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Selling a diamond ring is a decision often intertwined with emotions and aspirations. Yours might have been a symbol of love and commitment, a treasured family heirloom, or even a gift or reward to yourself. We understand that life has presented you with unique circumstances that led you to consider parting with it either way, and we’re here to help make the process as straightforward and rewarding as possible.

Whether you’re looking to turn a new chapter, create lasting memories, or explore exciting financial opportunities, we’re here to support you at every stage. Contact us online or on the phone to book a free valuation and start exploring the possibilities.

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    Our valuation process is centred around your convenience and interests. We eliminate the hassle of intermediaries, ensuring you have a direct line to our dedicated specialist throughout. His expertise ensures that you receive a competitive and fair quote.

    Getting in Touch

    Get in touch with us, either by phone or through our online platform, to start the selling process. Share the necessary information with us, and we’ll arrange a complimentary in-person evaluation, tailored to your schedule, wherever you are in the UK.

    In Person Valuation

    Our specialist will personally visit you to appraise your jewellery, taking into account both market value and the condition of your piece. Following this evaluation, we’ll provide you with a no-obligation offer based on our assessment.

    Instant Payment

    Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll carry out an immediate BACS transfer, or send you the money through another method of your choosing.

    How Much is a Diamond Ring Worth?

    Understanding why your diamond ring holds such significance is the first step in appreciating its true value.

    • Diamond Quality: The heart of any diamond ring is the diamond itself. The quality of the diamond, determined by factors like cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight, plays a pivotal role in its value. A well-cut diamond with exceptional clarity and colour is highly sought after, making it a valuable asset.
    • Craftsmanship and Setting: Beyond the diamond, the craftsmanship of the ring and its setting contribute to its overall worth. Intricate designs, high-quality materials, and exceptional craftsmanship elevate the ring’s value, reflecting the dedication that went into its creation.

    Making Memories or Financial Security

    By selling your diamond ring, you gain access to funds that can be channelled into investments that hold the promise of creating lasting memories or securing your financial future. Consider the possibilities that await when you redirect the funds obtained from selling your diamond ring:

    • Dream Holidays: Picture yourself exploring exotic destinations, embarking on a luxury cruise, or enjoying an unforgettable adventure with loved ones. The proceeds from your diamond ring sale can turn these dreams into a reality.
    • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Have you ever thought of starting your own business? The capital from selling your diamond ring can serve as the foundation for your entrepreneurial journey, allowing you to pursue your passion and build a thriving enterprise.
    • Financial Security: Building a financial safety net is a paramount goal for many. The funds from your diamond ring sale can be invested wisely, creating an extra nest egg for retirement, funding your children’s education, or providing peace of mind during unforeseen circumstances.

    A Reliable Customer-Centric Service

    Trust and expertise are paramount when selling a diamond ring, and we take pride in our unparalleled proficiency in valuing these high-calibre items. We’ve worked for over 20 years to ensure that our clients receive the most accurate and competitive evaluations possible.

    Our specialist boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in the intricate world of diamond rings. He understands the nuances of assessing the quality and worth of each diamond, considering factors such as cut, carat, clarity, and colour. He also understands and keeps up-to-date with market trends This expertise allows us to provide you with a precise valuation that reflects the true value of your piece or pieces.

    We also believe in open, honest, and transparent communication throughout the selling process. Our specialist is dedicated to guiding you with integrity, ensuring you have a clear understanding of how your diamond ring’s value is determined. From the first conversation to the final transaction, we prioritise your confidence in our services.

    Our Google Reviews

    John Powell
    John Powell
    08:10 15 May 24
    Transaction was completed in a thoroughly professional manner. Could not have been easier. Trepidation replaced by complete satisfaction.
    nick sedgwick
    nick sedgwick
    17:14 13 May 24
    Great quick service. Dealt with Daniel really pleased with price and speedy payment.
    Flora Baker
    Flora Baker
    10:59 09 May 24
    What a fantastic company! Like other reviewers, I was a little nervous about a home visit, but Daniel was such a joy to chat to: on email he replied quickly to arrange a visit, and in person he was friendly, polite, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the job. We looked through my various items (including furniture, flatware and jewellery) and he was really forthcoming about why particular items weren't of interest while others were, suggesting also that I kept hold of some items if their personal significance was higher than their value. We itemised everything and the payment transfer went through before he left! All in all such a stellar service – I'd absolutely recommend anyone to contact Daniel with their valuables.

    A Reputation of Excellence

    We’re your trusted and respected authority in the jewelry industry. Our commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity has solidified our position as a reliable partner for individuals looking to sell their diamond rings.

    Seamless and Secure Home Valuations

    We prioritise the safety and security of everyone involved in the selling process. That’s why our specialist will travel to your location, no matter where you reside in the UK, to conduct an in-person valuation. This not only ensures your convenience but also allows you to have complete peace of mind about the safety of your diamond ring during the valuation process. Rest assured that our specialist will always handle your ring with the utmost care, respect, and professionalism.

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