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Burlingtons is the #1 valuation and buying service for antique diamond rings in the UK. With over 20 years of experience buying and selling a wide range of diamond jewellery, from antique cluster rings to brooches and engagement rings, we have the experience to accurately and honestly value your diamond jewellery.

We work with both private clients as well as dealers, collectors and antique professionals. We provide a truly personal, honest and reliable valuation service for all diamond jewellery, modern and antique. To find out how we value and buy your antique diamond rings from you, read our simple process below. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to have your antique diamond rings valued in the UK today.

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    How to Sell Your Antique Diamond Rings


    Our antique diamond ring buying service is designed to make it easy for you to sell your jewellery, knowing full well you’re receiving the best valuation. To begin selling your diamond rings, simply contact us via our contact form or call direct. From here, we can arrange a time and a date to book your valuation.

    Booking your valuation

    Give us a time and a date to attend your property and have your antique diamond rings valued.

    Accepting our offer

    The valuation process is fast and you will receive an offer on the same day.

    Receiving your payment

    Whatever we have valued your antique diamond ring at, you will be paid.

    • Booking your valuation: We pride ourselves on being the most flexible antique diamond ring valuing service in the UK because we offer on-site valuations. This means you give us a time and a date to attend your property and have your antique diamond rings valued in the comfort and privacy of your own home by a trusted and highly experienced valuer. 
    • Accepting our offer: The valuation process is fast and you will receive an offer on the same day. Once you have accepted our offer, you will receive full and immediate payment, with no fees attached. However, if you do not wish to accept our offer, there is no obligation to, and the call-out service is completely free.
    • Receiving your payment: Whatever we have valued your antique diamond ring at, you will be paid. There are no hidden costs or deductions. We prefer to use BACS regarding payment as it’s the fastest and most efficient form. However, if this is not possible for you, we can discuss other payment methods. 

    Now that you understand the way the buying process works you can contact us to book your valuation.

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    You can rest assured that the value of your antique diamond ring will align with the market price of diamonds at the time. We will always work to get you the highest price for your antique diamond rings through our experienced and reliable valuation service.

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    Why Sell Your Antique Diamond Rings Through Burlingtons?

    Our family-run team has a wealth of experience buying and selling all kinds of antique diamond jewellery in the UK. We provide a genuine, honest and accurate valuation of all diamond rings, old and new. Whether you’re looking to sell a diamond cluster ring, an engagement ring or something else, we’re here to value and buy it. 

    We’re dedicated to keeping up with the latest diamond market trends and fluctuations, to ensure our clients always receive the most accurate and up to date prices for their rings. 

    Arguably one of the biggest benefits from selling to Burlingtons is the avoidance of auction fees, which can take up to 40% of the sale price in some cases. There’s always a risk that your antique diamond ring won’t fetch the price you expected at auction; our service alleviates this risk, offering you a no-obligation valuation in the comfort of your own home.

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    “Daniel from Burlington antiques is so professional and easy to deal with, I have used his services twice and would recommend him to anyone thinking of selling high-value goods. He takes all the stress and hassles out of selling by coming to your own house and makes a transfer for the item while you wait. I couldn’t recommend his services more.”


    What Price Will I Get For My Diamond Ring?

    Diamonds, regardless of size or weight, will typically fetch an admirable price. However, the cost of each antique diamond ring will vary depending on multiple factors, such as the size of the diamond, the type of ring it’s crafted on, the period and other variables including the market price at the time of valuation. If your ring also features white gold or another form of precious metal, this will also be taken into account. This is why we do not offer prices or even estimations. 

    To have your cut diamond or antique ring valued, we will have to personally inspect and value it. We also buy and have for sale the following diamond jewellery:

    • Antique diamond rings
    • Modern diamond rings
    • Brooches
    • Bracelets
    • Necklaces
    • Earrings
    • Pendants

    If you’d like to see what kind of jewellery and antique diamond rings we have collected, take a look at our current stock.

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    Get Your Antique Diamond Rings Valued Today

    Get your cut diamonds and antique diamond rings valued today by our trusted and market-accurate valuation service. Complete our contact form here or call us directly to arrange your valuation at a time, date and location that suits you.


    Are antique diamond rings worth more than contemporary diamond rings?

    Not necessarily. Antique diamond rings with some sort of historical significance may be worth more than your standard modern diamond ring, but this is quite rare. In most cases, unless there is something discernible about the antique diamond ring, such as a desirable art deco design,  it will fetch a similar price to a modern diamond ring. It’s also worth noting that antique diamond rings are usually warmer in colour due to their age, which may influence the price.

    Do antique diamond rings hold their value?

    Antique diamond rings will have older cuts that, in some cases, may not maximise the gemstone’s brilliance. Contemporary cuts can achieve a greater aesthetic because of new diamond cutting techniques. In most cases, the better the diamond is cut, the more expensive the ring or jewellery will be.

    How can you tell if my diamond ring is genuine?

    Our experience in buying and selling precious gemstones for over 20 years has allowed us to hone our craft to an extremely high standard. We can tell if a diamond is genuine in seconds by inspecting the gem using a special magnifying glass. All genuine diamonds, when magnified, will have imperfections in them (known as inclusions), this is the telltale sign that the diamond is real and not a fake.

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