Helping You Sell Gold Coins in Manchester, UK

With a service that provides expert in-home valuations and instant payments, Burlingtons is the clear choice for those looking to sell gold coins in Manchester, UK. Our specialists will work with you in your own home to provide fair payments that give you what your gold is actually worth – without the hassle of working with an auction house.

As you will not be working with an auction house, you will not have to pay auction house-style fees for your coins, either. Instead, you will be paid an accurate and competitive market price.

Get A Valuation

    Scrap gold

    Burlingtons Ltd has been buying and selling scrap gold for years. Our prices are adjusted hourly to reflect the current London Gold fix price.

    How Do I Sell Gold Coins in Manchester?

    We are happy to buy a wide range of high-value items, and can act as a gold buyer for anyone interested Selling gold coins in Manchester is done quickly, easily, and at the fairest possible price through our service. We can help you sell your coins in a series of simple and straightforward steps:

    Booking your valuation

    Once a time and date have been agreed, we will visit you at your place of residence to conduct a private valuation.

    Golden South African Krugerrand Coins

    Accepting our offer

    Once we have inspected your gold, we will make you an offer.

    Receiving your payment

    You will receive your payment then and there through BACS as this is the fastest form of payment.

    • Book a valuation: We will come to your home on a date that suits you best to carry out the valuation. Our team can provide an estimate in advance, which will then be confirmed when we meet.
    • Accepting our offer: We will make a no-obligation offer for your gold coins, and will be happy to explain our reasoning behind the price quoted.
    • Receive your payment: This payment will be made instantly, either through a BACS transfer or through another method of your choosing.

    If you are ready to take advantage of this and receive the amount your gold coins are actually worth, get in touch with us. Valuations are free, so there is no need to worry about what it will cost to use our service.

    “We would highly recommend dealing with Burlingtons, we received high prices and immediate payment”.


    Why Choose Us as Your Gold Coin Buyers in Manchester?

    We pride ourselves on the service we provide as gold buyers in Manchester, as well as across the UK as a whole. When you need us to work with you as gold coin dealers, you will find that we offer truly competitive prices and services that consistently beat out high street shops and “sell gold for cash” services. Once you have accepted our offer, the payment is instant.

    Our years of experience in the trade have even resulted in customers leaving wonderful reviews:

    ““I contacted Burlingtons on the strength of these 5 star reviews. A meeting with Daniel ‘at my home in Leicester’ was arranged, where Daniel arrived within the time he had estimated. Daniel was well-mannered, friendly, and very professional. He was clear and honest on what items were of value and on the items he was interested in. A price was agreed and an immediate money transferred was made into my bank account. A very helpful and professional five star service.”

     – Alan Rowe, January 2023

    To read more of our testimonials, please see our homepage.

    Other Gold Items We Buy

    As we act in a similar capacity to gold dealers in Manchester, we are also able to offer high selling prices for:

    • Gold bars
    • Gold bullion
    • Gold jewellery
    • Gold watches and gold pocket watches
    • Scrap gold
    • All other types of gold

    How Much Will I Get for Gold Coins in Manchester?

    All gold items are intrinsically valuable, but the price of gold is not fixed. We cannot offer a set price on your gold coins before we see them, as there are many variables involved in determining their worth. This includes a set of common factors that are used to put a price on other types of gold as well:

    Golden American Eagle One Ounce Coin
    • The weight of the gold
    • The carat, grade, and fineness of the gold
    • The condition and age of the coin
    • The current market price for gold, which may vary

    We already have a network of dealers and collectors regularly buying gold pieces from us, including coins, and this is why we are able to offer such high prices. If you have something unique or a particularly rare coin to sell, we may already have a buyer waiting for it.

    Sell Gold Coins for a Fair Price

    If you are based in the Manchester area and you’re interested in selling one or more gold coins, Burlingtons has the service you need. Between our high, fair selling prices, knowledgeable and trustworthy experts, and the convenience of us coming to you, you will not find a better or easier way to sell the items you no longer wish to keep.

    We aim to offer the most accurate prices for the items that we buy, and many of our customers are happy to return when they need our services again. Contact us today to book a free, fair valuation and sell gold coins in Manchester, UK, as soon as possible.