Sell Your Watch in London for its True Market Value Price

We are a London-based company and provide an accessible and simple private buying service for luxury watch brands. You will receive the highest possible price, as we avoid all auction fees and you will get the entire value of our estimate for your watch. We buy Rolex, Patek Philippe and other brands of luxury watches and offer immediate cash payments – all from one free, no-obligation valuation. Book a time and date for yours with our expert today.

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    Sell your watch in London

    Sell Your Watch to Burlingtons Ltd in London


    Burlingtons Ltd has been buying and selling watches in London for over 20 years. Our experts are on hand to give you the best evaluation for your watch .

    Sell Your Watch in London

    Your watch may have hidden value and may be worth much more than you initially paid for it. If you have a luxury watch collection that you rarely use or do not want, you can sell those watches to us. We will place your item within our network of dealers and collectors. A keen collector may see your piece and even be willing to pay above the selling price for it.

    Our private estimation will take place in your own home for a comfortable private buying experience from expert traders.

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    Sell your IWC watch in London

    You can sell watches of various types to our London buyers, not just luxury brands. We will buy all gold watches, as well as army watches of military significance. To get your private, obligation-free valuation please contact us. One of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

    What Types of Watches Do We Buy?

    We will buy many types of watches, but some luxury watch brands are of particular interest to us – in any case, we provide competitive cash payments.

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    The following types of luxury watch brands will commonly fetch large cash prices: Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Piaget, Jaeger- leCoultre, Audemars Piquet, Longines, Zenith, Tudor, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, all gold watches and all army and military watches.

    What Price Will I Get When I Sell My Watch in London?

    We understand that when you part with your luxury watch you will want a fast cash payment and the best possible value. The incredible power of our service is that you have a direct buying experience, so you avoid all fees and will always get the best price.

    Another perk of our service is that you take advantage of our 20 years of experience and network of dealers and collectors. Our extensive relationships mean we will regularly find the perfect buyer for your watch, and the final cash price will be the maximum anyone is willing to pay for it.

    You are already at an advantage when you sell watches to us as well as any of the other items that we buy. However, several factors will determine the value of the offer that we give you when you sell your luxury watch including:

    • The age of your watch, vintage and antique luxury watches may have a higher value.
    • The materials your watch uses, luxury watches commonly feature gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones that will influence the price.
    • Collectibility and rarity, antique watches are harder to find and will therefore have a higher price.
    • Overall condition, fully-functional and watches free of any damage are more valuable than watches with wear or signs of age.

    When you sell watches with us we will always provide the best price possible, but it is difficult to determine an exact price estimate for your luxury watch as there are so many variables in play. However, the cash payment for many luxury watch brands that we offer can potentially be thousands.

    We buy watches in London

    Our Service and Commitment to Quality

    We buy directly from you. You will not get a higher price when you sell your watch to us. The final cash price that you receive will be completely free of any fees, and we are happy to provide a direct transaction that benefits both parties and avoids third-party fees, commissions or other expenses.

    We understand that your high-value items are precious to you, and we will conduct our appraisal in a considerate, discreet way that takes into account all current market trends and values. You will have a confidential and assured interaction with our experts at every stage.

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    Sell Your Watch in London With Our Private Buying Service

    As we buy so many types of luxury watches, as well as other gold or military watches, we have the expertise and industry connections to guarantee that we make an accurate and fair offer. You can sell your watch in London, and other places, quickly and easily for cash.

    Contact us to book your free, no-obligation valuation and sell your watch in London for what it’s truly worth – instantly.

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    Sell watches in London

    You can sell watches of many kinds to us, the best way to determine if we are looking for your luxury watch for a cash payment is to get in touch with us. However, if you want to sell watches of the various luxury brands that we list here, as well as gold or military watches, we will likely have a great desire to buy from you.