Specialist Buying and Selling of Antique Jewellery in Manchester

With free, no-obligation valuations carried out by experts and an easy online service for buying pieces, Burlingtons Ltd.’s private buying and selling service has all you need to buy or sell antique jewellery in Manchester. If you wish to sell, we are able to buy:

  • Gold jewellery (including bracelets, necklaces, and rings)
  • Diamond jewellery, or other pieces of jewellery containing precious stones
  • Antique estate jewellery
  • Vintage jewellery in the Art Nouveau or Art Deco styles (1920s and 1930s styles)
  • Broken pieces, as long as they are gold or contain precious stones

We have years of experience in handling antique and vintage pieces of all kinds and we are well-known and trusted in the trade of high-value items. You will not have to pay commissions or deal with intermediaries, either, as you might expect to do with an auction house. Contact us and start the process of buying or selling jewellery in Manchester today.

Get A Valuation

    How Much Will You Get for Antique Jewellery?

    Putting a price on any one piece of jewellery before a valuation is carried out isn’t possible. However, there are factors that usually help to determine what different pieces of jewellery are worth:

    • Trends in market value for precious stones (like diamonds or rubies)
    • Trends in market value for precious metals (like gold, silver, or platinum)
    • The age of the piece or pieces
    • The condition of the piece or pieces (damaged or broken pieces are likely to be worth less)
    • Current popular designs and styles in the antique trade (Art Deco and Art Nouveau pieces, for instance, are often sought after by collectors)

    Burlingtons Ltd has been buying and selling Jewellery for years. Our prices are adjusted hourly to reflect the current London Gold fix price.

    Our Process for Buying Antique Jewellery in Manchester

    We keep our process for buying all fine antique jewellery straightforward:

    Booking your valuation

    When you contact us, we will agree on a date and time for our specialist to come to your property to carry out the valuation. We can also provide an estimate for your pieces, which we will be happy to confirm when we meet.

    Golden South African Krugerrand Coins

    Accepting our offer

    Our offers are all no-obligation. We gladly share our reasoning if you would like more information on the price we’ve quoted.

    Receiving your payment

    All payments are made instantly. This is either done through a BACS transfer or another method of your choosing.

    Branded Antique Jewellery in Manchester

    Our service has its own network of regular buyers and collectors across the UK, and many of these will be interested in purchasing antique and vintage jewellery. This includes pieces from famous brands. If you own jewellery from names such as Tiffany & Co. or Boucheron, then we can value these as easily as we would more modern pieces. We can then offer them to a buyer.

    Buying and Selling Watches in Manchester

    If you are interested in jewellery, perhaps you are interested in watches as well? Our service has just as much experience with the buying and selling of watches and pocket watches as it does jewellery.

    See examples of watches we buy if you have a Rolex, Cartier, or Patek Phillipe timepiece that you are planning on parting with. Collectors can browse our current stock of watches.

    Why Choose Us?

    We are proud of what we can offer, both in the city of Manchester and across the UK. Our excellent customer service has resulted in a long list of fantastic reviews from customers:

    “Brilliant service. He came to our home exactly when he said he would, agreed a price for our item, and paid straight away. Would highly recommend doing business with Daniel, it was a pleasure.”

    – Susan Allen, February 2023

    Sell Your Antique Jewellery in Manchester

    If you are ready to sell vintage and antique jewellery in Manchester, Burlingtons Ltd. will be there to buy it from you. Our specialist will arrive at your home whenever it suits you best to guide you through the process. Their expertise will ensure that your pieces are valued accurately, resulting in fair prices.

    Naturally, different types of jewellery will be worth different amounts, and this fluctuates over time. But we will always aim to ensure that your pieces are valued correctly. This service is so good, many customers have returned to us over the years to sell more pieces. Contact us today and let us start the process of booking a valuation, so you can sell your pieces for what they are worth.