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How to Sell Your Antique Silver Cutlery Sets to Burlingtons

When you have a silver cutlery set or individual pieces of cutlery you want to sell them for the highest possible price. Our private buying services enable you to do this, by cutting out the middle person and avoiding all unnecessary fees. Find out more about how it works and book a day for your free, no-obligation valuation by getting in touch. Our expert will be happy to arrange a date and time for you to sell your silver cutlery in complete comfort.

How to Sell Silver Cutlery to Burlingtons Ltd.

When you choose to sell silver cutlery to us, you’ll find an easy, straightforward service designed to reward you with the fairest market value price.

To begin, simply reach out to us to request an estimate. We’ll assist you in scheduling your appointment, ensuring a private valuation at your convenience, conducted within the familiar surroundings of your home.

Subsequently, our specialist will travel to your location, wherever you are in the UK, to conduct a swift but comprehensive evaluation of your silver cutlery set. Taking into consideration various factors that could influence its value, they’ll present you with a no-obligation offer based on their assessment.

Should you opt to proceed with our offer, we’ll facilitate immediate payment through a straightforward BACS transfer or any other preferred payment method of your choice.

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Where to Sell Silver Cutlery

We make use of our relationships with dealers and collectors to buy your items directly from you. We value your old silver cutlery in your home and then find the perfect buyer for them, from our contacts. This often helps you to receive a more significant sum for what you’re selling, as many in our network are keen to collect the pieces we buy. It’s also competitive in your favour because we will find the buyer who will give you the best price for it.

Get an Expert’s Valuation on your Silver Cutlery

    Why Burlingtons is the Best Place to Sell Silver Cutlery

    Some people sell their silver to the companies that mail you a prepaid envelope, ask you to fill it up and then send you the proceeds. This is not how to get the best deal. This type of selling also carries an element of risk, and the final amount you receive may fluctuate depending on their valuation.

    There is no risk of getting an unfair or lower than expected final sale price for your antique silver cutlery when you choose Burlingtonโ€™s. We will assess every type of item we sell in person in your own home and offer a fair quote. Once you accept this obligation-free valuation you will receive an immediate cash payment for the full amount.

    To deliver the best service, we rely on our experience of 20 years in the antique trade. During this time we have been able to develop a range of long-lasting relationships with collectors, dealers and interior designers.

    We know who wants what type of item, and how much they will be willing to pay. This means we can offer you the highest and most accurate valuation. Other reasons people use our service to sell their silver cutlery include:

    • Knowledgeability and care: We donโ€™t just know a lot about silver cutlery and other antiques, we are passionate about them. We love to find new items and place them with the right dealer or collector. It means your items get the same level of care and attention as you give them.
    • Fee free service: While we gain a small amount of profit from getting your items to the right person, we do not charge commissions or percentage-based fees as auctions do. Many clients are surprised that fees and commission from auctions can reach up to 40% of the sale price of their item.
    • No pressure: If an item does not sell at auction, you still have fees to pay. Our clients receive an obligation-free offer. This part of our service delivers substantial peace of mind to our clients, who just want to sell their items in a predictable, efficient and hassle-free way.

    You will enjoy a satisfying buying service, which is part of our unique philosophy and role within the antique business. We have an enthusiasm that allows us to give you a personal and dependable service, not like the companies that ask for your precious metals and then send you a cheque weeks later for a disappointing amount.

    Why Do People Want Your Silver Cutlery?

    Silver has long had use as cutlery, be it a sterling silver soup spoon, a silver set of fish knives and even a solid silver plate or other flatware – people buy and use these pieces. They will always continue to do so, and it is this reliability that means you will successfully sell your silver cutlery.

    Other desirable attributes of your old silver cutlery, which will help it sell, include the following:

    • Historical significance: Cutlery made of silver often has an extensive past. Antique table knives may be from a famous ship, have had previous ownership in an aristocratic family or other potentially illustrious roots.
    • Prestige: There is an element of subtle luxury and prestige to silver cutlery, perhaps this is why you are thinking of selling or do not use your items regularly. Many buyers desire this prestige and will be keen to buy.
    • Function: A lot of people enjoy antique and high-quality items, but many also want their items to have some type of use. We commonly find buyers keen for functionality. Whether thatโ€™s a watch or a piece of cutlery, a non-decorative core purpose is a good selling point.

    Silver cutlery sets can make a beautifully ornate gift. Perfect for dinner parties and other special occasions, they are functional but also retain their value. It is not just the material of silver that carries value, it is also the design and aesthetic detail many pieces of silver cutlery hold deep within them.

    Sell Silver Cutlery with us for Great Prices and Impeccable Service

    Please don’t hesitate to use a service designed to offer you the fairest prices and the most comfortable and convenient service. Organise your valuation and book an appointment with us today. This will help us get your items to sell efficiently, quickly and at a good price. It’s a buying and selling service you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, with prices to match.

    August 12, 2020

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