more about your piece(s) of Tiffany & Co jewellery and, from there, we can discuss a time that works around your schedule to visit and value the item.
    • Accepting our offer:
      If you’re happy with our valuation when you sell your Tiffany jewellery, we will be able to make you an offer there and then. As previously stated, you are under no obligation to accept this offer and you can walk away from the process with no charge. However, our clients’ reviews testify to our quality, honesty, and accuracy throughout the whole valuation process – something you can guarantee better than any auction.
    • Receiving your payment:
      Within moments of you accepting your offer when you sell your Tiffany jewellery to us, you will receive payment. There are never any deductions in what we quote after we have made your offer to you, as the offer your Tiffany jewellery is valued at by us is what you will receive.

      BACS is our preferred form of payment when you sell Tiffany jewellery, as this is an immediate and secure method of payment to our clients such as yourself. However, if this is not the preferred or appropriate option for you, then we’ll be more than happy to discuss other forms of payment. 

    Now that you fully understand how our buying process works, why not get in touch with Burlingtons to begin selling jewellery from Tiffany & Co?

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    What is Tiffany & Co Jewellery?

    Tiffany & Co is one of the most iconic and widely recognised powerhouses in the fashion industry. Founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany, and with an iconic heritage throughout its history, Tiffany & Co is instantly recognisable nowadays with the iconic Tiffany Blue boxes and the unbelievable 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond necklace which has been donned by just four people since its discovery. The likes of Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Mary Whitehouse, and Audrey Hepburn – who also solidified its place in fashion history.

    What Tiffany & Co Jewellery do you Buy?

    If you’re wondering where to sell used Tiffany jewellery, it’s Burlingtons. We are always excited to hear and view Tiffany & Co jewellery due to its long-standing as an iconic brand since its founding in 1837. These pieces normally carry some real value if genuine. The pieces we buy include, but are not limited to: 

    • Tiffany engagement rings
    • Sterling silver Tiffany pieces
    • Tiffany Diamond rings
    • Tiffany bracelets
    • Tiffany rings
    • Tiffany necklaces
    • And more

    Get in touch with us to book your valuation today.

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