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You can sell Rolex Explorer II watches for the highest possible price by using our unique private buying service. The Explorer II is an update to the famous Explorer model, created to celebrate the first recorded conquering of Mount Everest, and was first released in the 1970s. As a result, there are a large number of different models and movements – and we are keen to buy them all.

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    Rolex Explorer II

    When you sell your watch with us you will get the following benefits from our amazing service:

    • Free, no-obligation valuations: We understand that it can be a little bit worrying not knowing what offer you will get for your pre-owned Explorer II, which is why we provide our valuation service completely free of charge and with no obligation to sell.
    • Instant payments: We will give you your payment immediately after you accept our fair and generous offer. We offer several flexible payment options, which will ensure you get the full value of your Rolex Explorer II without any hassle.
    • Zero fees: As we cut out the middle man, there will be no auction fees, commissions or annoying deductions when selling your Rolex Explorer II to us. There are never hidden charges, either. What we offer is what arrives in your account.

    A famous stainless steel Rolex model, the Explorer II is highly-sought after on the second-hand market. All of our services also come with a friendly, professional and honest experience, so you will be pleased throughout each stage of the transaction. Book your valuation with us now.

    Burlingtons Ltd have been buying and selling Rolex watches for over 20 years. Our experts are on hand to give you the best evaluation for your watch .

    How the Burlingtons Service Works

    We love to value and buy Rolex Explorer II models; the water-resistant Oyster case, bright orange 24-hour hands, integral date function and various bracelet styles make it a valuable watch for collectors, dealers and antique watch aficionados.

    You will always get a smooth selling experience with our service, which works as follows:


    Booking your valuation

    Once a time and date have been agreed, we will visit you at your place of residence to conduct a private valuation.

    Accepting our offer

    Once we have inspected your rolex watch, we will make you an offer.

    Receiving your payment

    You will receive your payment then and there through BACS as this is the fastest form of payment.

    • Arrange a valuation: The first step is to arrange a valuation time, which will take place in the comfort and privacy of your home. We will visit you and one of our experts will conduct a thorough appraisal of your Rolex Explorer II watch, and any other items you wish to sell.
    • Accept our offer: Once we have assessed the value of your watch we will make a fair and generous offer, which includes no fees. We are confident that you will accept and we can explain how we have arrived at our final decision should you so desire.
    • Receive your payment: After you accept our offer, we will make a transfer for the full value of your items via BACS. We do not leave with your Rolex Explorer II until the money has arrived in your account. In some cases, we can also offer a cash payment.

    Most new clients are shocked by the speed, professionalism and overall level of service that we provide – not to mention the excellent offer prices. Our valuation team are all experts in the field of luxury watches and will make you a fair offer, so be sure to book your valuation to get started.

    Why Choose Us to Sell Rolex Explorer II Watches

    We offer the chance for you to get the best possible price for your pre-owned Rolex Explorer II, as well as any of the other items that we buy. Apart from the top offer prices, instant payments and very smooth transactions, we also deliver an honest, friendly and professional experience.

    A lot of our clients are caught off-guard by our levels of service, which is important when parting with a high-value item. We get so many positive reviews, see what one person has to say below:

    “I sold my Rolex White Gold Daytona to Daniel. Best price, came to my house to collect, no fuss even though the watch had some scratches (didn’t reduce his offer price) immediate payment. Overall extremely fair and professional. Highly recommend him.”

    – Steve Currie

    Our services are impeccable, and we are sure you will come back to sell any other items you might have in the future. See our homepage for more glowing testimonials from our clients.

    Burlingtons Ltd have been buying and selling vintage Rolex watches for over 20 years. Our experts are on hand to give you the best evaluation for your watch.

    How Much Will I Get for My Rolex Explorer II?

    It is difficult to say precisely how much you will get before you complete your valuation with us. However, we may be able to provide an estimate once you book your appraisal and give us a few key details about the watch.

    The value of the Rolex Explorer II, and other watches, will typically depend on the following criteria:

    • Watch features: There are Explorer IIs with white dials, black dials and variations on the bracelet, such as the Oyster bracelet or a rubber strap. The precise features of your watch will be key to the value, as collectors prize certain characteristics over others.
    • Make and model: The particular model and mechanism of your watch influences the price. Movements like the Explorer II 16570, which has a polar dial or a black dial, use a 3185 or 3186 calibre that is known for its quality – they are often more valuable because of it.
    • Condition: Although small scratches are not usually an issue, more extensive damage on older watches might make the amount we can offer a bit lower. However, you should not worry about the condition much as we are still likely to buy it from you.

    Whatever offer we make for your used Rolex Explorer II, it is likely to be the highest that you can get – you never have any fees to contend with. We are extremely confident that you will get the best price from our completely direct, private buying service.

    Book a Valuation to Sell Rolex Explorer II Watches

    We are the best option if you want to sell Rolex Explorer II watches quickly, conveniently and at the best possible price. You will be sure to keep us in mind when you want to sell other items in the future, and our team is always on hand if you have any questions about what we will buy.

    The Rolex Explorer II is a highly-sought timepiece in the eyes of collectors and we will be delighted to buy yours from you. Get in touch with us today to book your free, no-obligation valuation.

    Are you looking to sell your Rolex watch? Our offer will be higher than you can achieve at auction.

    FAQs and Useful Information

    Here, we’ve answered some common questions about selling Rolex Explorer II watches and the services we provide:

    Please feel free to get in touch with us and book a valuation.