Buy and Sell Antique Jewellery in Birmingham

Whether you are considering selling or buying antique jewellery in Birmingham, Burlingtons is the private service you need to obtain the pieces or cash value you are hoping for.

Buying from us is as easy as browsing our current stock online, while our selling service is just as convenient because our specialist will come to you. All valuations conducted are free, fair, and remove the hassle of working with intermediaries.

You will also be guaranteed a high price for your pieces, as you will not have to pay fees as you would with an auction house. Book a valuation today and sell your precious pieces.

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Selling Antique Jewellery in Birmingham

If we cannot find a buyer for a piece immediately, you may find it available for purchase on our website. Our current stock of jewellery contains a myriad of pieces from across the ages, including vintage and antique pieces that may spark your interest. Browse through our selection and find the perfect piece to buy today.

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The best place to exchange your valuables for their true price is with us, because we will always offer our Birmingham customers one hundred percent of every valuation we provide, with immediate payment and no hidden fees attached.

Types of Antique Jewellery We Buy

We buy a wide range of high-value items, including antique jewellery in a variety of styles from different periods and in different materials. These include gold and platinum jewellery, though we do not accept silver pieces. 

Antique pieces we gladly accept include:

  • Gold jewellery of all kinds (including necklaces, bracelets, and ring designs)
  • Diamond jewellery and other jewellery containing precious stones
  • Antique estate jewellery
  • Vintage jewellery in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles (from the 1920s and 1930s)
  • Broken antique jewellery pieces, as long as they are gold or contain precious stones

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Branded Antique and Vintage Jewellery in Birmingham

We often work with collectors who are interested in buying different types of second-hand jewellery in Birmingham, including branded pieces from famous names. We are very interested in valuing antique jewellery from famous names like Tiffany & Co, Cartier, or Boucheron.

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Our wonderful working relationships with private collectors and specialist dealers mean that we will exchange any type of jewellery for their true market value, no matter what you may have previously been told as an average.

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How Much Will You Get for Antique Jewellery?

Unfortunately, we cannot put a price on any piece of antique or vintage jewellery before valuation. However, there are a few key factors which influence prices:

  • Tends in the market value of precious metals (like gold)
  • Trends in the market value of precious stones (like diamonds or rubies)
  • Current design and style trends in the antique trade (Art Deco jewellery, for instance, is often desirable to collectors)
  • The age of the jewellery (older pieces often fetch higher prices)
  • The condition of the jewellery (broken or damaged pieces are usually worth less)

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Why Choose Us?

We are proud of the services we offer not only in Birmingham, but across the UK as a whole. They’ve even resulted in some fantastic reviews from our customers:

“Fantastic experience. Professional, straight, efficient and Daniel sticks to his word with no nasty last-minute haggling. Highly recommended and would use again in a heartbeat.” – Steven Pardoe, February 2023.

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Get Antique and Vintage Valuations

If you have second-hand vintage or antique jewellery to sell in Birmingham, choose Burlingtons Ltd. Between expert valuations carried out for free in your own home and a full commitment to the highest possible selling prices, it’s hard to find a better service.

Some types of jewellery will be worth more than others, but we will do everything we can to ensure the price quote you receive is one you are happy with. Many of our customers have even returned to use our services again because of this. 

Contact us to book your first valuation today.