Rolex Explorer: What You Need to Know About the Adventurer’s Watch

The Rolex Explorer is a watch model that was created in the 1950s. It has an interesting history, as it was a celebration of engineering designed to coincide with the famous Everest expeditions of the decade. The Rolex Explorer is considered the ultimate for adventuring, so it is specifically made for robust activities. Overall, the Explorer is an historic model with a medium level of popularity.

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    Some notable features of the various Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorers, which have been released ever since 1953, include the following:

    • Stainless steel materials: As an adventurer’s watch with a focus on utility and function, there is no gold or other precious metal version of a Rolex Explorer reference. However, some modern references do have an Oyster steel and gold combination design, for a two-tone watch. Most Explorers are stainless-steel only, of varying grades.
    • Black dials: While some references have a cream dial, most new or vintage Explorer models feature a black dial. The black dial is considered the ‘true’ Explorer watch dial and is a functional addition, as adventurers in low light conditions – such as on mountain tops – could see the numerals much more clearly with a high-contrast dial.
    • 36 mm case: Almost all Rolex Explorers feature a 36 mm Oyster case, with a water resistance of up to 50 m. However, after 2010 Explorer models increased to 39 mm. The 36 mm case size safely houses the movement but is also a sign of how long the watch has been in production. 36 mm would have been considered very large in the 1950s.

    As one of the longest-running watch designs, there is considerable variation between references. Here, we will explore a few of the notable Explorer watches and discuss how to buy and sell them. 

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    More About Rolex Explorer References

    The main differentiation between Rolex Explorers is whether they are the original Explorer model or the Rolex Explorer II. The Rolex Explorer II is larger, up to 42 mm, and features the same Oyster Bracelet, but the main difference is that it includes a date function. The Explorers we list on this page are all the original models.

    The following are some notable Rolex Explorer references, with further information on why they are exceptional watches:

    Rolex Explorer ref. 214270

    This is the latest Explorer (when collectors discuss the Explorers they often call the original models ‘Explorer 1’s’) and was released in 2010, with the larger 39 mm Oyster Case. The Rolex company modified this reference in 2016 with an MKII dial, which is slightly bigger to fit the case.

    Whichever dials you get on this reference, it is a chunkier model. Wearers will notice solid end and centre links on the Oyster bracelet and also the bright Chromalight lume for low light. Explorers are not the most popular Rolex watch, but the 214270 is a popular modern version.

    Rolex Explorer ref. 1016

    The Explorer 1016 is a vintage model for the discerning collector. There are plenty of variations within this reference because it was produced for over 30 years, first starting in 1959. As such, it is an ‘original’ of the style and has many of the expected features, such as black dials and a 36 mm case.

    However, wearers can also enjoy a more subtle matte black dial on some models (depending on production date) covered by acrylic crystal and various types of lume. The variety is what keeps the 1016 reference in high demand for many collectors looking for more unusual variations.

    Rolex Explorer ref. 114270

    The next watch to discuss is the 114270,  which is a semi-modern variety that was first released in 2001. The 114270 looks the same as the Explorer 14270, but it features an automatic movement – meaning there is no need to worry about the older 14270’s fairly limited 48-hour power reserve.

    One quite nice thing about the 114270 is that it uses a very bright Super-LumiNova to illuminate the dial during blackout conditions. Although aesthetically speaking they are very much the same, the 114270 is a sharper, more modern, distinctly millennial update to the 1980’s style 14270.

    Rolex Explorer ref. 6610

    This is another vintage Rolex Explorer model; the 6610 is a popular model of the original era. It was in production between 1955 and 1959, so it is highly valued by collectors. What is interesting about this reference is the slimmer profile, moving away from the ‘bubble back’ Oyster cases.

    The acrylic crystals and radium-coated hour markers on the lume mean that the watch will function well in blackout conditions despite its age, so it is a top choice for a vintage Rolex Explorer with a similar performance to modern references. 6610 models can reach very high prices.

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    How to Buy a New or Used Rolex Explorer Watch

    Whatever model of watch you are hoping to buy, the Explorers are not in the same demand as Rolex watch models such as the Datejust – perhaps because it is more of a ‘utility watch’ – but come with a familiar Rolex price tag. That’s the good news, but the bad news is that specific references can be difficult to find on the used market.

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    How to Sell a Used Rolex Explorer Watch

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    Buying and Selling Rolex Explorer Models

    The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer is one of the oldest models of the world’s most famous luxury watch brand. As a result, there are many references and a range of new, used and vintage varieties available. Rolex Explorer 1’s are high-performance and many are valuable to collectors.

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