Expert Assistance to Sell Jewellery in Cambridge

Burlingtons has the top professional, private buying service when you want to sell jewellery in Cambridge. Our experts will make the experience as quick and convenient for you as possible, by coming to your location and carrying out a specialist valuation for free. Once you’ve accepted our offer of the fairly-quoted selling price, the payment will be made instantly.

Our services rival those of any auction house, but come without the fees or work with intermediaries that would otherwise make it a hassle. We have been providing these services for over 20 years, and we are well-known and highly trusted in the trade. 

Contact us to book your free valuation and see what we can do for you.

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How We Help You Sell Jewellery in Cambridge

Our process for buying unwanted jewellery is the same, no matter what you wish to sell:

  • Booking a valuation: You will book a valuation on a date and at a time which suits you best, and we will visit you to carry it out. Our staff will also be happy to provide an estimate for your pieces, which will be confirmed when we meet.
  • Accept our offer: We will make a no-obligation offer for your pieces, and can always explain how we have arrived at the figure we have quoted.
  • Receive your payment: You will receive a full, instant cash payment. This will either be made through a simple BACS transfer, or through another method of your choosing. The amount will be for the entire value of the jewellery, with no hidden fees.

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The best place to exchange your valuables for their true price is with us, because we will always offer our Cambridge customers one hundred percent of every valuation we provide, with immediate payment and no hidden fees attached.

Types of Jewellery We Buy

We will carry out every estimate in the security of our

When you need to sell jewellery in Cambridge, we will be happy to buy:

  • All gold jewellery
  • Diamond jewellery
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Bracelets
  • Brooches

All second hand, vintage, and antique jewellery of the types listed above will be considered. If you have older pieces to sell, we may even have a collector who will be interested in buying as soon as possible.

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How Much Will I Get for Jewellery?

We cannot offer a specific price before we carry out a valuation, as there are too many variables involved to come out at one number. However, there are some common factors which normally influence the price of all types of jewellery:

  • Trends in the market value of precious metals (like gold or silver) and precious stones (like diamonds or rubies)
  • The presence of precious metals like gold or silver
  • The presence of precious stones like diamonds or rubies
  • Current design and style trends, if the jewellery is older
  • The age of the jewellery (older pieces may fetch higher selling prices)
  • The condition of the jewellery (broken or damaged pieces may be worth less)

As there are no hidden fees attached to our service, and as you will not be paying the same fees that you would pay at auction, you can expect our prices to be among the highest you will find for your jewellery.

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Our wonderful working relationships with private collectors and specialist dealers mean that we will exchange any type of jewellery for their true market value, no matter what you may have previously been told as an average.

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Why Choose Us?

We are proud of our private buying and selling services, not just in Cambridge but across the UK. This work has even resulted in a long list of fantastic reviews from customers:

“Fantastic experience with Daniel, very kind and considerate – especially as some of our items were from my late mother. He was incredibly kind and considerate and made it very clear what was of interest and what wasn’t, which made it all a lot easier. Would not hesitate to use him again. Prompt payment and a very good price offered.” – Vicky Whitbread, November 2022.

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Sell Jewellery in Cambridge with Expert Help

If you are interested in selling second-hand jewellery in Cambridge, Burlingtons has the service you need. By booking with us, you will soon receive an expert valuation carried out in the comfort of your own home – resulting in the fairest competitive market prices paid for your pieces.
Many of our customers are happy to return to us in the future, so we will be ready to assist with other high-value items if there is anything else you would like to sell. Contact us to sell jewellery in Cambridge today and receive a quote for what your pieces are actually worth from a highly experienced professional.

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