Sell Gold in Somerset

Offering in-home valuations and upfront cash offers, our friendly service is the clear choice for those looking to sell gold in Somerset. By working with you in your own home, we aim to offer you a highly competitive price without any of the hassles of working with an auction house. This also means you will not have to pay auction fees or deal with any intermediaries.

Get A Valuation

    Scrap gold

    We are experts in valuing a wide range of items, and even though gold prices can vary for many reasons, you can rest assured that we’ll offer you a competitive market price. Our free assessments are fair, accurate, and conducted by experts, so don’t hesitate to organise yours today.

    Burlingtons Ltd has been buying and selling scrap gold for years. Our prices are adjusted hourly to reflect the current London Gold fix price.

    How We Help You Sell Gold in Somerset

    We buy a large range of high-value items, and can help to ensure that you get a fair, reasonable price for your gold in Somerset. This is the aim of our buying process, which is completed in a series of simple and straightforward steps:

    Booking your valuation

    Once a time and date have been agreed, we will visit you at your place of residence to conduct a private valuation.

    Golden South African Krugerrand Coins

    Accepting our offer

    Once we have inspected your gold, we will make you an offer.

    Receiving your payment

    You will receive your payment then and there through BACS as this is the fastest form of payment.

    • Book your valuation: We will visit your home on a date that suits you best to carry out the valuation. Our team can give you an estimate in advance, which will then be confirmed when the valuation takes place.
    • Accept our offer: We will make a no-obligation offer for your gold or gold items. We will also be glad to explain our reasoning behind the price quoted.
    • Receive payment: Your payment will be instant, either through an instant BACS transfer or through another method of your choosing.

    No matter where you live in Somerset, getting the payment you want and need for your gold items has never been easier. If you are ready to take advantage of this and receive the amount that your gold is actually worth, get in touch with us and book your free valuation today.

    “We would highly recommend dealing with Burlingtons, we received high prices and immediate payment”.


    Why Choose Us to Sell Gold in Somerset?

    We are a leading service for selling gold, both in East and West Somerset and across the UK as a whole. We offer truly competitive prices for gold and other high-value items, consistently beating high-street gold buyers while offering a far easier service. When you accept an offer we can send over payment instantly.

    Our years of experience and trusted name in the trade have also resulted in some wonderful reviews:

    “Daniel was a pleasure to deal with. He made the process so easy and paid the top price for my watch without any haggling. Super service.”

    – David Shute, October 2022

    How Much Will I Get When I Sell Gold in Somerset?

    The types of gold that we buy vary greatly, from scrap gold, bars and bullion, to watches and jewellery. Because of this, we cannot offer a set price on gold before you get in touch and explain what you would like to sell. However, there are some common factors which may influence the price offered in your valuation:

    • The carat, grade, and fineness of the gold
    • The condition and age of the gold (this especially applies to watches and jewellery)
    • The presence of other precious metals, such as silver or platinum
    • The presence of precious stones, such as diamonds
    • Weight and current market prices for gold, which may vary

    We have a network of gold buyers and collectors regularly purchasing pieces from us, which is why we are able to offer such high prices. If you have something particularly unique, we may already have a buyer ready when the time comes for you to sell.

    Book a Valuation and Sell Your Gold

    If you have been wondering where to sell gold in East or West Somerset, look no further than Burlingtons. Between high selling prices, a reliable and professional service, and the convenience of us coming to you, you won’t find a better service.

    We will offer you an accurate price for your items, and many of our customers are happy to return to us when they need to sell more. Contact us today to book your own free, fair valuation to sell your gold in Somerset as soon as possible.