What to Know About the Rolex Day Date 36

The Rolex Day Date 36, so named for its 36 mm face, is one of the most distinctive models available from the world’s most luxurious watchmaker. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date is one of the most popular in the Rolex collection thanks to its variety of finishes and materials. No matter which type of Day Date you happen to get, they are an excellent choice among aficionados.

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    Read on to learn more about the Rolex Day Date 36, why it is so sought after, and other details about this beautiful timepiece.

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    What is Unique About the Day Date 36?

    The distinctive face of the Rolex Day Date 36 features the quick-set date function, alongside the day of the week spelt out in full, which is the key selling point for the Day Date. Day names are available in 26 languages, from Arabic to Basque to Catalan, as well as many more. All sizes of Day Date come in several precious metals.

    What makes the 36 stand out from the others is its size. Other sizes include the Day Date II (measuring 41 mm) and the Day Date 40, but the 36 is the classic.

    The current Rolex Day Date 36 has the following references:

    • 18 ct yellow gold (ref. 128238)
    • 18 ct white gold (ref. 128239)
    • 18 ct rose gold, which Rolex likes to call ‘everose’ (ref. 128235)
    • Platinum (ref. 950)

    What makes the Day Date 36 exceptional, aside from the name of the day displayed in the 12 o’clock position, is that the watch is purposefully meant to be luxurious. There are no stainless steel models to see here! This is easily the feature most responsible for its identity as a special kind of statement watch.

    Rolex Day Date 36 Bezel Materials

    Complementing the day and date display, as well as the time, is the beautiful fluted bezel. This is the classic design, but you can find many a Rolex Day Date 36 with a smooth bezel, diamond settings or other gems around the face or textured finishes – including mother of pearl.

    Rolex Day Date 36 Dial Colours

    The face of a Rolex is key to the wearer’s identity and readability, and there are great dial pairings for the precious metals available on all types of Rolex Day Date. Black dials with yellow gold offer a contrasting look, but yellow gold and green or champagne-coloured dials are a good look too.

    There are too many potential dial colours to list, but one thing to note is the ‘Stella’ dials, which were featured on Rolex Day Date 36 watches made in the 1970s. The highly-collectable Stellas are named after the modernism, minimalism, and abstract-expressionism pioneer Frank Stella.

    The ‘Stella’ range features lacquered dials, which make the face pop out and means the dial is the most distinctive feature – as opposed to the metals or bezel styles. Unique and distinctive colours of the ‘Stella’ dials include orange, oxblood, turquoise, peach, salmon, pink, and purple.

    Rolex Day Date 36 Bracelet Types

    Most Rolex Day Date 36s have the classic Oyster bracelet, but there is a President bracelet too.

    People call the Rolex Day Date 36 the ‘Rolex Presidential’, which is a nickname that comes from the fact that U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson wore a yellow gold version while in office. Some people might incorrectly tell you that this was Dwight D. Eisenhower, who also wore one, but this is not the source of the nickname. The nickname comes from the unusual semi-circular link bracelet of the President bracelet.

    While most Day Date 36s come with the more common three-link Oyster bracelet, another type of bracelet is the classic leather strap, which provides a more vintage look and can help in softening the allure or extravagance of the metals or the watch face.

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    What is the History of the Rolex Day Date?

    The Day Date 36 is one of the most famous and well-regarded of the Rolex range partially due to its long and storied history, having first been introduced in 1956. As we have touched upon, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson boosted the awareness of the watch while wearing it in office.

    However, much like every Rolex watch, the features come alongside other interesting facts that make it remarkable, such as the fact that:

    • It was the first ever watch to feature the day and date apertures together – something unheard of upon its release
    • It has had many renowned or historical wearers, including Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, and plenty of celebrities, industry leaders, and other notable people
    • The Rolex Day Date 36 was one of the last watches made by the company before founder Hans Wilsdorf died in 1960

    The amount of variety, from the bezel to the bracelet, to the dial, means there are so many permutations that have been seen over the decades. Interesting styles have included a green crocodile skin leather strap and a few, extremely rare and early, stainless steel models as well.

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    How Can I Buy a Rolex Day Date 36?

    The first place to look is at our current stock, which contains many Rolex models alongside other types of luxury watch. However, the Day Date is so popular that they move very fast! The Rolex Day Date will be very hard to find, and many Official Rolex® Retailers have exceptionally long waiting lists.

    It is very difficult to buy a Rolex Day Date 36, especially at retail, and if you are lucky enough to find one used you will still pay a pretty penny for it! There are usually more options for buying yellow gold, white gold, or everose gold watches, with platinum versions being much less common.

    Similarly, if you have your heart set on a certain dial colour pairing, such as the popular ‘Stella’ turquoise design, you may be searching for a very long time. You can try searching for a second-hand Day Date, but you will have to be hot on the hunt as all varieties are never available for long.

    How Can I Sell a Rolex Day Date 36?

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    The Rolex Day Date 36: Classic Luxury & a Flagship Design

    As one of the oldest and most luxurious watches Rolex has ever introduced, the Day Date will suit collectors, people looking to make a grand statement, or those who simply love the feel of elegant metals and exquisite craftsmanship on their wrists.

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