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Why the Golden Ellipse Collection was a Golden Hour for Patek Philippe

The Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse occupies a special place even within the heritage of this storied watchmaker, synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship. Unveiled in 1968, this collection marked a daring departure from traditional horological shapes.

More than a mere innovation, the Golden Ellipse transcended the norms of watchmaking designs with a harmonious coupling of a circle and a rectangle, offering an aesthetic that was both pleasing and novel. Drawing inspiration from the ancient mathematical principle of the “golden section”, the Golden Ellipse collection has contributed to Patek Phlippe’s reputation for innovation and artistic flair.

This collection’s significance lies not just in its distinct design, but also in its embodiment of Patek Philippe’s commitment to pioneering creativity.

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    The Genesis of the Golden Ellipse

    The creation of the Golden Ellipse is steeped in art, mathematics and design. The collection takes its name from the unique elliptical shape of the watches, a daring fusion of a circle and a rectangle. However, this design was more than just a brave choice, it was a mathematical innovation, rooted in the principles of the “golden section” or “golden ratio”.

    The Golden Ratio

    This mathematical principle, discovered by ancient Greek mathematicians, has been used throughout history in some of the world’s greatest works of art and architecture. It is defined as a proportion of 1 / 1.6181, which is deemed to hold the key to aesthetically pleasing designs and compositions. When applied in the design of the Golden Ellipse, this “divine proportion” resulted in a watch case that was visually compelling and groundbreakingly innovative.

    A Dial in Blue Gold

    The Golden Ellipse’s blue gold dial, adorned with gold hands and hour markers, makes the watch even more visually appealing. The depth and allure of the dial add a layer of sophistication, making each watch in the collection a piece of wearable art. With the creation of the Golden Ellipse, Patek Philippe was marked as not only a master watchmaker but also an artist in the horological world.

    The Golden Ellipse Collection

    In the world of luxury watches, owning any Patek Philippe model is an excellent investment. The brand is widely considered the best in terms of resale value, whether the piece sold is modern or vintage. Even watches completed in 2014 for the brand’s 175th anniversary have sold on the secondary market for high prices, and certain models sold straight from retail often earn double their selling price when sold at auction.

    To give just one example, an original Patek Philippe Nautilus watch would have sold for just under £2,400 in the 1970s, when first introduced. In today’s market, you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £40,000 for the same model.

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    Patek Philippe’s Golden Ellipse collection features several exceptional models, each embodying the sophisticated aesthetics and technical excellence that define the brand:

    • Golden Ellipse 5738P: Introduced in 2008 for the collection’s 40th anniversary, this platinum model is a perfect representation of the Golden Ellipse’s enduring allure. Its ebony black sunburst dial is complemented by white gold hour markers and hands, exuding timeless elegance.
    • Golden Ellipse 5738R: Launched in 2018 on the collection’s 50th anniversary, this rose gold model pays tribute to the collection’s heritage. It features a black sunburst dial with rose gold hour markers and hands, enhancing the model’s luxurious appeal.
    • Golden Ellipse 5738/50G: A unique model in the collection, this watch features an intricate hand-engraved dial, which stands as a testament to Patek Philippe’s commitment to craftsmanship.
    • Golden Ellipse 3738/100J: This watch is encased in yellow gold, featuring a white opaline dial that provides a stunning contrast. Its self-winding movement and a power reserve of 48 hours blend functionality with elegance.

    Each model within the collection is characterised by its elliptical case, blue or black gold dial, and golden hour markers and hands. Though each variation has its own unique attributes, all adhere to the “divine proportion” principle.

    The Golden Ellipse’s Influence

    The Golden Ellipse collection has left an unforgettable mark on Patek Philippe’s design philosophy and also on the broader horological world. Its introduction in 1968 offered a daring departure from the conventional watch shapes, setting a precedent for thinking outside the standard round or square case mould. 

    The elliptical design, rooted in the principle of the golden ratio, offered an exquisite blend of balance and aesthetics that fascinated watch enthusiasts. This bold step by Patek Philippe has inspired other luxury watchmakers to explore unconventional case shapes, breaking away from traditional designs and moving towards a more distinctive and unique visual appeal.

    Valuing a Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Watch

    At Burlingtons Ltd. our commitment goes beyond connecting you with a network of high-end buyers. We aim to ensure that the price you receive for your Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse represents the true value of its elegance.

    We use our extensive knowledge and experience to determine the accurate selling price of your timepiece based on several key factors:

    • Age: older models, especially when kept in excellent condition, can often command higher prices.
    • Overall condition: signs of wear and tear, functionality issues, or damage can affect its value.
    • Precious materials: watches made with luxurious materials like platinum are typically worth more.
    • Precious stones: the presence of diamonds or other precious stones can considerably enhance a watch’s worth.
    • Complications: features beyond standard timekeeping, such as chronographs, moon phase indicators and perpetual calendars, can add significant value.

    Functionality: well-maintained watches with all features and functions in perfect working order are likely to fetch a higher price.

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    August 22, 2023

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